A Lusty Admiration Of Swetha Ends Up Knocking Her


Hi, I am Ramasamy from Chennai. I have been an avid reader of Indiansexstories for the past 9 years. I always hated reading but coming into this was purely accidental. I was looking out for videos and suddenly ended up reading a hot sex story of a mom being impregnated by a tailor.

After reading the story I was tempted and started following all the stories and became a fan-reader for the past 9 years. As I have found my ideas(action plans to fuck my bucket-list women) from stories of this forum, I wanted to contribute back to this community to spice-up the reader network.

Enough of my self rant. Now the Story. This happened a few years back. The heroine of the story is my professor Swetha Menon. She is a Malayali Menon. Like any Malayali Nair Girls, she has the best of boobs with a size of 38D. Like any other student in my class, I was studious and was not having any sexual intentions on her initially.

But when I was skimming through my Facebook feed, she posted a photo with Onam Saree. It was so mesmerizing and awestricken. Her cute navel with the belly button was visible in the photo. I quickly downloaded them into my system. Later I was seeing the whole pic and started to observe her sexual parts.

After seeing her navel, I couldn’t resist myself from seeing her with sexual intentions. The next day when I went to college, during her class-hour I was observing her belly area while she turned to the board and scribbled. From then on my intention towards her completely changed.

Whenever I had the chance, I visit her cubicle and have a good glance at her boobs and navel. Since I was a topper student, She always had a soft-corner towards me. I used to complete projects for myself and helps others(professors included). I wanted to make a move but feared societal repercussions if it failed.

Hence, I just imagine myself fucking her and shag with my hands reading sex stories from this site. Like every other nerd, I had trouble getting a girlfriend. So I convinced myself that seducing my prof will not be possible. I was waiting for an opportunity to bed her.

Finally, 5th year came and I chose her as my mentor for my final semester project. Initially, she was absent for some time. I was worried inside as she was not attending my calls and Initial review was fast approaching. Since she promised me that she’ll help in my topic selection, I was left with no clue.

Later she came in the month of January. I went to her cubicle to meet her. She has put on a little weight but that increased my sexual thirst for her. I always admire busty women over size-zero chicks. Later I overheard some whispers that she and her husband have been trying for a child.

She had a miscarriage lately which was the reason she wasn’t returning to my phone-calls. I felt pity for her but at the same time wished for a chance to give her my seed like a ved-rishi. During project days, I used to visit daily to get the boob darshan of her at the same time try to build a rapport for a chance.

One day I saw a report in the Hacker news that there was an X-Ray android app that will screen the dress and show the naked body behind. I tried surfing the dark-net for days. Finally, I got hold of the apk file from a remote Onion User. I quickly installed them on my mobile.

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I went to her cabin to take a secret glimpse of hers. It looked like it actually worked. But this app was built on AI such that it predicted a collaged image of how it can be but alas a preview is a preview. I saved them in my mobile looked at it daily.

Time flew and I graduated. After a year later she called me. As you know she was my mentor in the final-year project. She needed my help to finish her Ph.D. thesis. So I thought I should use this opportunity to achieve my dream. Hence, I went to her house. I met her and was stunned at her sexy body.

She had delivered a beautiful baby girl. Her assets have grown big and her body became a sexy plump. She gave me coffee and I started my work on her project. Since I had already worked on her thesis for my final-year project, I was able to spawn my existing projects to achieve the same module.

While working, I was explaining to her about the cloud concepts and my module code. She told me that she will be moving back to Kerala to her husband’s native place for which I was disappointed. Later, she introduced me to her mom. I was hoping that she would be staying alone but god had other plans.

Her mom was staying with her. She asked me for the project duration. I know that it would not take much time. But I didn’t want to waste my opportunity. So I quizzed her on her plans so that I can plan my schedule accordingly. That’s when she told me that she will go to her native the coming weekend and will be back on Monday.

I explained to her that I need to give her KT on the implementation and deployment process. Hence I asked her if she can put leave on Tuesday. I will also apply leave to my office, come to her house and finish the process. I left home that day and finished all her works at the weekend.

I wanted to use that day for my action plan. I have read a lot of sex stories on entrapping women. One among them was the Son giving sleeping pills to his mother and gets her fucked by the loan lenders. I drew inspiration from that and made my plan.

I surfed online and bought a few sleeping pills from Flipkart. I hid them in my office till the action day. I feared my mom will find out on the pills if I kept them in my house during house-cleaning. On Monday, I went to my office, took the pills, put them safely in my bag.

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Action Day. I woke up early had my breakfast and went to her house. She was dressed in chudi with no shawl. Since it was a flat-U neck cut her boobs were a treat to my eyes. I started my laptop and acted as if am working. I had my lunch and observed the kitchen activities of hers and waited for the evening time.

She asked me if I will complete it before night. I told her that it’ll take some more time and hence I will stay back and finish this once and for all. She readily agreed to my idea as she had to submit this thesis within the stipulated deadline. I wanted to access ‘Open-source OpenStack Account’ which needed Facebook login.

So I persuaded her to give her credentials and she gave her credentials. Meanwhile, she sat beside me and was observing my work. Night came, I told her that I’ll make some tea. She said she will do it for me and came with two cups.

Meanwhile, I went to the restroom and took the tablets crushed them and powdered them. I came back and sipped the tea and asked her for extra sugar. When she went in, I slipped the sleeping-pill powder into her tea and added some sugar to avoid the sour-taste. She came-back and drank her tea.

She told me that the tea feels sour to her too. She grabbed the sugar bottle from me and added some to her tea and finally gulped it. The sleeping pill usually takes an hour to react. It’s already half-past midnight. She started to yawn on the way and told me that she’ll go and sleep.

She asked me to sleep on the same couch and went in. After 20 minutes, I sneaked into the bedroom and closed all the curtains. She was already in deep sleep. I went near and slowly placed my hand on her hand, moved it down towards her thighs there were no moments.

Slowly I place a small kiss on her hand and no motion. With a small grip of fear, I raised her kurti top till her waist. Wow, what a navel button, I brought my finger to the hole and inserted it. With that as a green signal, I didn’t waste my time. I undressed and laid next to her.

I went to the next and unbuttoned all the buttons. I slowly lifted her body with my right and used my left-hand to remove her kurta fully. She was wearing a bra. I slowly released the hook and threw the bra down. Now went down to her pants. Stripped her naked now.

I took my camera and recorded her nude body for future backup. I went to her face and lip-locked her with my tongue buried. I then licked her nipples. Since she delivered recently, her boobs were lactating, So I put my mouth on the right book and started sucking for milk.

Man what an awesome taste. I milked her boobs dry. I kissed and licked her navel. Then kissed from head and toe. Experimented all my sex story knowledge foreplay. Then I went down and licked her pussy. After finger-fucking and licking for some time, she came with her juice.

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Then I went to the drawer and took some Vaseline. I applied it to her pussy and penis for smoother penetration. Since I always wanted to check my potency rate, I decided to cum inside and impregnate her like my dream. I took my penis and placed it on the entrance and pushed it slowly.

It was okayish tight, with the vaseline I was able to penetrate with each stroke. Finally, my penis was fully-in then I began to give hard-strokes. Her body was moving in rhythm. I was able to touch the womb area. I used all the pregnancy missionary position and fucked her for 20 minutes.

I sensed that my orgasm is going to reach the climax and finally I cummed. I didn’t waste a single minute. I waited till my cum is deposited fully. I checked the time it was 1:30 PM. I knew that the effect of the pill will be there for at least 8 hours. So I didn’t want to lose on the opportunity.

I once again inserted my penis, put her legs on my shoulder and started to penetrate deep inside. While penetrating I was sucking and kissing her boobs, and smooching her navel with my hands. After some time, I deposited my load again. I fucked her like that more than 5 times that night till 5 AM.

After that, I cleaned her pussy and dressed her up like she was when she went to sleep. I also videotaped my penetrations for my throwback achievements. Later I went to bed and she woke me up in the morning. I was fearing that she might know of my fuck but she didn’t ask me.

Later I copied all the project files to her HDD and gave her KT and left her home bidding goodbye. After a year, I saw her WhatsApp status showing she delivered a healthy boy and calculated the time. It was exactly from the date I fucked her and understood that she got pregnant with my child and delivered it.

Recently I saw the photo of the boy, it had a resemblance to my face. I felt proud that I am not impotent and I could knock-up a beautiful lady. Thanks for reading my story. If you wish to pass any comment. Please write to [email protected]

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