A Common Man From Bangalore – Part 15


Hi, Pramod here. back with another incident. This happened with my colleague who works with me in the spa. She was from a village. She had come to Bangalore to marry a guy she loved and he had cheated her. She was from a village near Mysore. She had a nice body with 32c boobs, 28 waists, 30 hips.

Her name is Vani (real name). She had finished her 2nd PUC and was doing a degree when she left home. The guy who loved her was already married and cheated on her. He rented a room and had fucked her nicely for more than 3-4 days and left her in the room.

She didn’t have money to pay for the room rent. And she was crying when my spa owner’s wife saw her and got her home. She stayed in my owner’s home for a few days before getting a separate room near the spa. Before she joined the spa my owner and his wife had a threesome with her.

But I will write it some other time. I was assigned to train her to give the massage. I had 3 years of experience. So whenever I had free time or didn’t have any customer to massage. She was with Bhavya (name changed) attending in reception.

She was close to Bhavya and Bhavya was close to me. Bhavya was having good knowledge of attending customers. When there were no customers like Tuesday Friday we would chit chat. Gradually Vani was becoming close to me. Bhavya had already told me how she was cheated by her lover and how she was brought here.

Bhavya also told how our owner had used her for a threesome. Our spa owner’s wife is a sadist. She had tortured Vani in threesome by inserting dildo in her asshole. They had a threesome with many others also. But they are a dominating couple. Once someone has threesome they will never do it again with them.

Every Friday or Tuesday we used to chit chat or go to some mall to spend time. Sometimes I would give a nice massage to Bhavya (not oil massage but body relaxing massage). By giving her massage I would teach Vani how to give a nice and relaxing massage.

Vani was a quick learner was trained in 4 months. While teaching her I accidentally touched her boobs some times, also I have pressed my self on her ass. Being a village girl she was a bit tough body girl. But she had amazing lips as well as nature. She would trust anyone easily.

While I massaged Bhavya she would have an orgasm which has told me so many times after massage. Vani didn’t know all these words like orgasm fucking sucking fingering. As she was from the village, she knew only those things by Kannada names. She understood only fingering.

While in reception she used to ask Bhavya what is orgasm fucking etc. Bhavya would tell her that what her lover did is fucking. What the owner’s wife made you lick from her pussy is cum and after orgasm, cum will come, etc. Sometimes while sitting in reception they would rub each other’s pussy.

On Tuesday I was massaging Bhavya and she had asked me whether we can seduce Vani or not and had a bet of one day’s salary. My daily salary was 1000 if customers were there. If no customers 400 and lunch amount. So I told her tomorrow I will seduce her but I need your cooperation. She agreed to it.

So while massaging Bhavya in our spa, we would lock the front door and put a closed sign outside. I told Bhavya to wear tight leggings and it should show her pussy shape clearly. She had brought a new legging one size smaller than she regularly buys.

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I had told her to remove her bra and panty before laying on the massage table. She had removed it before Vani came to the spa. While massaging Bhavya I was constantly observing Vani’s reaction while I touched Bhavya’s boobs and pussy area. I lifted her top and exposed her belly to Vani.

I took little oil and poured in her navel and massaged her. In between, I took Vani’s hands and made her massage her belly. While Vani’s hands massaged her belly I just rubbed Bhavya’s pussy behind Vani’s back. Bhavya left a small moan. Vani was getting hotter.

I had a boner seeing the pussy shape of Bhavya. As planned I asked Bhavya if she wants full oil massage. She winked and said yes. I collected all the leftover oils in the bottles and brought them to the table. Bhavya said I don’t want my dress to get oil so I’ll change it to the towel.

She went into the bathroom and removed all her dress. And wearing a white towel that we give to customers. She had sexy legs and she had waxed it recently. She laid on the table and I started to apply oil and massage. Vani was observing the hands and how I will put pressure and other things.

After applying oil on her legs and shoulder, I asked her to lay on her back. I gave 2 small towels. I asked her to remove a big towel and put these small towels on her boobs and pussy area. Vani was looking at her body with wide eyes. I asked Vani to apply oil and show me what she has learned all these days.

She took oil in her hand and started applying. I was already horny seeing Bhavya naked. She had a hairy pussy. While Vani applied oil on her body I was oiling her legs and without getting caught by Vani I rubbed Bhavya pussy to make her moan. Vani finished applying oil and asked me is it proper.

Me: Remove that towel and apply oil oh her chest.
Vani: (giggled) It’s not the chest.
Me: Then what?
Vani: Chest is for men, women have breasts in front of the chest.

Me: (I removed the towel on her boobs) This is chest only. (pressed Bhavya’s boobs lightly)
Vani: (pressing and oiling Bhavya’s boobs) We call it boobs breast etc.

I also started to massage Bhavya’s boobs and she was moaning little with pleasure. Bhavya put her hands under the towel and rubbed her pussy. I told Vani to put oil on her pussy. Vani was so into the act she didn’t wait till I complete telling what to do.

She removed the towel which covered pussy and started to apply oil and rub her hairy pussy. Bhavya saw me and winked. I whispered in Bhavya’s ear, “She is already horny, you play with my dick while she sees.” Bhavya started to touch my dick on the pants. I played with her boobs.

I unzipped my pants and gave her my dick. She started to stroke. Vani saw this and asked me whether she applied oil correctly. I went near her pressing my dick on Vani’s ass and told yes you have applied correctly. And I started to rub Bhavya’s pussy on her hair.

Vani was so horny she didn’t move and enjoyed my dick on her ass. She made light movements to rub my dick on her ass. I whispered in her ears, “Do you also want a massage.” She just stood like that enjoying my dick on her ass. I had inserted 2 fingers in Bhavya’s pussy and she was moaning.

Vani turned to me and my dick was pressing her pussy. She said I don’t want a massage but I want this dick. And she took my dick in hand and stroked a few times with her oily hands. I made Bhavya cum on my fingers and gave my fingers to Vani to lick.

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As she had already had a threesome sex with our owner she had learned what to do. She licked my fingers and removed her dress completely. She stood with bra and panty. I made her lick Bhavya’s hairy pussy and from behind, I removed her panty. I made her bend and started to lick her pussy from behind.

She also had a lot of hair. I fingered her while sucking her. She was licking Bhavya’s pussy like a pro and made her cum. Then I made both to kneel and suck my dick. I had shaved my hair clean. Vani commented.

Vani: His dick is small compared to our owner. (Yes, I have 6.5” dick but my owner had 8” dick.)
Bhavya: How many hours did he fuck you?

Vani: he fucked madam for 15 minutes and my pussy for 15 minutes and cummed on madam boobs.

Bhavya had seen my fucking already once when she had a customer who wanted to get fucked. She asked for a massage and later she was turned on while Bhavya massaged her. so she had called me to fuck her. so Bhavya knew that today Vani will have more pleasure than she had had earlier.

Bhavya: how many minutes your lover fucked you?
Vani: Don’t take his name and spoil my mood.
Bhavya: Its ok tell me.
Vani: He fucked me for a few days, maybe 10 times I think.

Bhavya: How many minutes each time?
Vani: 10 minutes or 15 minutes.
Bhavya: Pramod show her what is real sex and pleasure of sex.

Vani: He will also fuck for 15 minutes.
Bhavya: he will drill your pussy more than 15 minutes and you will ask him to fuck again and again.

I made Vani lie down on the table and licked her hairy pussy till she cummed on my face. I was fingering Bhavya at the same time she also cummed on my fingers. Vani said this is her first soft orgasm as our spa owner had given her a rough time while she had an orgasm. Her lover didn’t care about her orgasm.

I made her lick both my face and fingers with her and Bhavya cum. She was happy and said.
Vani: I think what you said is true Bhavya.

Bhavya: Thanks to you as today I also have a great orgasm. I never got a chance to fuck with Pramod and you are making my dream true.

Both laid on the massage table and rested. They both fondled each other’s boobs. I wanted to fuck her nicely so I gave my dick to them to give me a blowjob. They both made me cum and shared my cum. They licked my dick dry and didn’t waste a single drop of my cum.

We had been having foreplay for 1 hour now and it was lunchtime so I decided to order food. Bhavya told us we will lock the spa and go out to have lunch. Then we shall go to her room to continue as we won’t feel scared as someone might come to the spa.

Bhavya took bath as she had got oil massage. In that time I made Vani suck my dick while I licked her pussy in 69 positions. She felt as if she was in heaven while doing 69. We went out and had food. While going back to Bhavya’s room we got some beer and condoms.

Vani said she might get STD as our owner had fucked her a few days ago. We had a beer. Bhavya has a beer every day. Vani had beer for the first time and Bhavya thought her how to drink. I didn’t drink much as I wanted to enjoy both the pussies.

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When they both were high I removed my dress and started to stroke my dick. Seeing me Bhavya came and took my dick in her hands and started to give a handjob. While I enjoyed her handjob I removed Vani’s dress and sucked her nipples and bite her nipples hard. She screamed in pain.

I fingered her pussy, she was moaning loudly. I made her body kissing and making her hot. Already she was drunk and her love hole was dripping with cum. I laid her on her back and spread her legs and put my dick in her pussy. It was wet and sloppy.

I drilled her for 20 minutes and made her ride my dick. She was riding as if she had found some unicorn to ride. She was about to cum and I made her cum on Bhavya’s face. Then I made Bhavya ride my dick. It was her first time with me so I was a little smooth in the beginning.

I made Vani lick Bhavya’s asshole while Bhavya was riding my dick. I made both cum again. Then I made Vani stand and bend to insert my dick from behind. I fucked her like that and made her lick Bhavya’s pussy and drink her cum. I was fucking both alternatively and before cumming, I wore a condom.

With heavy and hard trust I cummed inside Vani pussy with a condom. She told the rough hard fucking at the end was awesome. She likes it very much. Bhavya had seen me spray my cum on her customer and like to do that way. We had fucked for more than 2 hours and everyone was exhausted.

As my dick had become small I took rest till it became hard again. Bhavya said her roommate will come at 5. Within that time I should fuck and spray my cum on her. It was already 4 and had only 1 hour to leave her room. So I directly inserted my dick in Bhavya’s pussy and rammed her in all possible positions.

Before cumming I made her lie down and sprayed my cum on her stomach and boobs. Vani happily licked all my cum on Bhavya’s body. Both agreed that I made their pussy happy and wanted to have more fun when possible.

Now Vani is married and doesn’t have contact with me or Bhavya. Bhavya also got married but her husband is a drunkard. Whenever my Sharu aunty is unavailable I fuck Bhavya. Bhavya is now working in an MNC company. I get a few girls from her office as customers for massage.

Only 2 or 3 wants intimate massage while others need just massage to get rid of their body pain. I hope everyone enjoyed this part. I shall meet you in the next part. I am writing all these as they want to share their experience. I won’t give out the true names as they don’t want to be known to the outside world.

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