A Common Man From Bangalore – Part 7


Hi guys, in this part I am going to share what happened after Impana asked me to come to her house.

Impana went home. I also reached home and told my parents that I am going to a friend’s home for studies and will come next day evening. I took a pair of clothes and books. While getting down Sharu met me near the gate and asked.

Sharu: What darling? You’re getting busy day by day?
Me: Nothing much, Sharu. Exams are near and I have 2 backlogs from the previous semester so preparing hard.
Sharu: Even this subject is having backlog for many days.

She held my dick over pant and kissed me on my cheek. I kissed her lips and told this Sunday from morning till midnight your pussy will enjoy. She handed me a pack of condoms and told to enjoy it. I felt awkward, why she gave condoms, did she know that I am going to stay with Impana?

I didn’t mind and reached Impana home. She had taken a bath and was wearing a salwar. As usual, it covered her body fully. We had dinner, she had prepared mudde and uppsaru. While having dinner she was sad. Then after dinner, we started watching TV for some time.

She lay her head on my shoulder while watching TV. I made my self comfortable for her to rest on my shoulder. We didn’t have any dirty thoughts till then. She broke the silence and told, I will sleep. I told ok about that. She told you can watch TV till you want and then come to sleep.

I said it’s ok. I’ll sleep here. She said I am feeling sad so you come to the room when you want to sleep. She went to the room and closed the door. After 5 minutes she opened the door and slept. The bed was visible from the place I sat.

Impana: How much time will you watch TV?
Me: 5 minutes, I’ll come.

Then I switched off the TV and went to the room. She had changed her dress to nightwear. A loose pant and a loose kurtha type top. I asked for something to spread on the floor to sleep. She told to sleep beside her.

Me: I am a teenage boy and it won’t be nice to sleep together as you married.
Impana: I thought you didn’t have any bad intentions in your mind on me.
Me: I don’t have any such things in mind. But in sleep, if I put my hand or leg on you? I keep changing my positions while sleeping as I sleep alone at home.

Impana: I too do the same and it won’t matter till we have any such intentions.
Me: Ok I’ll change my dress and come.

Saying that I went to the bathroom and changed to shorts and a t-shirt. I went and slept on the bed. She was seeing my face in that night light beside the bed. “What are you looking at?”

Impana: your such an innocent boy. Boys your age usually have sexual thoughts for girls. At this age, they will be more on the lust side than on love.
Me: I don’t know what your talking, by the way, what’s your age.

Impana: I am 29 years. Your age?
Me: 23. You look like you are just in college.
Impana: Yes, everyone says that.

We slept like that talking to each other. She had a sad face until then. I told her. I can’t see your face. Impana switched on the light, so I said, “I can’t see you so sad. I want to see a smile on your face.”

She didn’t listen as she was thinking about something else. She asked me.
Impana: Pramod what is lesbo and gay.
Me: Gay means men and men having sex and lesbo means a girl with another girl having sex.

Impana: How girls will have sex? Boys can have sex as they both have rods.
Me: Rods mean?
Impana: You don’t know what rod is?
Me: No, I really don’t know what it is.

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Impana: You pass urine from that!
Me: Hey, that is not rod it is a penis.
Impana: When I was in college everyone called it in many names but my friends called it rod.

Me: Oh, what names. Did you have boyfriends?
Impana: Pramod, you think I am such a girl?
Me: Did I say anything wrong? In college, some will have love, crush, affairs. So I asked, I didn’t mean that you’re characterless.

Impana: Do I look like I loved many boys?
Me: I didn’t say that!
Impana: You asked did you have boyfriends. Boyfriend is one boy and boyfriends mean more that one.

Me: Hey not like that. I asked did you love any boy and have a boyfriend?
Impana: Yes, I had one but he just wanted to sleep with me. He didn’t have any feelings.
Me: Sleep means?

Impana: Don’t act so innocent. I have seen you see my cleavage in the park while I slept on your shoulder. And you tried covering my cleavage while someone was looking at them on the bus.
Me: Yes, I wanted to protect you so I tried covering. Is it wrong?

Impana: What about what you did in the park, seeing my cleavage?
Me: Sorry. I couldn’t control my mind. I didn’t mean to. I won’t do it again.
Impana: It’s ok if I was angry with you I would have slapped you there only. I trust you.

By then she asked me to lay straight on my back and she came close to me and put her hands on my chest.

Impana: Don’t think anything else. I am feeling comfortable like this. If you think like that in the park I will never talk to you.
Me: Ok but if you wish to sleep like this I need to tell you something.
Impana: What is that? Do you want something from me?

Me: No, while sleeping if I put my hand and if it touches there you should not scold me. I will be in sleep and I don’t know where my hand leg will be.
Impana: There means where?
Me: On your body.

She told ok and asked me why you brought condoms with you in the bag. I got shocked. What condoms? I don’t know what you’re talking about. She removed the pack from under the pillow and showed me. I told its not mine.

Impana: From the park, I am observing you and you are a totally different person. I haven’t seen you like this.
Me: I don’t know what to tell.

I showed a slip in my bag, which Sharu had given me. It was written in that ‘1 pack Nirodh’ (condom). I showed it to her and said my building uncle gave me this and some money and told me to bring it when I come back. (I had kept that paper for my memory with Sharu) I acted innocent in front of Impana.

She trusted me and asked, “You don’t know what this is?” I said, “I know what condom is, but ‘Nirodh’ I don’t know what it means. The medical shop person gave me this pack when I showed him the slip.” She saw my innocent face and said, “I will tell you what this is.”

I told I know what it is, it will prevent the population. She told not only population but disease also. I asked what disease and opened one condom cover.

When a person has sex with an unknown person then he may get STD. I asked what is STD. She explained it, I said please stop it.
Impana: Why, what happened?
Me: I am feeling uncomfortable.

Impana: Why did you open it?
Me: To see how it looks. Its like nipple for a feeding bottle with so much oil on it.
Impana: It shows how to be worn to the penis while having sex.

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Me: I frowned at her. I told you not to speak about sex.
Impana: Ok, I won’t talk if you want to go to the bathroom and come.
Me: Why I should go to the bathroom? I don’t want to pee.
Impana: Look at your pants.

Me: You made it.
Impana: (got up and sat) See, I am wearing a full dress and you can see my cleavage also. Then why your having bulge like you had in the park today.

Me: I don’t know. I am sleeping next to a beautiful girl. I don’t have such intentions, but this guy will get me in trouble always.

She asked have you been in such trouble with other girls. I told her while I was in my lab last month we got a new lab instructor who is our age. She dresses like a film actress showing cleavage and body. (Of course, it was a lie). She placed her hand on my dick over the bedsheet.

She said, “Can I see it once?” I made a shy face asked her, “Why you want to see? Your husband will also have the same. I’ll go to the bathroom and come.” She held my hand stopping me from getting down from the bed. She slept on her side facing me. I also slept facing her.

She smiled and we talked for some time and slept. I woke up in the middle of the night. It was around 2 o clock. My dick was rock hard. I saw Impana and she had turned to another side. I went to the bathroom and took water in a jug and dipped my dick in that for a few minutes.

When I came back Impana was laughing at me. I asked her what happened.
She told me that she saw what I did in the bathroom. I told her that I read it somewhere in an article to do like that in such situations. She then signaled to sleep. She asked me, “Can you put a holiday tomorrow and stay here with me?”

“I have told my mom I’ll come in the morning and go to college.”

“Ok, go to your home refresh and instead of going to college come here.”


We slept but this time she made me turn and hugged me from behind. We slept like that whole night. In the morning when I got up she was having coffee in her hand. She asked me, “Do you drink bed coffee?” I said not every day but sometimes I like to have in bed.

Then I went to the kitchen with her. I could see the bra and panty on a rope in the kitchen.
Me: why do you dry your bra and panty in the kitchen? Don’t you have a place on the terrace or outside?

Impana: I have lost 3 pairs when I put them for drying on the terrace. In the bathroom, we can’t dry them as there is no place to tie the rope.

While she turned to give me coffee, I was touching one of her bras and seeing the material. I said these are so soft. I think they are costly. She took the bra from my hand and gave the cup and said the thing which will be in them are also soft.

“Really, can I see them?”

She got angry and shouted, “What do you mean?” I said, “Just like you said yesterday night, I also asked.” She said, “You act innocent but you’re very naughty.” We sat on the sofa and had coffee. I went home and got ready for college. Impana was messaging me, and I didn’t reply to any message.

When I reached her home she was locking the door. I asked, “Where are you going?”

“You didn’t reply to my message and I thought you are going to college. So I got ready to go to the office.”

I told I had kept my mobile in silent mode. Then she unlocked the door and we went in. She was wearing a semi-transparent top with a light-colored leggings type of pant. The top was a little deep in her neck. If we had gone on the bus today I could have seen her cleavage more than yesterday.

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Then we had breakfast. She was happy that I was with her bunking the classes. Then she asked me to help with some housework. While helping her I touched her ass and boobs many times. When she bent to pick something I could see her boobs and cleavage.

When we wear working in the kitchen, she gave all the panties and bras put on the rope to me. She asked me to put them on the chair in the bedroom. Later after finishing the work we sat and had some juice. She was a little uncomfortable. I mentioned it.

She said, “You were touching me everywhere and I felt a little tempted.” I said it was not intentional. She looked into my eyes and I could sense lust in her eyes. She had a little water in her eyes. I thought I had done something wrong. She just laid her head on my laps and started to talk.

Impana: Do you really like me?
Me: Yes you’re my best friend. Please don’t cry I won’t do it again.
Impana: Did you like it when you touched it?
Me: I told you it was not intentional. You are soft and feel like some sponge.

Impana: What is like a sponge?
Me: Your bums. Your breast.
Impana: They are not bums they are buttocks. And breast is a science word, generally, they are boobs or tits.

Impana was crying silently. When her tears touched my pants I came to know. I made her sit and asked, “Why you’re crying?” She said that she didn’t have anyone to share her feelings. Today I told her that she is my best friend. So she felt happy and it was for the happiness she was crying.

I wiped her tears and asked her to share whatever she wants. She smiled and said, “I like my husband, but now he has changed a lot.” He was very caring and after 5 months of their marriage, she is being neglected. I asked for a reason and she said some other day she will tell.

We had lunch in a hotel and went to a movie. In the movie she was holding my hand I could sense her boobs pressing my arms. I was having bulge and she kept seeing my bulge often. After returning from the movie it was late. I bid goodbye to her and went home.

The next day when I was on the bus with her she told me day by day I am becoming naughty. I asked for a reason. She said, “Yesterday again you had a boner and my cleavage was also not visible.” I said, “When you were holding my hand in the theatre your boobs were pressing my arms.”

She smiled and held my hands in the same way and asked, “Like this?” My dick started to get hard. I had my bag on my lap and no one could notice that. “Impana, I can sense your nipple on my skin,” I said. She told, “I am not wearing a bra today.” I asked her why.

“You told that they are soft. I wanted you to feel my boobs without that soft bra.”

I asked, “Why are you doing like this? In your office, someone might know.” She told, “Let them know.” I got angry and didn’t talk for some time. Then she told, “I have a little surprise for you.”

Wait for the next part for the continuation of the incident.

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