Adding Kink To Our Sex Life


Hello readers, I am Suraj, 35 years old and my wife is Sneha aged 29 years. Yes, we have a big age gap. I am a new writer wishing to detail very true details of my kinky life. Some names have been changed for privacy reasons. Let’s get to the story.

(Warning: This story is going to be long and will be in parts. It has elements of kink, taboo, gay, bisexuality, and wife sharing.)

I and my wife have been married for the past 10 years and this all began 2 years ago. It was me who pushed my wife to this and convinced her to sleep with a bull who would dominate her and me.

I am a salesman and my wife Sneha is a typical housewife. I am 5.6ft average 65 kg weight and my wife is 5.3 ft 55 kg. She is fair, has a very curvy 34d-32-40 figure and juicy red lips with light brown eyes and hair. Our sex life was good in the beginning later it got spoiled due to kids.

Now everything between us has gotten boring. I started watching and enjoying a lot of porn. I was attracted to cuckold and wife sharing porn videos. I read about other people’s experiences and imagined it happening to me and my wife. My wife was really good in bed but got busy with the kid.

She too had her kinks which I was unaware till we met Rocky. I met Rocky through an online website called Mewe where I had made an account. Many people shared their fantasies and even uploaded pictures of their wives. Couples uploaded pictures of having fun with others and singles uploaded their pictures.

I spoke to many single guys out of which I struck a chord with Rocky. He was a sweet gentleman who respected me in our chat. He showed me his pictures and we also video called each other. He was a 6ft muscular guy with a nice 7.5 inch black circumcised cock.

I had an uncut cock and there is something about a cut cock, to be honest. I loved his pictures and his cock. I showed Rocky our couple pictures. After looking at my wife he said that he wants to have fun with her. Of course, I was so excited and super hard thinking about how he would ravage my wife.

I told him that my wife doesn’t know about this and he offered to help me. We video called each other after sharing numbers to confirm to each other that we are not fake. The best part was we lived in the same city. So we decided to meet first and discuss a detailed plan on how he would trap my wife.

A stranger is way better than a known person for privacy and safety reasons. Also no gossips within your circle. Rocky had asked me to meet him outside his gym which was an hour away from my office. I left the office early and informed my wife that I had a meeting and would be coming home late.

I rode my Activa near his gym and called him. He came with his sunglasses on and looked pumped lifting weights. He was dark, handsome, not a model type but good looking. You can say above average. I waved at him, he recognized me from video chats.

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He said that we would take a drive in his car and discuss all the details. I agreed and followed him to his car. He started driving and started asking details about my wife. To all his questions my answers were that “My wife has been brought up in a conservative environment.”

“But living in Mumbai with me has made her a little more open. She dresses in sarees but also tries western clothing. She loves spa and pampering herself. She is into music, traveling, dancing and adventure.” This way I tried to encompass her personality to Rocky.

Rocky then parked his car on an empty road and asked if I could show him my wife’s pictures. I showed a few of her pictures in saree when she was going for a wedding, in her gym clothes, her vacation pictures, etc. Now Rocky’s eyes were glued to my wife and he was enjoying my wife’s pictures.

What I noticed immediately was a huge bulge in his pants. My eyes were glued to that and later I pointed it out. He said if I wanted to check if it was a real deal. I said sure. He popped his dick out by pulling his shorts and his dick sprang out. I was taken aback. When I saw in real life it was too good.

Me: Wow, Rocky it’s quite big ya, I don’t know if it will fit in my wife’s pussy.

Rocky: It will, I will make it happen, looks like you like my dick.

Me: Hehe yes I do, dear, I haven’t seen one so huge and juicy in my whole life.

Rocky: Hehe thanks dear, it’s your fault you showed me your wife’s picture and now I am hard. Now you take care of it.

Me: Really?

Rocky: Just kidding but do you wanna touch and see if it’s real?

I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. I grabbed it. It was amazing holding this guy’s cock. He continued looking at my wife’s pics and I continued to play with his cock. He didn’t say anything. Later he just placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled it towards his big cock on which my eyes were glued.

We both didn’t say anything. I started kissing his cock imagining how my wife would do it. It was veiny, throbbing and since he had worked out his dick smelled. But I loved that smell and I know my wife would love it too. I sniffed his dick, kissed it, and started giving licks.

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Rocky didn’t say a word. He was busy with my phone. I popped his dick in my mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. It was then he let out a few subtle moans. I started giving him head like I was my wife and imagined her so I thought this can’t be gay.

I started revolving my tongue on his large mushroom dick head and his moans became a little louder. I felt proud and happy. I suddenly hear pings on my phone. It turns out he was chatting with my wife. After hearing pings I sit up and try to look at the screen.

I see he is pretending to be me and writing naughty things to my wife to which my wife was sending emojis. He asked her to send her pictures in panty and show her cleavage and she did. Rocky looks at me and slaps me hard on my cheeks.

He said, “Why the fuck did you stop? Don’t you know reading someone’s private messages is bad manners? Get back to work, bitch.” I kept my knees on the passenger seat and put my head in his lap where it was earlier and where it was supposed to be.

I thought I was his bitch. Then I told myself that my wife was. I liked how manly and dominating he was which is something I have failed to be. I continued sucking his sexy hot dick. After 5 minutes my phone started ringing. It was my wife, he asked me to talk to her.

I was getting up and was about to sit when he restrained me. He said to keep sucking and talk to my wife. He received the call and put it on the loudspeaker.

Wife: Hey honey are you okay? What’s gotten into you such sexy messages?

Me: I was just feeling horny, dear.

Wife: Aren’t you supposed to be in a meeting?

Me: Yes, it got canceled and the boss gave another assignment so I am in the office and everyone’s left.

Wife: You naughty!

Me: Hehe. (I am giving licks on his dick and talking to my wife)

Wife: Okay I am wet now come home and fuck me.

Me: I will be coming late, dear, I am sorry.

Wife: You are such an idiot, then y talk to me like this and make me wet.

Me: But what I am doing is important and for you only. (I said while giving Rocky’s dick small sucks.)

Wife: What’s that noise?

Me: Oh, that’s nothing just I am slurping coke.

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Wife: Will you have dinner?

Me: No, I am sorry.

Wife: Okay bye then.

Me: love you ( I make kissing sound while kissing Rocky’s cock.)

The wife ends the call. Rocky chuckles and snatches the phones. He checks out my wife’s pictures in black panty and bra. I start sucking harder. He keeps his one hand on my soft ass and starts squeezing it. His cock veins expand and I know that he is about to come.

I try to get away from it and he pushes my head on his dick and cums inside my mouth. I tasted the cum it was delicious and cummed heavily. I gulp it down and give a lot of licks to his balls and get up. He starts gasping a little bit and then puts his package back.

I ask for a tissue paper to which he replies just lick it. I gather the cum with my fingers which are on my chin and lips and eat his remaining cum.

“Now discuss how I will fuck your wife.”

We discuss and come to the following points. I will introduce him as a friend from a different city who wants to open an office here. He will live in our guest bedroom just next to ours. I will deprive my wife of any sex for 4 weeks.

Since my daughter was 5, we will either make her sleep or send her to my mother in law. We will drink alcohol and party a bit to relax with my wife. It was my duty to prepare her to look on that day.

Since Rocky would stay with us for a few days he will get many days to try and seduce my wife Since my wife likes spa and self-pampering. One of the days Rocky will offer her his massage to both of us, out of which he will put all his focus on Sneha.

There were many other hot things we discussed. In the next story, I will tell you how Rocky seduced my wife and made her his slut. Please let me know how I did? Send your reviews, hot comments on my wife or your dick pictures, everything is welcome. My id: [email protected]

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