A Clueless Village Girl InThe USA


This is not a regular ISS Sex story. It is a slow burner with sex in a few chapters but driven by plot. I’ll write more based on the feedback I receive on it. Please contact me only based on the story to [email protected] No sex chats or personal messages, please.

Meghna’s parents were over the moon. They were always told that her beautiful daughter would bring them good fortune. But this was huge, they got a proposal from an NRI groom. For those in her small village, marrying their daughter to a city boy is a herculean task. But, now they are sending her daughter to America.

Meghna was the kind of woman for whom kings used to go to war. She had the cute features of a doll while having the perfect proportion which many girls don’t get even after sweating in the gym for years. She was around 5’6″ which was tall for an Indian girl.

She could have been in modeling or movies had she not been born in a small backward village. Marriage proposals started for her ever since she was 18 years old. She used to get countless love letters from boys and even teachers. But she always knew how important it was to maintain the honor of her family and never responded to any of them.

She always wore full-length loose salwar kameez to hide her shape. She was both excited and nervous about moving to the USA right after marriage. Meghna’s parents were so happy that they were ready to sell their ancestral land to give the 1 million in gold jewelry as dowry.

This was demanded by the groom’s family. He also spent another 1 million on the wedding to make sure that everyone in the village was awestruck by their marriage. Unfortunately, Meghna’s prince charming wasn’t that charming in reality.

Prasad was a below-average student and had completed his BE in some unknown college. He struggled for close to a year to get a job but remained unemployed. Then an agency suggested that he join some shady University in the USA and then work as an F1 visa.

After getting his fake degree and using an agency to make fake references. He finally got a job in the USA. With half his money going to repay the educational loan and some for his family expenses. He had nothing in his bank balance.

His parents tried getting him a bride in his city. But they were alert enough to do a background check and then rejected him. He was already 31 but his hair was falling out. Then a marriage broker suggested getting a village girl as they don’t know much and would be docile to him once he married.

His parents told them that the groom doesn’t have enough leaves. So he will directly come to marriage and take her to the USA. Meghna’s parents fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

On the wedding day, there was a huge shocker for Meghna’s parents. The photos they shared before were heavily photoshopped. The groom was older, shorter, fatter and bald than what they imagined. He was barely an inch taller than Meghna.

As a pre-rehearsed script, the groom’s parents blamed the broker for sharing his older pics. He also lied that the groom was 27 but he was 31 making an 11-year difference between him and Meghna. The prince charming became the ogre.

But, as expected, Meghna’s parents didn’t have the guts to cancel the wedding and become the laughing stock of the village. Meghna decided to take it optimistically and hoped that her husband compensates by caring for her well after marriage.

The marriage was done and soon Meghna found herself in the USA. Prasad could never believe that he got a wife who was way out of his league. Having sex with her made him feel empowered. He kept changing his Facebook photos along with his wife to show his friends what kind of a catch he has.

Meghna was so happy with the love and affection he showed at the start. She was enthralled by the difference between the USA and her village. But after 6 months, she slowly started coming out of the trance.

Prasad’s mother was afraid that he might stop sending money after getting enslaved by his wife. So she called him every day and reminded him to ‘keep her in place’. He purposefully didn’t enable international calling on her mobile. So she always calls her parents in his presence.

She slowly realized that almost all his colleagues and friends lived in a better apartment in good areas. While her house was a 1 bedroom with hall and kitchen integrated into one. The building looked worn down and the area was sketchy.

She was the only Indian family in that area. It was dominated by African Americans and Mexican immigrants. Prasad was driving a 2005 Toyota Corolla instead of the Audi A4 they saw in his pictures. He hardly took her out to fancy restaurants or bought nice dresses. He always kept stressing on ‘building a future for them with small sacrifices’.

One of the tenants in the apartment was a meth head junkie. The Mexican families never bothered to even talk. Her neighbor was an old African American named Steve Taylor who was a veteran who works as a security guard. He always tries to do small talk with Meghna.

Meghna loved to have him as a father figure around. Meghna was an outgoing personality who kept herself in check to avoid being accused of ‘leading the boys’. But now that she was married, she openly talked with Prasad’s friends and wives during the get-togethers.

Once the phase of boasting by Prasad was over, he started to feel insecure about himself. He was afraid that a girl as beautiful as Meghna might end up cheating with his friends. Slowly his feeling became an obsession. He stopped informing Meghna about these get-togethers.

He started giving lame excuses to avoid hanging out. Meghna started to suspect that but she had no choice but to silently take it. After all, it’s her husband and she has to keep him happy. But she was getting bored every day. She was afraid to even go out for a walk as the neighborhood was dangerous as said by Prasad’s friends.

One afternoon, she was sitting on the bed crying when she heard a sound from the next room.

“Oh oh si si. Fóllame más fuerte, gilipollas, si…si…puta madre… oh.”

It was coming from her neighbor Steve Taylor. She put her ears to the walls and kept listening. The other woman was probably a Latina and she was yelling more Spanish words. She could sense the guttural noise that was coming as she was in the height of her passion.

The noise went on for around another 15 to 20 minutes until she gave a loud shriek to announce her orgasm. They rested for around 10 minutes or so and went on for another round. Meghna was amazed to see the stamina of that old bull. Her sex with Prasad was underwhelming to put in a mild way.

He would play with her breasts for around 5 minutes and then mount on her. Then after a few thrusts, he would come out in a minute or two and then roll over and sleep. Meghna never had an orgasm yet in her life after nearly 6 months of marriage. His stamina has improved to a max of 5 minutes but still, he always left her unsatisfied.

Once Steve and the woman finished and she began to move out. Meghna kept her eyes at the peephole to see who it was. She was shocked to find that it was Esmeralda, the assistant to the landlord. She was in her 40s, married and had a teenage daughter and a school-going son.

Meghna couldn’t believe that she would cheat on her husband with this old man. Also, she couldn’t believe that Steve of all the people would do this. He was a gentleman and she swore he looked at her like a daughter. How could he do this? Now she was feeling what he was thinking about her too? Was he sizing her up too?

But as days went by, she couldn’t stop but wait for the next time they got together. She used glass on the window to listen to their sounds. She was getting more and more curious to watch it. These sounds were becoming music to her ears in her soulless sex life.

She was getting addicted to it just like the meth heads were. She would get frustrated on the days where Steve had a day shift. She could no longer talk to Steve. Spending 2 minutes talking to him made her panties wetter than her foreplay session with Prasad.

Her mind couldn’t stop but sizing him up as he stood booming at 6 ‘3”. She prayed to God to give her strength not to do something she will regret her entire life for.

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