A Reason To Live: The Lifeline


I hope you had a great day. This is not my first story. Some of you might know me. I am Anand – 23, dark, short, medium built with an average dick. I am from Coimbatore currently settled in Bangalore.

This is the start of a new series. This is going to be written from a female perspective. The Hero of this story is Nirupama. This is a completely fictional story. Do read the disclaimer before reading the story.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary. The settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent anyone or any event in the real world. I have used real places, to make the experience more real.

The story involves bondage, emotional and physical abuse, humiliation, enslavement, and punishment. It involves a woman dominating and humiliating a man. If these concepts offend you in any way, please refrain from reading this story.

Let’s get into the story!

Hi, I am Nirupama, a single, short, dusky woman who is bisexual and loves to dominate. My life story filled with erotica is for another time. This story is something that happened very recently to me. So without further delay, let us jump into this story. Stay with me, bitches!

I always love cold, mist, breeze, and drizzle. A spot with all these would be my perfect weekend getaway. This week was no different. I was finally at Kodaikanal, one of the many hill stations known for its climate and breath-taking sights.

There was nothing pre-planned about this getaway. It all came together all of a sudden. The location of Kodaikanal away from all rustling in the city was a good feeling. My love for traveling alone complemented this sudden plan. It has been one day since I arrived in Kodaikanal.

After a day of relaxing amidst nature, today was supposed to be full of adventure. It was an adventure alright, but not the kind I was expecting it to be. I woke up around 5:30 in the morning and ordered coffee. I took the coffee and stood in my private balcony of the resort just wearing a top and panties.

My hair was made into a bun. As soon as I opened the door to my balcony, I felt the light breeze caressing which gave me instant goosebumps. It made my nipples hard and my pussy wet. I traced my nipples over my top with my right hand while holding the coffee in my left hand.

I could feel the waves of excitement it sent down to my pussy. I traced the way to my pussy sending strong waves of excitement as I further moved down. The slightest touch of my hand was enough to send me into a state of bliss. I just started fingering right there until it sent me over the edge and my coffee spilled.

It was just then I realized, I was holding coffee in my left hand. I called housekeeping and asked them to clean it. I got ready for a jog in this amazing climate. It was still dark, but I wanted to get my body worked up for the amazing adventures I had planned for the day.

After jogging for about 30 minutes, I stopped to catch my breath. I was panting. Well, the air in the mountains is a bit thin. By this time the sun was slowly coming up. There was not much crowd around me, so I started walking slowly. As I walked, I saw the beautiful sight of the sun coming up brightening the sky.

I walked towards it. It took me to an edge from where I could see the amazing sight. The sun was not fully up. There was just this red semi-circle spreading reddish rays all over the sky. Then I saw that odd thing.

There was this guy just staring into the nothingness in the opposite direction of the sunrise. It was odd that in such a lively space it seemed like he was dead, at least inside. He was in some kind of party dress, probably dressed for a wedding. I was not sure what I should do.

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I just walked towards him. As I came near, he turned around and saw me coming towards me. I could see he hasn’t slept the previous night, his eyes were red. He did not move and just stood there. I moved closer and asked him, “Hey, Are you ok?” He just stood there staring at me and started sobbing.

I further moved near to him and shook him and asked: “Is everything all right?”
He just said, “Tell my mom I am sorry.” He turned around and started running.
My instincts kicked in. I just caught his hand and pulled him back. He fell on his back and I just grabbed him and pinned his hand to the ground.

He started crying so hard. Tears started rolling down. He was not trying to break free. I realized he was more of a submissive. I just waited for him to calmed down. All I could hear was, ‘I am sorry’ – ‘I am sorry’ – ‘I am sorry’ in between his cry. After about 5 minutes, he calmed down and his cry reduced to sobs.

I got up and told him, “Follow me.” He was not hesitant, just got up and followed me. I was pissed off at him. But I could not leave him there as I was afraid that he would attempt suicide again. I, followed by him just walked to the road and rode the first auto we found to the resort.

I ordered room service for breakfast for two people. I poured him some coffee and told him to sit in the chair. I kept the filled coffee cup near him in the table and told, “Drink it.” He started drinking and I went to the bathroom to freshen up after the jog. It took me five minutes to come out.

He was still in the chair staring at the wall and the coffee still not finished. With a strong voice, I told him again, “Finish the coffee now.” He looked at me and met my stare. As he started to gulp down the now cold coffee, I moved to the balcony to make a phone call.

I called up the tourism agency and a sleepy voice greeted me, “Good morning mam, how may I help you?”
I said, “How about listening to what I have to say? Hmm!”
The reply was “Sorry mam, Can I know your name?”

I: “It’s alright, my name is Nirupama. I had booked an adventure package with your agency today in Kodaikanal. I will not be joining the trip, so the group does not have to wait up for me.”

Agency: “I am sorry, mam. We will not be able to refund your money as you are canceling in the last minute”
I: “I fucking don’t care about the money. This is just me informing you.”

Agency: “Sure mam, Please give me your number with which you have registered with us.”
I: “The number I am calling is the number I used. Just cancel my trip”
Agency: “Sure mam.”

I cut the call before he could finish the sentence. I was more pissed now. I never wanted my holiday to be spoiled by the suicidal maniac. Now that it is done, I cannot leave him out just yet so he could die after all this. I took some deep breaths and walked back into the room.

He was lost in his world. I just stood at a distance and observed him. It was only then I noticed, He was tall, maybe around 6 feet and not very lean. He was handsome and very fair with a stubble beard. But, he was lost and sobbing just staring at the wall.

I pulled a chair from the dining table and sat opposite him and asked: “So tell me what happened?”
He started tearing up, “Stop crying and tell me what happened.”

Now he swallowed the lump in his throat and started telling me about his story of a girlfriend from college until her marriage that happened the day before. By this time, the breakfast arrived. The room service set the breakfast in the table and left.

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I looked at him and with a smile, patted on his back and said: “It’s ok, Shit happens in life to everyone at least once. Come now, have breakfast – we will talk later.”

He: “I am not hungry.”
I: “Eat, now.”
More like I ordered him to do that. He just started eating it. I knew this was the only way to make him realize things.

I had to be the dominant one in this conversation. Well, that was the easy part, as I am a natural. I have to tell you this. I am barely over 5 feet. But have a fierce personality that radiates confidence. It gives me some kind of non-existent power over them an invisible web wherein I could control them in a way that they would never have imagined.

This is one quality that has kept me successful in this corporate world. I checked the time on my mobile. It was very early – just 8’o clock now. I was slowly eating my breakfast, not even taking a second to look at him. I finished up pretty quickly.

Then I looked up at him only to see he has only completed half of the sandwich. I stood up, lifted his chin using two fingers. I said, “Finish up and wash your face. You have five minutes,” and settled in the bed.

He was confused as to what was happening. But he quickly finished up and went into the restroom to freshen up. I could hear the water running. He took a little more than 5 minutes. When he came back, I said, “You are late.”
He: “Sorry, to keep you waiting.”

It surprised me. This guy is a natural submissive. I now guessed the reason for the breakup. The girl must have been submissive too. A girl usually never lets you know that she is a submissive. Sometimes they just want the guy to take charge in bed.

The problem with submissive guys is that they can’t take charge. They can please you well, but cannot take charge. When two such people come together, in due course of time the relationship is bound to be broken. I took a huge breath and got up from the bed.

I started talking to him about general life stuff. I told him, he is still young and there is still a lot of life left for him to live. He will find a girl who suits him well in due course of time.

He: “No mam, I cannot get over her, it is not easy. She is in my every breath. I could even smell her now. The bedsheet back in my place will still smell of her. I always made sure she was happy.”

He: “Even in bed I always made sure she was satisfied. I never forced her to do anything. How could she leave me? How will she even find someone as soft, sweet, and pleasing like me?”

I was surprised, he calls me mam, talks about pleasing people and how has he not realized it yet? How could he not know he is a submissive?

I replied, “She did not need a soft, sweet, and pleasing guy to be with her. She wanted someone strong, someone, who could take charge. Unfortunately, you could never do it. You could never be the man she wanted you to be.”

He: “I am exactly the way she wanted me to be.” He said in a soft-spoken tone.
I: “Exactly, you were just so busy pleasing her and never realized that she wanted to please you. She was a submissive you idiot and you are a pathetic excuse to be called a man.”

Tears rolling down his cheeks he said, “I am a man, how could you say that. I kept her happy in every way. Even in bed, I asked her every time we had sex, what she wanted me to do. I followed everything she told me to do.”
I laughed out hysterically.

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He said, “Stop laughing, it is not funny.” I could see the male ego coming out of him. I knew that was my cue. I moved closer to him, so close that he could sense my body near and looked in his eye.

I told him: “When your girl is a submissive, you should not ask you should order. You think you are a man born to rule women. I will show you your place you piece of shit.”

I caught his neck and pushed him in the bed. As he fell on the bed, I fell over him and pinned his hand to the bed. I look at his eyes and spit on his face. I knew he will try to break free. I locked his hands and his body with my leg and started slapping me. He was struggling to break free.

With every slap, I said, “Stop struggling,” and will spit on his face again. He slowly stopped struggling and started crying. I knew he was so close to breaking. I should break down that last wall now. “Stop crying now,” I said.

He slowly controlled his cry and it came to a stop in some time. I released him and asked him to get up. He stood up. I walked around him and settled in the bed. I looked at him and said: “Kneel!”

He was surprised and even hesitant at first. He looked at me blankly hoping that this was all a prank. All he got in reply was a dead stare. He knew the seriousness. Slowly, he gave in and knelt before me. My lips smiled a bit at my victory. He was almost there. I could feel all the power that I have over him.

I: “Do you want to die?”
He: “No, mam.”
Me: “Do you want to know the real you?”
He: “Yes mam.”

Me: “Why did you kneel?”
He: “Because you told me to.”
Me: “Why would you do what I tell you to do?”
He: “Because…Because… I want…”

Me: Say it!
He: “Because I want to make you happy.”

Just then he looked at me like an answer dawned on him. He just realized he wanted to please people. He wanted to make people happy in any way possible. He had clarity in his face.

Me: “Do you trust me?”
He: “Yes.”
Me: “What are you to me?”
He: “I am whatever you want me to be.”

There he was completely broken down waiting for me to tell him what to do?
I said, “Come now kiss my feet.”
Without hesitation, he just moved towards me on his knees. I just kissed my feet that were on the ground without lifting or touching it with hands. I was amazed. He was a natural submissive. He does exactly what we tell him to do!

Stay tuned for the continuation. Write to me at anand23dom @gmail.com about what you want him to do. I will try to include it in the story. I apologize for the long story. The plot was needed for all the erotica to come next.

Beware, I am not Nirupama (Fictional) – I am Anand currently in Bangalore. So guys keep your dicks to yourself. You all irrespective of gender can write to me to share your weirdest and darkest fantasies. All women and couples can reach out to me in my mail for any discreet relationship and sex chats.

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