A Sunday With A Cuckold XS Reader


Hi, guys, this is Sandy. I am a Sikh man of 35 years, happily married and residing in Gurgaon. This narration is not about an experience I had with an ISS reader and his wife.

This guy Vicky messaged me on hangout appreciating my previous stories and my command on the language. I thanked him for the same. We started generally chatting, during which he inquired if the story was true. To which I confirmed the story being true.

He also shared being in Gurgaon and is married with a daughter the same as mine. We then kept chatting and figured we were the same age. We kept in touch on hangout. We chatted about everything under the sky including our sex lives, etc.

He then proposed to connect on WhatsApp as the Hangout isn’t a convenient chatting platform. Soon we exchanged numbers and started chatting and sharing jokes. On 9 Jan 2020, we were generally chatting and he proposed an idea of exchanging pics.

I felt a bit skeptical but did so. I sent one of my pics. What I got in return was a couple of pics of him and his wife on the beach. I on the first look didn’t notice him because I couldn’t take my eyes off his wife. She was drop-dead gorgeous and in amazing shape.

I enquired about her and got to know that she was a yoga instructor in a famous Gurgaon studio. He then asked me about my wife. I clarified that I won’t be able to share my wife’s pic. She is not comfortable with this idea of going out of marriage nor does she like reading/watching erotic stuff.

I also clarified that if he was getting friendly with an idea of some couple setup, it wasn’t possible. We should stop it right here as I had mentioned when we started chatting and discussing our sex lives. And I bid good night. The next day I get a message from proposing to meet at a Starbucks close to my home.

After office, in the evening while on the way home I met him for a coffee. We then were generally talking about business, home, etc. He was asking a lot of questions and also asked me the home address. I didn’t give and got a little skeptical about his intentions.

But then out of nowhere, he started showing me his wife’s pics. Some were of her doing yoga and she also was a model for Indian gym wear online. Those pics with skimpy gym wear showing her perfect figure was getting me happy. He could see that spark and smile on my face while seeing them.

He then asked me isn’t she gorgeous? which all I could do was smile or rather smirk nodding my head in affirmation. Gradually he told me that he is not able to satisfy her because he cum before her. From the last 1 year, he hardly gets hard.

Even after medication and all the intimacy and sucking he doesn’t get hard enough to penetrate. I was just nodding and listening as I did not want to be anywhere close to being taken benefit of a couple in a problem. I proposed to introduce him to a friend who is a homeopathy doctor.

He then proposed to be a cuckold and I was in shock. He then spelled out that he has been fantasizing about it since long. He has even told his wife to make a boyfriend or get a guy. She had refused as she was very conservative and religious and loved him very much.

He told me a few days back while they were intimate he had to finger her wife. He was not happy about it. He then urged her to have a man to which she agreed. She asked him to find someone trustworthy, safe and clean. I then told him I have never been with a stranger like this. Let’s take it slowly.

He also agreed and told me that he had checked my company details. He has a common friend with my cousin. So he knows I have a good background which clears all fears of blackmail or hygiene. He then revealed that this meeting was to know my thoughts on a ‘No Strings Attached’ relationship with his wife.

I told him I won’t mind but there should be no cameras. There would be no man to man contact. I’m straight and am not comfortable with a man. He agreed, saying he would only be a spectator. He also told me that I shall have to stop if his wife is not comfortable or not do stuff she doesn’t want to or not to force her.

I told him that goes without saying, a lady’s word is final. We then bid good-bye and he told me he shall plan in a day or two. I told him Sunday as in 12/1/20 would be good. On Sundays I’m free and my wife was also going out. I also told him to ask his wife to connect on WhatsApp, so that the meeting is not awkward.

In the evening I get a message from an unknown number. “Hi, this is Swati. Vicky wants me to chat with you.” I messaged her back saying is it what Vicky wants or is it something you also want. To which I get an angle emoji with a message, “I’ve always loved and respected one. But after discussing something like this, I wouldn’t lie. But I also want this somewhere deep down.”

We then started chatting and I got to know a lot about her. She told me that she was satisfied with her marriage and she also got pregnant normally. But from two years Vicky has a problem with early ejaculation. Lately, he had issues with getting hard also due to anxiety.

She also expressed her concern about safety, secrecy. She told me that she does not want any sort of problem in her married or professional life. She told me that being in the fitness industry, she has had a lot of opportunities to be with guys. But she has been very loyal to Vicky and did not want any flings or issues.

We also shared pics of each other. She was very happy with my praising her and the fact that her hubby was ok with this NSA relationship. On 10 Jan, Friday evening Vicky made a group for three of us. He sent a pic of Swati in a bikini. Swati replied to delete and got angry saying she wasn’t a cheap woman.

Then I took the situation in my hand and explained to her that we just having fun. It’s just three of us and I also sent my pic on the beach in small trunks. Vicky then offered to meet on Sunday 12 Jan’20 at noon at their home for lunch and some games.

The next day we had a lot of jokes double meaning talks on the group. Swati was a sport and was a good part of the conversation. On Sunday I got a message from Swati saying good morning and asking what I’d like to have. I proposed getting food parcelled as she should just relax. She might have to work out post-lunch.

I got a wink from her and a smile from Vicky. By noon I got some good mutton, prawns, and fish parcelled with a bottle of rose champagne and reached there home. As I rang the bell, Swati opened the door. She was smelling awesome as she had just taken a shower and was still a little wet.

She was looking like a model in a t-shirt and tights. We wished and I handed her the bottle of champagne with food. She met me in the living room and offered me water. She told me that Vicky had gone to get some beer and would be back soon.

We sat there silently as it was the first time we were meeting and it was a bit awkward. Every second seemed to be a long one. It was then she offered me some dry-fruits. She bent while doing the same and caught me looking at her visible cleavage and smiled.

I complimented that she looks beautiful and she is incredibly great shape. She told me it was because of yoga and her job keeps her fit. The situation had got her a little relaxed and we started talking. She then brought some juice in 2 glasses and sat next to me served me the same.

I took a bold step and asked her I could kiss her as she was smelling and looking very inviting. She just smiled. I without wasting a second put the glass down and started kissing her lips. Within seconds my hands were in her top all over back and we were lost in a deep kiss.

My hands then moved to her navel and then I was kneading her boobs over the bra. She was moaning and trying to grasp air from our aggressive kissing. She even bit my lower lip which I found very arousing. We were lost in our world when we heard the doorbell ring. She freed herself, correcting her hair and clothes.

She opened the door and very innocently told Vicky that I just came. She served me juice and was about to call him. Vicky and I then shook hands and sat and started taking. Swati at that time got us beer mugs and poured us some beer. We started chatting.

I figured that these guys had a very simple and humble living. Vicky was working as an executive in a company and Swati helped him financially with her yoga thing. They had a 6-year-old daughter whom they had sent to their parents’ place in Delhi for one day.

We kept chatting and on the refilling of drinks, I asked Swati to have some drink. She said she wasn’t a beer person. So I offered her the champagne I had bought. I told her it was Moët & Chandon rosè champagne and one of the finest. They had never had champagne before so they did not have glasses.

I told her to get any glass and opened the champagne in one go. She seemed amused and impressed as I poured the champagne in three glasses. We then cheered at good times and started drinking. Swati, in the meantime also served snacks I had got.

We were sitting on the round table and Swati was sitting next to me. Vicky was busy eating and drinking while I kept my hands on Swati’s thighs. I started rubbing and going higher. She slowly removed my hand and nodding her head hinted me not to do. I again did and started rubbing her pussy.

She hinted me to stop. After two rounds of drinks as Swati went to keep plates back, I moved the topic to sex with Vicky. He said to wait and take it slow so Swati isn’t comfortable. But little did he know that I had already had a taste of her wildness and wetness.

He went to the kitchen and I could hear them whispering. I saw Swati innocently smiling and nodding. We all were sitting on the sofa when Vicky offered to move to the bedroom. Once in the room Vicky asked me to be a gentleman and sat on the couch.

I went to Swati and started kissing her. She responded but was not as wild as she was earlier. I guessed it was because of her husband being on our side. I sensed the tension and then parted. I went to Vicky, requesting him to pour himself the leftover wine and finish it and come.

I explained that she won’t be comfortable if you sit here like this. Once she is hot and in the act then you can sit and enjoy your show. As he moved out, I pulled Swati hard. She let a cry out with a naughty smile and said thanks. I could see a spark in her eyes.

I then started where I left and we were kissing all over. She started biting my lips, face, and neck. She opened my shirt and moved to my chest and tummy. Kissing and biting me all over as she was fighting to open my belt and jeans. In no time she was in her knees with my denim and boxers dropped down.

In came Vicky, he seemed to be amused with the fact that in a fraction of time. There was Swati on her knees playing with my hard-on. As he looked at me I just winked at him and smiled. As Swati sensed Vicky’s presence, she hesitated a bit. But I caught her head and pushed my dick in her mouth.

She then enjoyed it to the fullest. She continued giving me a deep licking me all around, taking my balls in her mouth. All in all, a great blowjob. I felt myself nearing to an orgasm. I exclaimed she started sucking harder and allowing me to cum in her mouth. She drank to the last drop of it.

I then pulled her up and started removing her clothes. I got her in black lingerie and started playing with her. Then removed her bra and there they were perfect 32b size firm breast with small and erect nipples. I sucked and played with them and she was moaning and trembling.

I moved to her navel and then to her net panty. I got close to pussy she started moving. I figured she had never been sucked down there as Vicky said enjoy your first time. I kissed all around her thighs and licked by the side of her panty. I slowly took off her panty and licked her clean-shaven glory hole.

I started licking and tongue fucking her. She started moaning and trembling on the bed. She dug her nails on my shoulders and enjoyed it to the fullest. In no time came heavily squeaking and moaning loudly. She pushed me off and gasped for air and took her time to come to normal senses.

I was hard again and rolled a rubber by then. I put her legs on my shoulders and entered her deep. She was smiling and moaning and loving the pounding. I kept humping her in that position for 10 minutes. She was again cumming and was moaning. I then asked her to turn and we started doggy style.

She was all wet as she had already come. We fucked for another 10 minutes or so and she was getting tighter. I could sense another orgasm building. I was also about to come. I just increased my speed and both of us were fully covered in sweat. The pushes were making wet pumping sound.

We both then came at the same time and lah there nude in each other arms. We both were in each other arms hugging and lying. We just forgot that Vicky was there watching us. Then Swati just kissed me on the lips and ran to the bathroom. Vicky had gone out or after her.

I then got up and cleaned and wore my clothes. As I came out of the room, Vicky was sitting in the living room and offered me a beer. He then told me that Swati loved it and was fully satisfied and is shy to come out. I just had my beer and asked for a leave.

It was then Swati came out dressed in hotpants and a t-shirt to bid me goodbye. Vicky came to drop me to the car and told me that things should not go out and also said thanks. He said he’ll ask Swati and plan again sometime. I also told him that it was great and left.

Later that night I got a message from Swati telling me how much fun she had. She was very happy to have met me and that she could not be so expressive in front of Vicky as it was very awkward for her. She also said she’d love to meet me again soon.

So, guys, this was a true narration that happened just a few days back. Please feel free to chat/comment/contact me on [email protected] I hope you guys liked this one as much you liked the last one.

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