3 Days Of Paradise With Mom And Daughter


This is Maddysab (name changed) 24 years old handsome young energetic friendly man from Bangalore with hot circumcised dick. I like mature bhabhis above 30, and I like fucking big titted milf in the doggy style.

I have written about my previous experience with a hot daughter Swathi (name changed) about 19 and her hotter mom Sapna (name changed) around 45 in my story ‘Hot Mom, Hotter Daughter’. I will give a brief about us so that you can understand our relationship.

This mother and daughter were lesbians for a long time. Sapna (daughter) sensed her mother was unsatisfied and badly wanted sex and looking for hot dick online. Here Sapna (mother) is a damn horny and naughty milf with perfect assets. I was that lucky one they contacted me after seeing my ad online.

We met in the hotel and I ended up fucking both mom and daughter but separately. Now I will tell about mom and daughter. Sapna (mom) is a 45-year-old hot milf comparable to somewhat like Julia Ann. And she is horny and naughty both on the bed and off the bed.

Daughter Swathi is similar in shape and structure as her mom but was younger around 20. Both were damn sexy fucks. But the daughter was quite shy and initially didn’t want to be fucked in front of her mother in the first meet. I was in contact with Swathi and Sapna after our first meet.

I and Swathi started dating each other for a while. Then one day Swathi called me and asked me to come over to her home. I thought Swathi would be alone as Sapna was working in Delhi and lived there. I was excited and got ready quickly and went to her home.

I pressed the calling bell. I was shocked to see hot Sapna in her night top opened the door. Omg, I never expected mom and daughter again and that too on that day. I went inside and Swathi came down in sexy shorts and said ‘Hi’ with a sexy smile.

It was around 9 pm. They were preparing dinner and asked me to join them for dinner. We had dinner and were talking generally around till 11 pm. Sapna said she is feeling sleepy and went to her room. I and Swathi went to one room and chatted something related to the past relationship and about sex.

Then slowly I took a lead and put my hand on her right shoulder (basically Swathi is a little shy, not Sapna) and started kissing her softly and accelerated with a deep smooch for five minutes. Then I removed her top and started sucking her tits. She was moaning like hell.

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Then I took off her panties and started sucking her pussy deep for 10 minutes. She was moaning like hell. Slowly she removed my pants and took my dick out and started to suck my dick. She was so perfect in sucking dick she will cover all over it. Then I made her bend on the table and started fucking her softly from her back.

She likes a soft fuck (not her mom). Then we went on to doggy style, me holding her tits and fucking her from the back sexy. And then she made me lie down on the bed and rode my cock from top softly. Me holding her tits was adding extra fuel to her ride.

And then after 30 minutes of trying different positions, she took my cum into her mouth. We cleaned ourselves and slept. By the time it was around 2 am.

The next morning I woke up at 11 and went down to the hall. Sapna smiled and said Swathi is out to meet her friend. She would come back in the evening. Sapna served me breakfast and I had some office work to finish. So I went to the room again and was working on my laptop.

Around 2 pm Sapna called me and I went down. We had lunch and we started talking about general stuff and politics that we normally do. And around 3 pm Sapna opened up a proposal that we shall have a threesome tonight. I was excited.

Sapna, a 45-year-old milf was a great attraction both in energy and naughtiness in bed. Then I got a little horny and said let us do some practice now Sapna. Sapna said with a naughty smile, “Bas ab ek quickie raat ke liye energy rakho.” Then I agreed and kissed her on the sofa.

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She took out my dick and started sucking it. Then she was in the doggy position and I fucked her hard for around 10 minutes. Later we cleaned ourselves with tissues nearby and I went up to work. Around 7 Swathi came and she later freshened up we three went out for dinner and came back.

As I said before Swathi and Sapna were lesbians. They started their game in Sapna’s room. I was excited about the threesome I went up just to change my clothes (I mean for sex) and even they changed. I came down and saw them in bra and panties sitting in the hall waiting for me.

It was the second time seeing both of them in bra and panties together. We turned on some threesome porn of mother-daughter and boyfriend. Sapna and Swathi started kissing each other and I watched them with just shorts on me. First, they kissed each other and started sucking each other’s pussies.

Swathi was like, “Oh, mom.’ Sapna was like, “Oh Swathi.” Then Sapna called me and took off my shorts. She held my hot dick in her hands and told Swathi to suck it. Then both sucked for around 10 minutes. I took on Sapna’s pussy and Sapna took on Swathi pussy.

Then both of them laid me on the bed. Swathi took my dick in her pussy and rode it softly. Meanwhile, Sapna was kissing me and sucking over my body. She later sucked Swathi’s tits and sucked my dick which was fucking Swathi from the back.

Then Sapna took over my dick. She was a hell of a milf and horny on the bed. She rode on my dick from the top. She was fast and she wanted hardcore not soft like Swathi. And meanwhile, I and Swathi were kissing each other. After a time, she helped her mom to ride me harder by supporting her.

Then I took them on the bed and fucked both one by one in the doggy style. Then we went on to shower and cleaned ourselves. All three and went to bed all naked Sapna on one side and Swathi on the other side. The next day it was Sunday. We woke up fresh and thought of spicing up more.

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So we thought of booking a gigolo to come over and join us. Then we went online and searched out on Locanto. We got one guy who was not doing it for a profession but just as fun as me. So we invited him over to the house at 7 pm.

We grouped into two, me and Sapna on one side and gigolo and Swathi on the other. We both were in the same room. I dancing with Sapna and he dancing with Swathi. And slowly we both went on. I started kissing Sapna. We both went naked and I took over Sapna’s pussy.

The same was happening between Swathi and the gigolo. Sapna took my dick into her mouth. I and gigolo started fucking mom and daughter hardly. Then later we swapped and started fucking daughter and mom. Then both took our cum on their tits and went to shower.

Then the gigolo left. I, Sapna, and Swathi went on the bed all naked. The next morning I left with a kiss on both mom and daughter.

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