A conservative girl to a sexy seductress part 1


Padma was born and raised up in Indian city West Bengal. She is a shy and consevative girl by nature.Due to family moral values and parents guidance till the age of 16 she never exposed to the world of pain and pleasure . Her life journey to the lust of world starts when she moves to Mumbai her aunt’s place for collage education.

She belonged to a lower middle class family with father’s small business. As you knw fate doesn’t favor always her father ‘s loss in business left the family in debt. So her aunt took the responsibility to educate her and bring her to Mumbai.

As a Bengali girl and from her mother’s genetic she blessed with a figure that anymen dream to fuck. Despite Her conservative dressing she unable to hide her treasure from the hungry eyes of lusty people. Even at the age of sixteen she looks damn hot with a beautiful face and hourglass figure. Her eyes are so beautyful and attractive which can make anyone fall in love. Her well shaped nose , pouting red lips with attractive jawline with black mole (birthday Mark) just left side of her lower lips make her face beauty daman hot.She has a rarest color of skin complexion, yellowish milky white, for which she can be easily noticed by hungry eyes. She always makes a beatiful bun of her waist length long black hair. In special occasion like puja, ritual or function she keeps her hair open. Her waist length hair ends just on her alluring waist-line which ultimately provokes male sexual attraction.

At the early age of 9 she got her puberty. Due to rich hormonal flow her body and mind nursed with extreme feminity. She started to wore bra at the age of 13 which is 30 ” B cup is very rare for any girl of her age. She was getting evil stares from all age men and all the girls get jealousy of her beauty.

At the age of sixteen she growned up like a ravishing beauty. Her beautiful face, pouting red lips, blue eyes, the most sexiest dome shaped large pair of 32 C cup breast ( in last 3 years it had incredibly grown up 2 ” inches and 1 cup size and still growing…), her wide buttocks and waist length hair makes her 5 feet 3 inches body to the talk of the locality.

When she shifted to Mumbai the people of her aunt’s locality got mad with her beauty. As a shy girl by nature She always maintain distance from people and focus on her study. She got admission in Arts college which is 30 minutes train journey from her aunt’s house. In the very first day of her train journey with her cousin sister Neha who is 1 year older than her, she got uncomfortably male attention and cheap comments from the Mumbai tapori class people who tease girls and women in Mumbai local train . She felt uncomfortable, her face became red in anger. But her cousin asked her to ignore the dirty talks of the cheap people. It was a daily matter to ignore. She teased her saying.. “Padma, Teri Aam bhi to baht bade bade Hain, inhe dekh ke to kisi ko bhi bhuk lagega. In bicharon ka Kya kasur ? “”” He hee. Hehe. ( Padma your Mangoes are so big and juicy that by looking those ripe fruits anyone feel hungry. What is fault of those poor guys “She laughed naughtily). Padma felt very embarrassed by her cousin’s comments.

The y reached college .it was a exciting moment for Padma as a college student in the very first day in a new city. The best part of her college days she erned so many friends due to her polite nature and charming personality. And the worst part was, she was the talk of the college for her ravishing beauty.

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Padma always avoid unwanted male attention and focus on her study. She participated in extra curricular activities in college. She learned the classical lavani dance in dance academy by college cultural board and very soon became a well trained lavani ( Marathi folk dance) dancer. The Classical lavani costumes on her well toned figure looks gorgeously sexy.

As time passes ups and downs she completed her BA final year. In last 5 years long journey at the age of 20 so many things changed in her mind and body. She became mentally mature.Her well shaped body became extremely attractive. Her glowing face, well shaped hips which looks sexy with fatty curves in each side and the slightly fleshy abdomen with an oval shaped 1 inches deep navel makes her look Damon hot. She got a lot of fat deposited in her buttocks and the most sexy part of her body was the juciest pair of breast which are barely hold by a 36″ D cup bra(4 ” inches and 1 cup size increased in last 5 years). Padma has a rarest kind of sensitively firm breast. A pair of dome shaped large size breast pointed forward with proper sized ( a perfectly sexy shape for a 36 ” breast ) milky brown color perky areola topped with suckable 1/2 inches long and fat berry sized pink nipples. The sexy formation of her areola is like as if sweet juicy liquid filled within her sensitive perky areola struggling to brust out through her berry sized fat nipple buds. Her beauty enhanced by sexy black moles ( beautiful Black color circular birth marks)on right places of her body. A black mole in the left side just below her lower lips makes her beatiful face more admirable. She has another black mole on the left side of her lower neck coming down a sexy mole between the valley of her twin globes and another one just below of her left perky aerola which makes her breast beauty more desirable. She has another mole just below her oval shaped deep navel and one mole on the left side of her curvy hip. The final and most sexy mole is on her sexiest private part (vagina) just on the center of her left vaginal mound. With all those sexy black moles on her ravishing figure she is a complete package of a gorgeous woman and a real treat for any hunk who is so forutunate to marry her. Padma feels shy and proud for her extremely sexy figure which draws a huge male attention from all age group of people. With 5 feet 5 inches height and attractive figure of Padma’s Ravishing beauty she can make anyone mad for her to marry. But she wanted to continue her study and avoide any kind of marriage proposal came to her parents.
But, as it’s well said by someone that, sometime fate is not in favor, destiny has decided something for Padma. It was the annual day function preparation in her college. She was choosen by her college cultural socity to participate in the program to perform classical lavani dance. As a well trained lavani dancer she has the ability to bind the audience with her charming beauty and superv dance moves. Her college was a famous college in the city and a number of VIP, politicians and Trustee were invited to the function. As always the college management took necessary steps and special care of the participants to make this function worth appreciating. All the particepants mentally prepared to give their best and win theheart of the audience. So Padma was also make herself mentally prepared to give the best performance as a classical “Lavani dancer”. Just before the annual day function, her dance teacher asked her to go to beauty parlour for a skin waxing and tonning for a more attractive and glowing complexion because in Lavani costume some skin has to be uncoverd, special Back and some parts of belly. the cost was Beard by the college management. She was also asked to choose the Lavani Costume which suits her figure. There were a lots of options to choose but one common thing in those costume that all the Blouses ( choli) are backless and Saree are transparent. Although Padma had a big “No ” for those types of outfits, she has no options left to justify the Lavani performance. So, she finally choosed a Pinkish Red color heavy stone worked wide shoulder half arm Blouse. The front side was a betel leaf designed neck not so deep and it was strictly designed not to show the cleavage but it depends on the size of the boobs. The back of the Blouse had a 12 inches deep Betel Leaf design which shows a good amount of uncoverd sexy skin. Then it was the turn of the saree which is Royal blue color semi see through light stone worked saree. Padma finalized the costumes ( Saree, Blouse and Jewellery) and paid a visit to the famous beauty parlour assigned by her college management . The parlour girls did a great work on her skin and face. She got her back, belly, hands and legs complete waxing and skin CTM. After the skin treatment she had done full arm mehndi and some henna tattoos on her body parts which would not be covered by clothes. A beautifully designed flower tattoo in the center of her back between the arm plates and a Sun design tattoo around her deep belly button. All the work done for the final day. Padma had a mix feeling of excitement and nurvesness forthe performance.

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The day of function Padma woke up in the early morning finish her all the works in the morning , took a rich bath and went to Temple for blessings. Then she left for college and reached by 9 Am. Padma’s performance was scheduled for 1 pm of the day. So she revised her performance till 11 Finally the moment came to getting ready for the performance. The make Artists were specifically instructed gave their best to prepare Padma in Lavani costume. The prepared Padma like extremely beautiful woman with all the Marathi get ups , they made her wore a push up bra to hold tight her Large Breasts , then the Pinkish Red velvetty design we blouse, although the blouse was designed in such a way to hide the cleavage, but it was nothing to do with her Dome shaped 36 D sized juciest Breast. This blouse design was displaying the shape of her breast more Fuller and pointed forward.Even the make up girls were getting turned on just looking at her exposed Melons. Padma was feeling shy And hurriedly asked to wore the saree. The saree was pinned with Blouse on her shoulder and both side of the blouse to avoid any kind of accidentally shameful situation on the stage. The saree was tied 2 inches below her navel but it was pinned with peticot carefully so that navel can be visible partially . Then she wore so many Jewellery ( multi layered Marathi style gold bead Necklace , a choker and another medium length necklace, earrings, nose pin, waist chain so many bangels, head accessories, and a pair of silver payal. She was made a beautiful hair Bun and put jasmin flower on it. With complete get your she was looking like a ravishing beauty. She felt show shy and proud for her look. Then she Tide the Ghungroo on her feet and entered the stage by sharp 1 am.

With the Well famous Lavani music when she entered the stage with dance steps, The hole audience stunned . They saw a gorgeously Beautiful Woman with sexiest Body features who was astonished the audience with her expertise in Lavani dance. The whole audience was appreciating her performance. While some evil minded people were gone mad with lust by seeing a hottest woman in Lavani costume. One of them was local MLA and Trustee 62 years Mardhraj and his 36 year old womenizer Son Jorawar.

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Padma was completely focused in her performance to give her best. Suddenly in one of her dance moves her saree unpinned from the left side of her Blouse, after 2 or 3 dance moves the saree was slipped a little which gave a half view of her Blouse covered left breast. Which was not noticed by Padms. But it was a dick rising treat for MLA MARDHRAJ And His Son.He got mad with lust by seeing the glimpse of a Sexy pair of Fuller boobs. He licked his lips with his dirty tongue by imagined Size and shape of Padma’s Melons. Her face beauty, Exposed part of her backless blouse, The Henna Tattoo in the middle of her back, Her sexy Navel and the curves of her hip,her sexy belly and the Fuller breast made him mad with dirtiest desire to have her on his bed. He decided to taste those ripe melons and fill the deep holes of Padma with his thick sperm.
Padma’s performance overed. She got so much appreciation from audience and was over whelmed by her best performance and celebrating with her friends and well wishers. On the other hand Mardhraj sent his people to gathered information about the beauty queen who made her mad in lust.

Mardhraj was the most dominating politician in the city. He had a lots of crime records. By appearance he was not less than a Bull. 6 feet height with coal dark complexion,heavyly built body, pot belly, blad head, a thick scary mustache and beard with a scary face . Always chewing pan masala due to which his teeth were stained red. He was a hard drinker a sex addicted person and a hard raw fucker. His son Jorawar is not less than his father, he is little shorter than his father, 5 feet 9 inch height,scary beard and thick mustache. He was a bad Brad whose only work was fucking woman and Doing parties. He had a extreme weakness for bigger boobs.As like his father he drinks ,smoke and chewes pan masala, his evil smile and red stained teeth can make any woman trembling in fear. Now the Father Son Dua desperated to fuck the Sexiest , Sensual and gorgeous beauty Padma….to be continued

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