A Day With My Beautiful Cousin


Hi, this is Rehan. Currently, I reside in Bangalore working in information technology. I had narrated earlier about an encounter with one of my office colleagues. Thanks for your feedback.

Here is an incident with one of my cousins. I have no words to describe her as she is extremely beautiful. Some of my friends were quite interested in marrying her just because of her looks. It happened during the marriage function of one of my uncles.

All our family members were gathered at our ancestral home. I am very friendly with this cousin since our childhood. We used to hug and kiss each other by watching movies since we were quite young. Our ancestral home is multi-storeyed.

Most of the family members were at the ground floor busy with preparations for marriage and other functions. One day I was watching a movie on the first floor of our home. I was alone as everyone is busy on the ground floor with marriage preparation.

Suddenly my cousin came to the TV room and sat on the sofa next to me. While watching movies, we started talking on various topics about our personnel life, relationships, etc. She then confessed to having a boyfriend though she studies in a women’s college.

She then started sharing some of the adult jokes which the girls in her college crack among themselves. I was almost aroused by hearing some of them and suddenly a gave a kiss on her beautiful lips out of control. Later I felt bad and apologized to her.

She said nothing to worry as if she was enjoying it. It gave me a green signal and I kissed her very passionately, she was also enjoying it. I started to care for her body. Suddenly she moved back and said someone might come and if they catch us red-handed. It will create a huge issue in our family.

There is a room in our house that is almost abandoned. It was used only to keep unwanted household materials. I said, “Let’s go to that room since no one access the room quite frequently.” So we decided to get into the room. The moment I opened the room.

It was dark inside with some noise of cat. We were a bit scared but it did not bother us since both of us were very desperate. I asked her to get inside the room. I went outside to check the situation around just to ensure none of the family members are watching us.

Everyone is busy with the ceremonies. I took some old newspapers from the storeroom downstairs. I rushed to the abandoned room on the top floor of the house. My cousin was eagerly waiting for me and yelled as it was a bit hot. It stinking to be in the room but I just ignored it.

I took the newspapers which I brought from downstairs. Unfolded it and we then spread it on the floor. I asked my cousin to lie down on the floor since the newspaper was laid on the floor. We did not get soiled with mud on the floor. Both of us started kissing very passionately.

Slowly I undressed her top and removed my shirt as well. She has a very soft and beautiful breast with reddish nipples. I sucked it like a small baby and she started moaning. Slowly I inserted my finger into her trouser and started fingering her pussy. She turned wet and held me very strongly.

I moved down to her bottom and started sucking her pussy. It was soar but I enjoyed. She started moaning and I kept on sucking for almost 10 minutes. I spread her legs apart and slowly inserted my dick in her pussy. She started to cry with pain.

I just held her tongue with a lip lock and started pushing back and forth. She held me very tightly and I was kissing her entire face along with the act. It lasted for almost 10 minutes. I pulled my dick outside her pussy and cummed on her thighs.

Both of us laid on the floor for a few minutes as we were literally tired. Suddenly someone started screaming from outside the room. It was aunty calling my cousin. We both were shocked to hear and for a few minutes. We didn’t know what to do.

I asked my cousin not to respond and wait for some time. Since I was lying on her. I could hear her heartbeat pumping up as she is very scared of her mom. After some time aunty left the place as she felt no one around. We then dressed up, peeped outside just to ensure if anyone is around.

Then we came outside the room. Thank God no one was around. I asked my cousin to go downstairs and check with her mom if she was looking for her or not. I would stay back for some time and would come down later. After some time I went down and the situation around was normal.

I checked with cousin asked her, did her mom suspects anything. She said, her mom came upstairs to ask her to go for a bath since my cousin spends more than an hour in the bathroom which everyone in the family knew. She whispered in my ears that I left her half the way. She wanted me to spend some more time with her.

She told me why don’t we continue in the bathroom. I was surprised since everyone is around how would we manage to get in. She said, “I will go to the bathroom. When no one is around, just knock the door twice to give an intimation that it is you. I shall open the door.

I went to every room just to check if everyone is busy or not. I reached near the bathroom, knocked on the bathroom door twice. She opened the door and I moved inside hoping no one had noticed me entering. She was inside the bathroom, fully naked with her milky white body.

I lost all my control, held her and started kissing passionately. Both of us were standing, I bend down and started licking her beautiful juicy pussy which was already wet. It was soar but I really enjoyed it. We did it for almost 5 minutes and she was pricking my hair.

She then lay on the floor of the bathroom and my dick was fully erect. I spread her legs and slowly inserted my dick. It was already wet but was tight. I started sucking her lips as she moaning loudly. After a few minutes, I was about to cum. I pulled my dick and shed the cum on the bathroom floor.

Both of us were dead tired, after some time we started applying soap on each other. By the time we got ready for the next session. We changed the position and tried doggy. She started moaning loudly. I held her breast from behind. After a few minutes, I cum outside her pussy.

We tried anal as well but it was too tight. So I applied coconut oil which was on the bathroom window on my dick. I started pushing inside her ass. She was very reluctant but I somehow managed to get my dick completely in. I saw her ass bleeding a bit, but it didn’t bother both of us.

I started to push back and forth in her tight ass for almost 5 minutes and pulled out. My dick was covered with a bloodstain. I washed it out and cleaned her ass as well. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. It was aunty again. Everyone knew that my cousin takes more than an hour to a bath.

She replied aunty that it will take a few more minutes. I asked cousin if she would be interested to give a blowjob. She agreed for next time since we did not have enough energy to continue. I said I will leave the bathroom. Slowly I opened the room and peeped to check if anyone is around and moved out.

After a few minutes, she came outside with a quick bath. Both of us behaved as if nothing happened between us.
We still have encounters whenever we get time alone, though she is married to someone with kids. But our friendship is still rocking and we enjoy the same taste.

I hope everyone enjoyed it. Please send me your feedback to [email protected]

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