42 Years Old XS Reader Gets Fucked And Satisfied


Hi, my name is Aryan and I work freelancer masseur from Bangalore. Please do read my previous stories here.

This story is about a lusty mature woman in her 40’s who met me after reading my sex stories.

Well, I guess a lot of women enter the peak of their sexual drive from the age of 35. With regular experiences in bed I had by now achieved what it takes for a woman to reach extreme pleasure in bed if not an orgasm. Most women have different preferences and usually like a lot of foreplay.

After reading my story of making out with a couple, I got a lot of emails from fake guys. But out of those, there was this lady who was bold and straightforward. Her name was Husna and she was 42 years old. Here is a script of how the conversation went

Husna- Hi, I am Husna here. I loved your story on ISS.

Me- Thanks. I am glad you liked it and I hope it made you wet. What’s your age, sex, and location?

Husna- I am 42, from Bangalore.

Me- Is Husna your real name?

Husna – Yes.

And we did get to know each other very well and then this happened.

Me- So what do you in your mind?

Husna- You know, I am 42 and at this age, the urge of a woman is usually very high. I feel like getting laid every now and then. Though my husband is there he tends to complete things very quick and a woman like me wants some heavy action.

Me- I would love to serve you and please you and make you wet as much as possible.

I got to know that she was interested in meeting and things could get steamy. So I gave her the idea of getting a massage by me. It’s the best way to turn on a woman who you are meeting for the first time. And after a lot of dirty night chats, she agreed upon it. We agreed to meet at her place.

She stayed in the HSR layout (a locality in Bangalore). I took the cab grab all the massage equipment and headed to the HSR layout. At around 10, I reached the destination. Since she stayed in a fully restricted apartment she told me to wait outside and she would come to pick me up.

Meanwhile, I was tensed and also excited because sex is always amazing. The one thing that I usually follow while meeting anyone outside who I don’t know. I don’t ask for much of their details. I just try to know what are their sexual desires and fantasies so that I can satisfy them when I meet them.

After a few minutes, a lady came on Activa with a helmet on wearing an old salwar kameez. I realized it was her. I just sat behind her and went inside her apartment. She told me just to stay quiet and keep following me.

She was a goddamn sexy desi wild woman who looks silent from outside but is violent in bed. I knew this bitch was a horny crazy wanting to go wild like anything

Soon we took the lift and went inside her home. The moment we entered the home she locked the door and made me sit on the sofa. She offered me water and I told her I am ok. After this, she switched off all the lights. She made me switch off my phone thinking I would record her or something.

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After that, we went inside her room. I told her, “Could you please take off your clothes and just lie down?” She lay down. I guess the most important thing is to make a woman comfortable in bed.

Sex for me has never been about just fucking. It’s always about what a woman wants and how she wants to be pleased and try my best to make them orgasm. Soon I told her to keep her legs on the floor and the body on the bed.

I started kissing her legs and trying to relax her muscles. I kept kissing her inner thighs and then I took out my tongue and started moving it over her inner thighs. And I knew she was getting hotter, hornier, and wilder. I usually don’t go to the pussy without teasing a woman for at least half an hour of foreplay.

But I had this fantasy of licking a woman pussy by sliding her pussy sideways. So I gently grabbed her panty and took it aside. I put my lips over her and kept shaking it until I realized she is getting wet. I was moving my lips round and round such that my chin also started hitting her pussy.

Soon I realized my entire face was dug in there. She was moaning, “Yeah, like that keep doing fast.” The best thing about a woman is they know what they want. And I like it when they tell you how to proceed. She kept moaning.

By now I took off her panties and had a good look at her big wide pussy. I knew that she has taken a lot of dicks inside her. So I took my thumb and forefinger and widened her pussy lips. that is when I saw the pink flesh skin and that is part I wanted to taste bad.

I placed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and then dragged it all the way till her clitoris. When I reached the clitoris I would suck the clitoris in my mouth and play with it. A lot of men don’t do all these things. But I love doing all this. Seeing a lady go crazy is the best thing you can ever get excited about.

So I would place my tongue and go all the way bottom to top. I did this for around 20 times. And then suddenly I changed. While I was exactly at her pussy I would insert my tongue in her pussy like a dogs tongue in the hole going in and out.

Her breathing had started heavy and her chest was popping up and that is when I realized she is enjoying it. She grabbed my hair and moving my face here and there. I asked her, “Do you like what I am doing, Husna?”

She – Stop talking just keep doing it, yeah like that. Go slow there it’s very sensitive. (when I was on her clitoris). You are so hot

After doing this for around ten minutes I took my chin and started rubbing over her panty line near the v shape. trust me this is the most seductive thing any woman would want it. Try it once fellas. Now I had increased my full pace and my hands were on her boobs.

For the first time ever I had such huge boobs in my hand. They were 40D. I was like fuck I have never had such huge tits in my life. Though they were saggy but boobs are boobs. I just loved grabbing h them squeezing them. I was sitting on the floor licking her pussy and gently moving up like I was climbing the wall.

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I slowly slid her top and my tongue started moving from Her pussy bottom to the pussy to the clitoris to the waist. And with every stroke I started moving up on her body. Then I finally reached her belly button. Damn it was deep.

I started behaving like a beast. I was going very wild because I know matured women love it hard and wild. I then went all above and started sucking her huge melons and sucking them. For the first time ever out of all my experiences I was not able to take the entire boobs in my hands.

They were huge. I told her they are huge She screwed me, “Could you stop talking and just do the work? I have been wanting to get so wild.” My 6.5 inch dick was already hard in my macro man briefs I started kissing her boobs and then suddenly started to lick her neck like an ice cream.

She had a broad neck and I was all slanting towards her. After around 25 minutes she pushed me away. Telling she needed some rest. I told her not so soon dear. I told her to come and sit down. She sat down and I started hitting my dick on her lips.

There was just a dim light and I could see her wanting to take it all in her mouth. Then suddenly my dick went inside her mouth slowly and gently, though she didn’t take it fully deep in the throat. Then I told her to stay in the same position and move towards the wall.

I shifted from the wall and made her come to wall. And now I started stroking my dick in her throat. Since I knew she is a horny bitch I knew she would love it if I am hard on her. I started hitting her so hard that her head literally started hitting the wall. And in between her gulping noise would also come.

Since I was meeting a woman after 4-5 months of working out and all. I could see that I had become a little monster. I used to cum within few minutes. But this time I went on and on. There was not even a single sign of me likely to cum. (All thanks to black peas, bananas, eggs.)

And then she took my dick in her hand and slowly started giving me a hand job along with blowjob. After a while, she told me, “Fuck me now I can’t wait.” I lifted her and made her bend in the doggy style. I inserted my filthy thick and long dick inside her pussy and started stroking her.

I am a huge fan of doggy style and I knew I was the best in it. So I made use of it and grabbed her hairs. I started fucking her hitting my dick with her wild pussy. My pelvic region would hit her ass again and again. I grabbed her hair, pulled them like a rope.

I kept riding her like a horse. I knew I was not going to stop for at least 15-20 times and I kept drilling her. She kept shouting.

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Husna – Yeah, do it, Don’t stop. Keep doing it. Yes, I like that

I drilled her like she is never ever going to get fucked again. After around 18 minutes I wanted to release myself. So I told her to get on bed. Then I went on the top of her and kept my dick in between her boobs and started fucking them. She like a nice woman held them for me.

I released all my cum over her tits. It was the hell of a moment. After that, she switched on the lights and we saw how much we both were sweating. After some time we had a cold drink. Then she wanted to have another round.

But this time she told, “I want to be the one in charge. I wanna see how much you can control yourself when I am doing things with you.” She came on top of me. Since my dick wasn’t hard enough she spat some saliva on her palm and she put it over my dick.

This was the moment I knew she is a pro in bed. She made it hard and she put it inside her pussy. She started moving her ass slowly now and writhing seconds she started going hard. This was really hot. She grabbed the bar of the bed and started going very very wild.

So wild that my dick started paining. It was probably the first time some lady was so rigorous on me – else usually woman don’t ride for that long. But this lady kept doing it. To my surprise, I could control more than what I expected. She kept fucking me.

I was lying and pressing her tits like she is never going to stop. After around 20 minutes, she reduced her pace and relaxed. I realized she reached her max point. I was not worried because I had already cum in my condoms.

After that I left from her place early morning at 5 and asked her for a review over hangouts. Till today I have never asked her for her phone number or about her family. Or any other details. Whenever she calls I go fuck her and come. I have met her only twice though.

A lot of women want their husbands /boyfriends /lovers to do a lot of foreplay and other things. I wish men would understand that sex isn’t just about fucking and going away it’s more beyond that. I hope all women get the immense pleasure they deserve.

Please do leave a review or comment for this story or email me at [email protected] Also, feel free to contact me to exchange your fantasies. Well, I don’t expect anyone to ask me for sex because I usually end up getting a lot of fake men. Thanks.

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