A Common Man From Bangalore – Part 13


Hi, Pramod here. let’s get down straight to the incident. People know me well by now.

I had told about Sneha’s body in my last part. She is a married woman having two kids. Her navel was deep. I think all ladies after giving birth will get that deep navel. She had a decent 34 size breast. 28 waist little fat surrounding just her navel. And 30 hips. She had a slim and round ass.

I have so many times touched that ass in public while we have gone out. I have slapped her ass so many times while fucking her in the doggy style. She likes to be handled roughly in bed as well as in her pussy.

Let me continue from where I left. She had called me home when her husband was out. I reached her place and she greeted me. I went in and she was happy that I came for her. She gave me breakfast to eat. After having breakfast she said she will take a bath and come.

I said, “Shall I give you a nice bath?” She rejected saying, “I know what you will do while giving me a bath. We have 2 days and 3 nights to do those things.” I felt happy that she wanted to get fucked for 3 days. Then I said, “Don’t close the bathroom door and I promise not to do anything.”

She said ok and left the door open. I was seeing her naked for the first time. She had a smooth body and had little scars on her belly. It was delivery stretch marks. I watched her take a bath. I couldn’t control it. I removed all my dress and started to stroke my hard dick with my hand.

She was enjoying my handjob and she told to save my strength for later. I went inside the bathroom and hugged her once and came back. She washed her pussy clean. I asked her why and she told, “Yesterday before going my husband fucked me and came inside me.” She wrapped a towel and came out.

I asked her to remove the towel as I have already seen her naked. She told to let her get ready and went to her room and locked it from inside. I sat on the sofa and jerked for some time. Then I went to the bathroom took her bra and panty shagged on it and unloaded my whole cum on it.

Then I sat on the sofa for her to get ready. When she came out, I was stunned. She was in silk saree as if it was her first night. She wore a matching blouse with a deep neck and back. I told her, “You to want me to waste time removing your saree?”

She replied, “I don’t count what happened on the bus. This is my first night with you.” My dick was limp after cumming. She held my small dick and said, “It’s small. But it will become bigger than my husband’s dick when it wants my pussy.” And she held it in her hand and took me to her room.

She had spread flowers on the bed. I thought she has planned it very well. Then I asked her to blow me. She took my limp dick and sucked it till it became hard. I made her stand and removed her saree. She was looking sexy in just a blouse and petticoat.

I kissed her from head to lips and her neck. (Guys, almost every girl’s weak spot is neck) She moaned. I went to her boobs. They were pushing out of her blouse. I rubbed my lips on her boobs and went to her navel. I licked her navel and told her, if your pussy is loose I shall fuck your navel as it is so deep.

She laughed and pressed my head hard on her navel. I kissed her pussy area on her petticoat. She was giving light moans. I untied her petticoat knot and she was not wearing panty. I said, “You wear a saree but not a panty?” She smiled and said, “Saree to make you feel like it’s your first night. No panty as I know your very hungry to fuck my pussy.”

I kissed her hairy pussy. Then asked her why she didn’t shave her pussy. She told that she has never shaved. If she shaves now her hubby will get doubt. I kissed for some time. Then I unhooked her bra. She was not wearing a bra as well. I sucked her nipples. And she was pressing my head more on her boobs.

By the time my dick had become hard again. I hugged her and my dick pressed her tummy. She said see I told you that your dick will get hard in no time to fuck my pussy. She kneeled down and took my full dick till her throat and gave a nice blowjob. I was about to cum and said it to her.

She removed my dick and told to hold as she wants to have a full load in her pussy. I laid her on the bed and kissed her for some time. I liked her lips as it looks like a film actor who acted in ‘Singham Part 2’ as the second heroine. Then I made her turn and licked her ass crack.

I asked her is she virgin in the ass and she told yes. I said then first I will fuck her ass as it is my first night. She said as you wish. I took Vaseline and applied to her ass hole. And little on my dick head. I inserted little and she screamed in low voice. I said as it is the first time for her it will pain little.

Then I pushed a little hard and she told, “It’s paining, please remove.” I said that only the first time it will pain and I rested for a few minutes. Then I started to move in and out. She also lifted her ass to my strokes. I increased my speed. I was about to cum and I removed my dick.

She turned and asked what happened. I said you come on top. She came on top of me. I said her to turn. Then I asked her to guide my dick in her asshole. She held my dick and kept it at the hole. She sat slowly on my dick till it completely went in. She said it’s her first time and she likes it.

I made her ride my dick for some time. She started to hump faster and I was also about to come. I said to her and she made her movements even faster and made me cum in her asshole. She said there is something hot in my asshole.
I said it’s my cum.

She humped for a few more times and removed my dick and slept beside me. She asked me did I like his wife’s asshole. I kissed her lips and said there are 3 days to answer this. She kissed back and told to me to bring condoms from nearby medical shops.

I said, “When you told me that there is no one at home, I bought 2 packs of condoms having 10 different flavors.” She told, she wanted it to be dotted. I said I have already brought and it is enough for one day. Tomorrow I shall bring dotted. She held my dick tight and said, “So you will fuck me 20 times a day?”

I said I will make your pussy swell with pleasure and you won’t have sex for the next 15 days. She twisted my dick and said let’s see. We laid on bed like that for some time. She said she will wash her asshole as its sticky with my cum. I followed her to the bathroom.

After she washed her asshole, I inserted my finger in her pussy. I told this will have to take my dick so wash this also. She smiled and washed it. I made her stand opposite to me and lifted her one leg and inserted my dick in her pussy. She jumped with thrill.

I stroked my dick for a few minutes and asked her how is it. She smiled and didn’t say anything. I lifted her with my dick inside her pussy and fucked her. She was screaming with pain and pleasure. I increased my speed. She was having loud moans. She asked me to stop. I asked why.

She said, “Someone will hear the moans from the bathroom. Let’s go to bed.” Again in bed, I lifted her and fucked till she came. She was hugging me and told in my ears, “My husband fucks for 15 minutes max and cums. You are fucking me for more than 40 minutes now. For the first time, I have cummed more than once.”

I made her lie down on the bed and came on top of her. I wore a condom and fucked her till she had one more orgasm. She bit my shoulder with pleasure. I made her cum more than 10 times in that session. She was exhausted and said finish off soon. I said I have not enjoyed her fully.

I went down to her pussy and licked her cum. She asked me to stop it as she can’t take it anymore. I tongue fucked her for another orgasm. She didn’t have any more strength in her. I made her sleep on her side and fucked her lifting one leg. She was out and I cummed seeing her sleep helplessly.

I slept beside her and asked her how she felt. She told something but I couldn’t hear her as she had no strength. I went out in the afternoon and brought lunch for us as she couldn’t get up. I fed her lunch. She told me she never had so much orgasm till now. Her husband fucked her for 1 hour once by taking some pill.

I kissed her and said, “This horse will never take any pill to fuck.” She said, “I don’t want to have sex for another week.” I said, “Don’t worry after today you will get adjusted to the time.” Every time I fucked her she was out for 1 hour. We fucked for 20 times in that 3 days in every possible position.

She was having red pussy by all that fucking. She took one week leave from her office as she could not walk properly. After that, we had sex for another few months till her husband got a doubt on her. I made her fuck me for last time in a lodge for one whole day.

That day I didn’t cum for more than 2 hours and she was happy. She cried when leaving the room as it was our last. She didn’t meet me again after that day.

Guys hope you all liked this narration. Please do contact me for any personal massage and fun at your place. Only girls and women. It will be 100% secret and will give my best. I can’t travel outside Bangalore so only people living in Bangalore.

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