A Beautiful Second Innings In Love – Part 1


Hi everyone, this is Shelly for you. I am here to narrate one of my personal experiences. I am a 45 years old married lady with 2 kids. My elder daughter Swathy is married and settled in Bangalore whereas my younger daughter is still studying. My native is Kerala but we are settled in Gujarat as my husband is into government service.

I will describe my experience in a bit detail as its my real experience, I want to describe the events in detail.

My daughter got married, I was so happy that she got married. Her husband Rahul is a nice guy and they both are into IT field. Swathy is a bit chubby kind. Rahul is not from a good financial background, but we liked him so much as he is well educated and well-mannered. After marriage, she got settled in Bangalore.

They hardly use to visit us as they were busy with work. I had a good attachment with my son-in-law as he use to call me daily. It was like I use to talk to him more than my daughter.

I came to know that their relationship was not going well, so I just planned to visit Bangalore and stay with them for a few days and that changed my life forever.

I started living with them. My daughter was very irresponsible in everything. She didn’t care anything. She was so rude like her father and she didn’t even care for physical relationship too.

I had a good relationship with my son-in-law that we both didn’t realize when it turned to love. I started taking care of households, doing everything possible.

I started going out with my young son-in-law for shopping and outing as my daughter was always busy. Things started to change between us. We were getting more close. He used to share everything with me.

Our relationship was getting stronger. He used to call me while in office too and we talked a lot. I was not aware to where it was leading to. My SIL use to come late from office, and by that time, my daughter will be asleep. When Rahul comes, I will be serving him food.

Our attachment was getting more stronger day by day. I didn’t know that I was slowly taking my daughter’s place. Unknowingly, I was competing with her for impressing him and slowly, my son-in-law too was getting more into me.

Rahul started encouraging me into modern wears and slowly, I started changing my outfits. Rahul bought me jeans, top, short skirts, t-shirts and all. (I am beautiful and attractive with good assets, my figure is 34B-28-35 , so I was looking sexy in those dresses.)

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We were going together always and Swathy was not bothering us. One day, he took me for a date like movie, dinner and outing. That day, my son-in-law expressed his feelings to me.

Rahul: I want to talk to you something.

Me: Yes Rahul, tell me.

Rahul: Shelly, I am in love with you.

I was a bit shocked due to his sudden proposal. I was surprised by his boldness that he was calling me by name. But it was like I didn’t know what to say! Deep in my heart, I too loved my son-in-law, but I couldn’t accept as he was my daughter’s husband and it may complicate things.

Me: Rahul, behave yourself! Don’t talk like this!! I am like your mom. How can you talk like this.

Rahul: Shelly, I love you. I cannot accept you as mother-in-law or mom. I love you sincerely and I know you too love me.

I was admiring his guts to speak out boldly. Most of the love failures occurs as guys don’t express it. I was getting touched by his boldness. I was confused, I know if I accept it may create a disaster. It may affect Swathy’s life too.

Me: Rahul, please stop this. I don’t want to talk anymore on this. Swathy loves you and you should take good care of her

I knew deep in my heart that I didn’t mean any word that I said to him. I too loved him, but to avoid issues I told him all that.

Things went on smoothly and time was passing by. But he never stopped loving and expressing that to me. I too was falling more and more for my daughter’s husband.

Our relationship was going more forward. One day, Rahul came very late and Swathy was asleep. I served him food, we had some life changing moments that day.

Rahul: Shelly, is Swathy asleep?

By the time he made it a habit to call me by name. I too started liking it and our relationship was more into friendship and not like mom-in-law and son-in-law.

Me: Yes Rahul, Swathy has slept.

Rahul: Shelly, you look cute in this nighty. I will buy you some good night dress. It will look good on you.

Me: Ohh, thanks Rahul.

My son-in-law came near to me, held my hands and hugged me tightly.

Rahul: Shelly, my sweet heart. No need of thanks, it is my duty towards my lover. Love you so much!

My SIL then kissed me on my forehead. I was fully locked in his arms. He moved his right hand towards my ass. He started pressing my ass slowly. I was so excited, but I was resisting too! I knew that deep inside me, I wanted this a lot.

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I was getting out of control. Rahul then kissed me on my lips. My body wanted him at that moment.

Me: Rahul.. no.. please stop this. This is not right. Please rahul leave me..

Rahul: Shelly, come on, don’t act like this. I know you love me. You need a lover like me.

My daughter’s husband then placed his lips on mine and started kissing me. He was pressing my ass and I was getting more wet and excited. Slowly, I stopped resisting and started enjoying his touches. I couldn’t judge his love morally, I was in the moment. I was kissing him back. I had lost my senses in all ways.

Rahul: Shelly, I love you..

Me: I love you too, Rahul..

Rahul lifted me to the bedroom. He closed the door and threw me on the bed. I realized that there was no turning back. I was completely crazy for my son-in-law.

He removed my nighty completely. I was in my undergarments. I was so crazy that I didn’t feel any shame being on bed with my son in law. I was completely wet and horny.

Rahul unhooked my bra and freed my melons. He started pressing my boobs and I was excited like hell! He started licking my nipples. By then, I was completely under his control. I was moaning like anything.

My son-in-law was giving me the best foreplay of my life. I forgot that I was married, I forgot that I was a mother of 2 kids, I forgot that he was my daughter’s husband.

The only thing in my mind was that I was a woman who loves him so much and it was my duty to give him the physical bond. The most beautiful part of our love, our affair and our relationship. A woman can never back out from this moment.

My body was on fire, Rahul was giving me utmost pleasure. I was moaning hard. He placed his hands on my panty. He slid his fingers inside and pulled it down. I was stark naked in front of him. I closed my eyes in ultimate shame, I couldn’t face him.

I thought he will proceed. But he wanted me to enjoy the moment and realize his passion towards me.

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Rahul: Shelly, my sweetheart, open your eyes..

Me: No Rahul, please, I can’t. I am feeling so much of shame.

Rahul: Shelly, if you love me, open your eyes. You need to fully accept me as your man.

I opened my eyes as I loved him. My son-in-law went down my body. He placed his lips on my womanhood. I was shivering in pleasure. He started licking my pussy lips. His tounge was moving through my clit. I was moaning in pleasure. With each touch, I was saying, “I love you, Rahul” and he was responding, “I love you, Shelly”.

We were in our beautiful peak of love. I started cumming due to pleasure. He tasted everything like a real man.

We both were up for the real thing. He took his tool outside, it was so big and completely erect.

Rahul: Shelly, from this moment, everything is going to change. You are my woman from now.

Me: Rahul, I love you. Please make me your woman. I can’t live without your love. Rahul, I love you..

My son-in-law inserted his tool slowly inside me. I was so excited. Due to his big size, I was feeling pain and pleasure. I started screaming and moaning. He fully pushed and started pumping me. I was completely in heaven. With each push, I started supporting him. In between, I came 3 times.

After a long time of continuous pumping, he was about to come.

Rahul: Shelly, I am cumming. I love you, Shelly..

Me: I love you, Rahul.

He came a lot as floods. I was completely exhausted. Subsequently, we had 2 more rounds of sex that night. It was the most memorable night of my life.


Hi guys, stay tuned to me. Please post your feedback to [email protected] I need your support and feedback for writing next sessions. Love you all. Only your feedback can encourage me as a writer.

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