A Mysterious Murder – Part 5

Please read the previous parts of this series to know what happened previously.

Hi XS readers. Hope all are good, couples having sex. Real life taboo people having secret relations and mostly the people who are single using their best buddy( their hands ) to satisfy their needs.

I’m back after a gap. Thanks to fans who kept in touch and people who wanted me to complete the story and write again. I dedicate this story and some more to follow to all the ISS-ians and the ISS team.

She asked him what he was doing at that time near her room at 4 in the morning. And he couldn’t stop staring at her boobs. She understood his intention and covered her boobs. He then woke up and said sorry. She said no need, good men like to enjoy the beauty when it is ripe and winked.

She looked at his protruding dick from the tracks and thought it was from her beauty. He was horny. She was wet from the cold shower she had. She was getting horny as it had been some time since she had sex with her husband. And yesterday Manas was fucking his mother which she knew and couldn’t help.

She, before anyone could see, dropped her towel and flaunted her assets to Jitu. He was dumbstruck. Fair skin, clean shaved pussy, and dangling boobs at the age of 45. He thought he was in a ride to fuck her. Before he could realize anything she held his protruding dick in her hand and pulled him.

He wore no inners as it was night time. She was strong for her age. She slapped him and pushed him on to the bed. He was caught off-guard. She sat on top of him and closed both hands and held him tight. She found a rope and tied his hands. She threw him out of the bed and made him kneel.

He was trying to get back to senses what was happening. She was about to kick him in the nuts and took her leg back and he shouted, “Wait.” He asked her why she was doing it. She replied that he thinks she is the murderer and came to arrest her. He said no, and asked her to calm down.

He said he saw her husband have sex with Anjali and Rajini. So he was horny and after looking at her dripping body. He was aroused to the core. She believed him and pushed him away. She got ready in front of him. She wore tight blue bra and panty and then slapped him for staring at her. She was stubborn.

Not an easy lady to bang. He was craving for pussy and told her about it. She said she is going to the temple. She told him not to reveal any of this to anyone and also about the mother son sex.

“Why do you think I married that idiot? It was for money that Ramaswamy offered me. He had no say in his life. And I couldn’t marry Ramaswamy so he made his son marry me. And we used to fuck at nights. One day he caught us and confronted and Ramaswamy was about to slap him.”

“Anajli had come in between and was hurt. Manas took her and went to the other room and they began to make-out. Manas fucks me whenever he feels as I’m his wife. Then goes to his mother when he feels I cheated on him with his father. And since Ramaswamy died I had no dick. I would have taken yours but not today, poor guy.”

She called Vaishali, and told her what all happened and to take care of him. She finished wearing the saree and left to temple and would be back by 10 am. Jitu was still hard and he had Vaishali in front of him. She picked him up and made him sit on the bed. He lost his erection.

He thought it had been 2 weeks and failed to get Swetha. And stuck with Vaishali who is 6 years younger. Vaishali went into the shower with her clothes on. She came out dripping and posed in various erotic postures. She started removing one piece at a time as she went closer to him.

She was in a red bra and panty as she came closer to him. She bent forward and looked into his eyes. He was getting aroused and this was pure sexual arousal. He was tied and sitting on the edge of the bed. She started moaning. He was getting sexually frustrated as he was tied.

He had an erection badly that he wants to fuck her. She cleaned her hair and came back looking into his eyes. She removed one strap out of her shoulder and then slowly the second. She turned around and showed him her booty. She took her left hand spanked her ass as though inviting him to fuck her.

She slowly slid her pant a little and showing him the ass crack. And then turned around and surprised him with a kiss. He was pleading to open his bonds. She didn’t speak a word and tore his shirt. She pushed him back on to the bed and kissed wildly. He was getting mad.

She turned around and removed her panty. She sat on his face as his hands were tied and enjoying what was happening. She struggled him for breath and he started licking her pussy with those tiny pubes which grew recently after being shaved. He was a pro at sucking and was hungry for sex.

He licked her so much that she started to orgasm soon. She wanted to move out of his grip but he held her with the bonds of his hands. She started jumping in ecstasy and there was no stopping. In other 1-2 minutes, she would have gone into trance. She held his erection as he was sucking her pussy.

When it went uncontrollable she hit the erection, it pained but he liked it. And released as this was way beyond to handle. She was in trance and started shivering and squirted, squirted so much that she wet the entire bed and even Jitu. She was shivering. Jitu thought this wouldn’t stop and pounced on her.

He started kissing her and held her by the head and put his body weight on her body and legs. After a few minutes, she calmed down and came to senses. She shouted on him bastard I would have died. And he smiled at her and asked how it was?

She was speechless and said, “I am your slave from today. It was just mind-blowing and amazing. I will return the favor.” She started sucking his dick. It was wet with pre-cum. She sipped it all. She moved the foreskin back and started licking the tip and gave a blowjob so wonderful.

He came very quickly and gave her mouthful of cum. She took everything and came to show him and drank it showing it to him. He was aroused. She got scissors and opened his bonds to the hands. He held her by her shoulders and took her to shower. They put hot water and started to kiss wildly.

They cleaned each other and kept kissing. He fingered her. He was semi-erect. They came out and took the sofa and sat there and kissed. She stopped and went down and kneeled in front of him and took his dick and started to suck it. He started squeezing those boobs and pinching the nipples.

They were soft and nice. She kept on squeezing and she kept eating him till he got his hardness back. He lifted her on to the sofa and made her into the Sofa-Surprise position. To describe it, Jitu was on his left knee to the ground lunge and Vaishali was resting on the sofa sidewards.

Her one leg perpendicular to Jitu’s dick and one leg over his thigh. He inserted his dick with force and pulled her bra out and gave a big stroke into her. And started to squeeze her boobs and pinch the nipples. He put his left middle finger into her asshole to wake her up and she screamed.

It was tough as his finger was being crushed. He removed it and started stroking. He gave slower and deeper strokes and she screamed. He then removed his dick from her and turned missionary and fucked so fast she cummed twice before he was about to cum.

And she fainted this time when he cummed. He was in pain as the semen burst out of his dick and he fell upon her. Both were struggling for breath. He removed his dick out of her and left her to sleep. And went to bed and slept. It was sunrise time and clocked 7 by the time everything was done.

It was 10:30 by the time Swetha arrived. She was mindfucked to see Vaishali asleep with satisfaction on her face and Jitu sleeping on the bed. The whole room smelled of cum as Vaishali squirted on the entire bed. Swetha was angry to see her bed was full of her squirt.

She sat on the chair and was thinking of the session they two had and started to get wet. Did Swetha think to have sex with Jitu? Who killed Ramaswamy? Seems like there is still a mystery left to be solved. Final part coming up. Wrapping it up finally with a bang bang.

Please share your feedback or discussion or anything you want to share with me. Email me at [email protected] I got certified in being a therapist, you can talk to me for more interesting sex-lives and how to spice it up. Waiting for your replies.

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