AC Installation That Didn’t Happen – Part 3

Urvashi slowly walked towards her apartment. The 3 pair of eyes never left her body. She was cursing herself under the breath and was thinking about going back to her car when one of the 40 years old spoke.

“Good Evening, madam. Myself Subbarao. This is my colleague Gajendra and our helper Bunty. Thank you for trusting and allowing us to complete the job today itself”.

Subbarao had a poker face. His professional smile never left the face and he was directly looking in to Urvashi’s eyes. Gajendra was literally eating her through his eyes whereas Bunty had the wild expressions on straight face. His eyes were all red like he was boozing and was looking scary.

By this time Urvashi got very much uncomfortable. “Mr. Rao, I was thinking I can wait till the holidays are over. Anyways, I was getting late to a party. Maybe you can leave and come back wherever you are back in Bangalore”.

“What the hell do you think of us? We have already wasted a lot of time. Now, because you have to attend some party, we should just leave?”, Bunty snarled.

Sensing the anger building up in Bunty and as Urvashi was about to raise her voice, Gajendra interjected. “Shut up Bunty. Where are your manners? I will make sure the store manager knows about how you are talking here to our esteemed customer. Say sorry to madam”. He then turned towards Urvashi and smiled cunningly.

“Madam, please. I apologise to you on his behalf”, Subbarao said, taking Urvashi to one corner.

Urvashi didn’t realize how Subbarao held her upper arm and took her to the corner, “accidentally” brushing his fingers on her right breast.

“He is just 19, joined last month only. His mother has passed away and elder sister was fucked in paddy fields by four upper caste boys. She later on transferred to their farm house.

When he went to get her released, one of the four men made his sister sit on his lap in front of him and inserted his hand under her skirt. He then demanded 50,000 rupees for the release. Since then, he is working in double shifts to earn the money. Please forgive him.”

Urvashi glanced at Bunty for a second who along with Gajendra, was literally ogling at the side view of her breasts and smooth white waist. Since the light was a bit dim in the corridor, she didn’t notice the bulge in their pants.

She turned back to Rao and said, “I understand Mr. Rao, but I am not going to tolerate this behaviour the second time. If this happens again, it will be the apartment complex’s security talking to him the next time and he is not going to like it”.

“Thank you very much, madam. You don’t worry at all. I will explain him in detail. Please let us get inside and finish the job. You won’t feel sorry, trust me” Rao said with a fake sweet smile and glittering eyes.

Urvashi knew she was a strong, brave and confident woman. She was always full of confident since her college days and never scared of anyone. In her company where she started her career at the age of 22, she was employed for the past 10 years. Even her management is pretty impressed by this quality of hers.

Once her division head was scolding one of her team members for showing up late in the meeting. This team member got stuck in traffic. The division head was giving him earful and since he was burning with rage, nobody dared to stop him.

Urvashi was the only who in a very firm and confident tone told the head to keep his voice down and treat the team member with respect. She got in to a heated argument with him but came out victorious. Since then, some of her office colleagues started calling her “Jhansi ki Rani”.

But today, standing in this dress in front of these blue collared men was making her a bit nervous. She wanted to run in the house and put on something as soon as possible and at the same time, wanted these men to leave.

She was still battling in her mind when her phone suddenly rang. It was Sonal. She picked up the phone and walked a bit farther from the men. “I am really sorry, Sonal. I was about to leave for your party when something showed up. Please give me some time. I will be there as soon as I can”, Urvashi said quickly.

“Relax Urvashi, all okay with you?”. Sonal asked. “Yea Sonal, I am all ok, nothing to worry, just some work came up”, Urvashi replied.

“I actually called you up to let you know that we have to postpone the party. Rajiv and Ria were on their way to the party when their car met an accident with another car. Some drunk bastard was driving it and in an heated exchange, he and Rajiv exchanged the punches.

He also tried to grab Ria and kiss her. Both of them have gone to get some bandage done. Since Rajiv was in charge of the booze, we cannot have this party today. Have to shift it some other day. I am really sorry for this late notice”.

Urvashi was all baffled hearing this and was looking at herself from top to bottom. She maintained her calm and told Sonal not to feel sorry and that her work anyways will take time.

She was actually a bit relaxed now that she didn’t have to stay confused. She decided to get the AC installed.

While walking towards her apartment, she revisited her strategy. The moment she open the door, she will rush to her bedroom and put on her mother-in-law’s shawl and will attend to these guys after that.

She carefully reached her apartment where all 3 of them were waiting for her. Gajendra’s breathing was undoubtedly heavy and Bunty’s eyes were looking more red. Rao was standing there with a neutral face. She inserted the key in the door lock and turned to open the apartment.

To be continued.

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