A Common Man From Bangalore – Part 16


Hi Pramod here, how are you all. Every reader knows me well. So I won’t waste time introducing myself. But I need to ask boys to stop emailing me just to get my number and ask the girl’s number. I will share my WhatsApp number to all who want to be in touch with me.

Let’s begin this episode. The main characters in this incident are Bhavya, my ex-colleague from my spa and her cousin who is working in a cellular company. I had met her once or twice when my sim card was lost. Bhavya had given me her contact to get a new duplicate sim card.

She is a cute girl. Wears spectacles. She looks hot with spectacles. I was having a problem with my phone and had given my cell to repair it in a local shop. He had returned me the sim card stating it would mix up with other sim cards. I wrapped it in a paper. But I missed it somewhere before I got my cell back.

I had given that number for customers and it was important. Bhavya said her cousin is there working in the same network outlet. She called her and informed her to block the sim card. Then she gave her number to me and asked me to meet her in the outlet.

I didn’t waste time and reached there. There were many girls wearing the same t-shirt. So I called the name and she came to me. I liked her. She had a decent face with a nice smile. I shake hands with her and asked her what the next step to get the same number. It was postpaid and I had a bill copy with me.

She made all required things done and said in a 1-hour sim card gets activated. I saved her number and messaged her thanks once the sim got activated. Replied me with a warm wishing message. I didn’t continue the message. I didn’t know Bhavya had shared a few of our fucking sessions with Renuka.

After a week I got a message from a new number. I didn’t expect it to be Renuka. I thought it as some customers contacting me to get a massage. So I gave out my rate details and the available timings. She was asking in detail about the massage and other things.

I replied to the message quickly as well as boldly.

Me: See mam if you just need sex. I am not the one for that you can book some escorts for that.
Renuka: I am not insisting on only sex. I need a massage and I wanted to know whether you are professional.

Me: Once you feel my massage, you will come back again to get massaged. If you want intimate massage then the charges will increase and it’s up to you. My duty will be to give complete service from my side.

I didn’t get any reply for that and after I finished my work in the spa. I was walking home and met Renuka in midway. She was having a walk with her mother and she introduced her mother. Then she walked a few steps from her mother. She said she would be happy to help me in the future if I need any help.

Then we bid good night and I came home. I got a text message following messages in Whatsapp. We chatted till late at night. She was becoming close by each message. I bid good night in the message and slept. In the morning I received messages from her as well as a new number girl.

I called Renuka and asked can I get information on that number. She told it’s not possible as there should be a police complaint copy to get details. I requested and she couldn’t help me. As it was Renuka itself she didn’t give me details.

After a few days of a text message, I told her to stop messaging if she doesn’t want any massage. I don’t want to be in texting without any specific reason. She wants to know that it is safe to let me inside her home and security for her etc.

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Me: I am a professional and I don’t have such things in mind. I want to grow in this field and have my own spa. If you can’t trust me I won’t force you and you can have it with someone else.

Then a few days no message and I finally got a message from her. She mentioned her address and her free timings. I replied that let me compare the free timing and will let you know when I shall come. She paid half the amount as I always take 50% in advance. I take the remaining amount after the service.

I made sure to keep all the required things. I told Bhavya that I have a client and I shall return in 2 hours. The address is nearby and I could go walking. Bhavya told ok and smiled. She knows the whole thing but she was not showing any signs.

I reached Renuka’s home and she opened the door with a scarf on her face.
I thought I have seen this person somewhere but could not recollect it. She took me in and asked me to wait for her. I asked for the place where she wants a massage. She showed me the room. It was a drawing-room.

I set up the massage place. I asked that girl to wear an old bra and panty which she uses at home as it will get oil stains on it. She asked for little over average massage and little lesser than exotic massage. When I told her to wear old inners she told she doesn’t have old inners.

I asked to wear something to cover her private parts of the body. She told she has only designer inners and she can’t wear any of them. She told me she will wear thongs bikini. I said whichever you’re comfortable with. She changed to thongs and came back with a towel wrapped around her body.

She had covered her face and I asked to remove it. She said she has some marks and doesn’t want others to see it. I said your wish and told I can massage your face. She was ok with it and laid on the matt I had spread on the floor to give the massage. As she had already told she wanted the little exotic massage.

I told her to remove her towel and lie on the mat facing downward. She removed the towel and laid down. That tong barely covered her areole and nipple and her pussy region. She had clean shaved her pussy hair. I had a boner seeing her ass. I applied oil and started massaging her back and her shoulders.

I constantly looked at her. They were small round and some kind of cute. They were neither too big nor too small. They were firm and round. After massaging her back I went to her legs. She was whitish color and little dark in her ass crack. I could see her pussy lips little from her tongs. She was having pink lips.

I massaged her legs up to her bums and stopped there for a little while to have a good view of her ass. Then applied oil on her bums and massaged. They were soft and shaking like jelly while I massaged. When I touched her pussy region from the ass crack she left a moan.

As she had asked for a little exotic massage I couldn’t finger her pussy as many of my customers are strict. Then I made her turn around and applied oil on her upper body. Her nipples were already erect. I could see that she had normal size nipples.

I massaged her nicely with an ample amount of oil and gave her full relaxation to her muscles. While massaging her legs and thighs I made sure to have a good look at her pussy. In the meanwhile, she had slept off with relaxation. I made sure she is sleeping and took my time having a good view of her boobs and pussy.

Those tongs were new as I could smell those fresh aromas of the clothes. I heard the doorbell ring. I asked her whether I shall check it or not. She told me she was expecting someone. Generally, I thought it might be her boyfriend. I have seen such things while giving massage to my customers.

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After the massage, my customers start off romancing with their lover and finish off with sex. I would leave their place once they start their act to give them privacy. When I opened the door I saw Bhavya at the door and surprised. She smiled and came inside and locked the door.

Me: How did you know that I am here?
Bhavya: This is my cousin’s house and I only recommended you for her to get a massage.
Me: She is your cousin? Renuka?

Bhavya: Yes. Did you fuck her or still giving a massage?
Me: She booked only for massage.
Bhavya: Your boner tells me that you need to fuck her.
Me: Of course I get a boner when my client is hot and sexy.

Bhavya: She is desperate to get fucked and she is waiting for your dick.
Me: She never told me that.

We went to the drawing-room she was laying on mat sleeping. I whispered in Bhavya’s ear if she really wants to get fucked. She replied, “Do you think she is wearing tongs to just give you a boner?” Some customers will do that but don’t want to get fucked after massage.

She said in low voice, “Take her virginity while you can.” I slid her thongs aside and slid my finger in her pussy. She spread her legs little and moaned. Bhavya removed her clothes and applied oil herself. And came on top of Renuka giving body to body massaged.

Renuka tried holding my dick over pants. But I moved away as there was oil in her hands and my pants would get oil stains. I became naked immediately. Applied enough amount of oil on my body and went to them. We did a sandwich massage for some time.

Bhavya was giving blowjob while fingering Renuka. I made them have little lesbian before starting to fuck them. I had a nice live lesbian show and cummed myself on them. We took a bath. We went to her bedroom and took some rest and started the real act.

I pressed Renuka boobs as I had seen and fucked Bhavya many times. I played with her body and Bhavya was licking her body. I made both cum and they made me cum on their body. I asked Bhavya how should I take her virginity. Bhavya went and brought some massage oil and applied it on her pussy lips.

I laid Renuka on her back spread her legs and kept my dick in the pussy entrance. Bhavya told while fingering she got little blood. Be soft as she is a virgin. I was happy, after many months I got virgin pussy. Friends believe me deflowering a virgin pussy so much pleasure than fucking a loose pussy.

I told Bhavya to keep some distance so that I can be more gentle with Renuka. I told her to hold Renuka until I insert fully in her pussy. And put my dick a little inside, Renuka moaned as well as screamed in pleasure and pain. I rest my dick head in her pussy for a few minutes and then again pushed little.

When I entered half my dick length Renuka couldn’t bear the pain and removed my dick from her pussy. I told, “Nothing will happen. Once I put full dick inside you will not feel any pain.” She told her she can’t and started to cry. Bhavya kissed her and started to console her.

I made my 2nd attempt and inserted my dick slowly. I was making light movement on her and she was resisting much. I told her if she resists it will pain more. She slept like a dead body until I inserted my full dick inside. Bhavya kissed and licked her boobs.

I didn’t move till she was ok with the pain. Then I asked Bhavya to leave us alone, she sat a little far away and saw us fucking. She was fingering her pussy. I made slow movements in her pussy until she started moaning. I rubbed her clit while fucking softly. She was having pain and was unable to tell anything.

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I made her rest by leaving my dick inside and kissed her boobs until she responded properly. I saw Bhavaya fingering her pussy hard. I asked her to come near and licked her pussy. Renuka saw this and said she will also lick. We both licked her pussy till she came on our faces.

We kissed each other like there is no tomorrow. I started to fuck her slowly. She also started to get pleasure and I increased my speed. She was enjoying. While cumming she said I am feeling like something. I said it’s your first orgasm while fucking. My dick had become sloppy with little blood and her cum.

Now it moved smoothly in her pussy. She was giving pussy lifting her hips. I made her cum again before I sprayed my cum fully inside her. She felt my warm cum inside and said it was nice. The next time she will bear the pain. Bhavya and I smiled.

We know next she will not have due to virginity but by my hard fucking. I left my dick in her pussy till it became small. I was playing with her boobs and fingered Bhavya. Bhavya asked me when will I fuck her pussy. I said today full day only for Renuka. If you want I will come to your room and fuck you the whole night.

Bhavya told her roommate will be there. I told her to let’s make her our partner. Bhavya got angry and said, “You won’t get tired of fucking, right?” I said, “When you all can give my dick such nice pussy to rest inside, how can I get tired?” Then I slept for some time.

After I got up I took Renuka to the living room. I made her sit on my dick while I sat on the sofa. She was riding slowly as it was her first time in those positions. She made all she can to put my whole dick inside completely. She moved like she was having a soft ride on a horse.

I made her enjoy as much as she can until she cum. Then I made her move fast so that I can also enjoy it. Her boobs were going up and down with her movements I sucked then while she was riding. I liked her facial expression with those glasses.

Then I asked her to sit on the sofa and lifted her legs and put my dick inside in one stroke. Renuka liked that hard push and told me to push hard like that. I made her take my dick inside and licked her feet while fucking her pussy. We fucked for some time and both came at once.

Her pussy started to drip my cum on the sofa. I took my cum in my fingers and made her taste it. She resisted at first and she licked my fingers clean. That day we had another 2 rounds and I left the place with Bhavya.

I and Bhavya had sex that the whole night as her roommate went to her native. I will write that in the next part.

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