A Common Man From Bangalore – Part 17


Hi, Pramod here. My home service is only for girls/women. I am not gay as well as I won’t bring a girl with me for group/swapping. I won’t say no if you join your wife while I am serving her, and that doesn’t mean I allow you to treat me as gay.

Let’s begin from where I left in the last part. So I and Bhavya left Renuka’s house at 10:30 night and went to our spa to take my bike. I dropped her to her room and her roommate was waiting with luggage. Her roommate said she is going on a tour with her lover.

Man, she is a bomb. Ultra-thin body with massive tits. 34 26 28 is her structure. I wanted to fuck her whenever I see her. But not even once I have got the chance to fuck her. I asked Bhavya to seduce her but she also failed in that. Now she is married to her lover and has 2 kids.

Fine, let’s not waste time on that. So Bhavya whispered in my ears that as I said it’s becoming true that we fuck the whole night. I replied, but I wished to have you and her both together. She slapped on my shoulders and said that Pramod will drop to the bus stop as there won’t be any transport available at that time.

She told me to at least put sudden brakes and feel her boobs. Of course, who will miss that? I dropped her to the bus stop. In that journey I made her crush her boobs a few times. While coming back to Bhavya’s room I got food for us to eat. We had dinner and then watched a nice English porn movie.

She asked for Kamasutra’ but it was not available. I made her cum by fingering her while watching the movie. She called Renuka and asked her that can she join us tonight. But Renuka said she had enough for her lifetime.

Bhavya was already bottomless. I removed her top and played with her boobs. She was rubbing my dick on my pants, I wanted to do all those positions in the movie with her. She had agreed for that except for deep throat blowjob. We cuddled on the sofa until the movie got over.

We both were naked. I had my dick in her hands for more than 40 minutes. After the movie, I asked her to suck my dick like that and she did it. Her saliva was dripping on the sofa. I took her pussy to my mouth and started to lick her clitoris. Her cum was mixed with my cum.

I had fucked her in Renuka’s home before leaving and cummed fully in her pussy. I always use condoms while having sex with married ladies or strangers. But my girls whom I know I just drill their pussy and fill up with my cum. Later I give them I-pill.

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1 or 2 times Vani and Bhavya had become pregnant and got it aborted by home remedies. While I sucked her pussy someone rang the doorbell. We both got scared. But then Bhavya told it might be Renuka as we had called her before some time. I went to the door and peeped through the hole.

It was Bhavya’s roommate. I was happy to see as well as tensed. I told Bhavya about this. We immediately made a plan to have her involve her in our sex. As planned we didn’t open the door but unlatched the lock. We continued our act with low moans.

I sucked her clitoris for more than ½ hour making her cum twice. And she was blowing me. While doing this we both saw Indu (Indira real name) indirectly and acted as if no one is watching us. Then I made Bhavya stand and came under her between her legs.

I licked her till she had another orgasm. I sat on the sofa and asked Bhavya to sit on my dick and ride. She had already made my dick wet. So when she sat on my dick it went in like a hot rod going through a sponge. She moaned in excitement and pleasure.

I made her ride like this for 20 minutes and asked her is she happy. She was just moaning loudly. We had an invisible audience at the door gap. Indu thought we had not seen her but we knew she was at the door gap watching us. She also fingered her pussy a few times watching us.

Bhavya cummed on my dick and hugged me. I asked her if she is satisfied. She said, “I will be satisfied only when I have your dick completely in my pussy throughout the night.” Then I made her sit on the sofa and made her bend a little to fuck her in the doggy style.

I rammed her and in between, I mentioned Indu’s name also. So that Indu knows I want to fuck her. While fucking Bhavya in the doggy style I made sure Indu will get the correct view of our fucking. Having Indu watch us from the door gap made me very horny as well.

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I cummed earlier than expected. Bhavya felt my cum in her pussy and asked what happened. I whispered in her ears that Indu watching us made me hot and cum earlier than expected. Then we got dressed and watched TV. It was midnight and Indu rang the doorbell again.

I opened the door and asked why she didn’t go to the tour. She said she missed a few things for the tour and she was not allowed without those things. She came in and saw Bhavya with an angry face. Bhavya knew why that look was and didn’t say anything.

Indu told Bhavya to make the bed and come to bed with her. She whispered in Bhavya’s ear when they slept, “I saw you both fucking.” Bhavya asked, “Why you didn’t join us?” She replied that she doesn’t want to fuck now.

“But you both continue for the rest of the night and I won’t disturb you. I’ll just watch you people have fun.” Bhavya called me to the bed and told what Indu said. I thanked Indu and kissed her forehead.

I removed all the clothes and made Bhavya naked. Indu asked do you want to fuck me. I said if you let me I will try. Indu told me, “I listed what you said while fucking Bhavya on the sofa. You took my name while fucking her.” I said, “Yes I like your body especially your big boobs.”

She winked and showed me her boobs but didn’t allow me to touch her. I took Bhavya’s boobs in my hands and crushed it with all my power. Bhavya screamed saying it’s hurting her. I lowered the force and said I want those boobs.

She said, “Indu told us we can fuck the whole night but not disturb her or touch her.” Then I told to Indu, “At least remove your dress and show me your body so that I will fuck Bhavya seeing you.” She agreed and removed her dress. I saw her completely nude and my dick was hard.

I inserted my hard dry dick in Bhavya pussy. Her pussy was also dry as we didn’t have any foreplay now. She shouted and removed my dick. She said let me at least make it wet otherwise my pussy will have pain. She blew for a few minutes and said to insert.

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I fucked her pussy looking at Indu’s pussy. I rammed her till she lost her count of the orgasm. I made her bend and fucked her in doggy also. But said not to cum in doggy style as she wants to feel the cum sprayed inside while riding. I went down and she came on me riding my dick.

She was riding and making all possible moves to have max pleasure. She increased the speed and told me she is cumming. I could feel her cum flowing on my dick. After cumming, she moved slowly on my dick making me suck her hard nipples. We fucked like that for another 20 minutes.

I cummed in her when she had another orgasm. She felt my hot cum inside and said she feels hot inside with my cum and slept on me with my pussy still inside her. Indu got up and came near to us and saw closely how my dick and her pussy were after fucking.

She said to Bhavya, “All the cum is coming out and making his dick shine.” So Bhavya replied, “If you want you can taste it.” Indu told, “I don’t want to.” Indu fingered herself while we were fucking. She was horny but resisted to fuck and till today I don’t know the exact reason why she didn’t get fucked.

So, friends, this is the end of the series, as I have finished narrating all the incidents happened in my life with girls and women. Now I am married and I am a father. But still, I have occasional sex with Sujatha, Bhavya, Syeda, and I fuck my Sharu aunty regularly in her home.

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