A Common Man From Bangalore – Part 12


I was working in a company while I had an awesome time with Bindu. She never took my dick in her mouth, but always wanted me to lick her clit. She would have 5-6 orgasms while I licked her clitoris. She wanted to get licked more than getting fucked.

I was not enjoying sex with her as she only had fun but never gave satisfaction to me. One fine day I broke up with her. But I was in touch with her and her friends. In all her friends I like Sujata and Hema. I have fucked both Sujata and Hema. But that was later.

In the meantime, I left the job and got massage training in a spa. I joined a spa after training, and still, I am working there. My next incident happened with Sneha, a married woman from Andra Pradesh staying in Bangalore working for a bank now.

When I met her she was working for a holiday club. It all started when I was alone without any girl to fuck and as usual. I was well occupied with massage work in the spa. Every day I would get 2-3 guys for massage. But I was missing a girl’s body so much as I had broken up with Bindu.

After the breakup, one fine day I hate fucked Bindu in my home (hate fuck means fucking with no mercy). After that Bindu never met me casually. She talked to me over the phone. One day when I was having rest at home as I took leave from the spa.

I was watching TV and my mother told me some relatives are coming. As I don’t cope well with relatives, I made some reasons to get out of home for some time.
I went to the Forum mall and watched a movie. I spent some time looking at those posh girls in mini dresses.

While I entered PVR, a guy took my name and my contact number. It was holiday club promotions. They take name and number then they irritate you calling and asking you to buy their holiday package. I too got a call from one executive. It was Sneha.

I didn’t talk much and told not interested and hung up the call. I liked her voice and had saved the number as Sneha. It was her office number and I didn’t know that. One day when I didn’t have any work I was just searching my phone list to talk to someone to pass the time. I saw Sneha’s number.

I called it but no response. After 15 minutes, I got a callback and Sneha talked to me. I told her number was saved on my mobile. So I wanted to know which Sneha as I have many friends in that name. She said she is working with some holiday club. Then I remembered it was a promotional call.

I talked for some time and hang up. In evening 6 I got a call from a new number. I received it and it was Sneha. She said her real name is Lakshmi. So I saved that number also in my contacts. We exchanged good mornings good night messages.

I wanted to see her as her voice was good. I never knew she was married and had 2 kids. While messaging her I asked to meet her. She told, “I will let you know.” I knew her office was on Cunningham road. And she would take the bus from the Shivaji Nagar bus stop to Madivala.

Her house was a near Total mall. We talked in her office number while she went and came back from the office on the bus. We had become close and I wanted to see her. I didn’t have any bad intentions on her. It was the month of June and it was raining heavily.

She asked me to meet. I said it’s raining and how can I come in that rain. She told, “If not today you can’t meet me again.” I took an auto and went to the Shivaji Nagar bus stop. I called her many times but she never picked my call.
I got angry as she was playing with me. I had left a massage.

After 30 minutes she called and said she was held up with some work. I waited for her. It was getting late for me as well. She came within 30 minutes. I could not identify her as we had not seen her. She told me about the dress. I searched in that crowd and found her.

I didn’t tell her I found her but went near her and saw her from close. She was a hot girl in that Anarkali dress. Then after she got on the bus I showed up myself beside her window. She felt happy greeted me and went. From that day we used to meet in the café every Saturday as she had half-day at work.

I liked her and she was beautiful. She was 30 at that time. I was just 27. I fell in love with her. I proposed her and she took some time to answer. After a week she called me to a place near her office. She was upset. I asked her the reason and she replied, “I can’t love you.”

I asked for the reason and she left without saying anything. Later that day at around 8 o clock she called me. I was in the middle of fucking Sharu. I made some reason to talk the next day. The next day I tried calling on her both numbers and it was switched off.

After two days she met me outside her office. She told, she is married and has 2 kids. I was angry with her. We had spent around 8 months. I had my doubts seeing her tummy and her walking and her way of talking. But I can’t help controlling my anger.

We remained friends and continued to go for movies and hang around. After 20 days she gave me some money and asked me to book her a ticket for her native Kurnool. I asked her why only one ticket what about your children and husband. She said they are already gone.

I asked are you traveling alone at night. She said she had important work and stayed back. I requested her that I shall join her on the journey, she accepted. I booked 2 sleeper class tickets for the night journey. I told her I will wait for her in Koramangala Forum mall. We shall start from there together in the auto.

As informed she arrived at the mall at 9 at night, the bus was at 11. We reached the Majestic bus stop and waited. A couple was waiting for the same bus. they were already in lust and had started to touch each other while covering themselves with some overcoat.

Sneha was giggling watching them. I whispered in her ear. “Don’t giggle too much you will also get yours today.” She didn’t understand what I told to her. After we got on the bus, we placed our bags on one side and we settled.
The bus had beds as seats. People who have traveled at night will know this.

She was feeling shy as well as aroused. She asked me, “I told you to book seats.” I said, “I didn’t get seats and this was the only bus left.” She made some distance from me and kept her bag in between us. As the bus started I closed the curtains. She was feeling scared.

I asked her to be free and kept my hands on her hands. She was scared as well as aroused and also shy. We chatted for some time and she said she wants to sleep. I let her sleep and I was reading her body in that dims the light of the bus. Then I saw her struggling to sleep.

I placed my hand on her hand which was 3-4 inches away from her boobs. I massaged her hand and asked, “Are you not getting sleep?” She said, “I am nervous.” I moved my hand from her hand on to her tummy. She jerked and asked what I am doing.

I said, “Nothing just making you feel comfortable.” She had a questioning face. I started to massage her navel over her top. She was shaking and told me to stop. Then I turned her to my side and place my hand on her hip. She saw my eyes and asked, “What you are planning to do?”

I said, “I won’t do anything but you will do.” She asked, “What I should do?”I whispered to her enjoy yourself. She smiled and told me it’s all in your hands and turned to the other side. I hugged her from the back. My hard dick touched her ass. I pressed a little harder.

She turned her head and told, “You have become ready.” I pulled her to me and hugged her tighter. She was pushing her ass more to me. I slid my hands in her panty and she was already wet. I fingered her for some time. She turned her face and asked me to do it. I teased her saying do what.

She said, “Fuck me now.” I unzipped my pants and took out my dick. I took her hand and placed it on my dick. She turned her face and said it’s bigger than my husband. I lowered her leggings and tried to insert my dick. She was spreading her ass cheeks to allow my dick to find its way to her pussy.

She turned towards me and took my dick and placed it in her pussy. I started fucking her sideways. We didn’t enjoy in that congested place. I made her sit on me and insert my dick. She humped and as it was not having considerable height she also found it hard to ride.

I made her sleep and inserted my dick in missionary. I fucked her for some time and loaded her pussy with my cum. And slept like that for some time. I took her dress from the bag and wiped my cum from my dick and her pussy. She kissed me. I turned her to the other side and placed my dick in her ass crack and slept.

We got down at Kurnool. It was still 4:30 a.m. I wanted to take a room and asked an auto driver to take us to a good decent lodge. After logging in, we went to our room and I laid on the bed. She was wearing her mangalsutra and other things married women wear.

I asked why she doesn’t wear all these when she is in Bangalore. She said, “I don’t like to wear it.” After that, I saw her changing her panty as it was dirty because of sex on the bus. I was looking at that and she blushed little. She sat next to me and we kissed for some time and I was fingering her.

I wanted to fuck her but she didn’t let me. Then by 7:30 a.m., she left for her house. I was all alone for that day. She came to lodge the next day in saree. It was the first time seeing her in saree. We went out and roamed for some time till noon. She showed me nice places and her school and college.

We returned to lodge and took some rest till evening. Before going back she kissed me and had little foreplay. I made her wet and removed her panty. Her panty had become wet like it has been washed just now. I made her bed and take the support of the wall and had a quick fuck from behind.

She asked me not to cum inside. I sprayed my cum on her saree. She went home. I had her panty with me and night I masturbated. We returned after two days and had another round on the bus. But I didn’t enjoy as the place was not allowing to get the max pleasure of fucking.

After another 2 months, she invited me to her house. I didn’t know that her husband was not there. He was sent on office work and she was all alone as her kids were in her native. As soon as I reached her home I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck making her get the mood to fuck.

How I fucked her in her home for 3 days, I will write in my next part.

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