Affair With Bangalore Housewife – Part 5


Hi friends. First of all, apologies for the long delay. Unfortunately, I got busy with some personal issues. Anyhow, I am here with the 5th part of the story, ‘Affair With Bangalore Housewife’. Those who haven’t read the earlier parts, please do so now so that you can enjoy this part completely.

Sonia had finally fixed our plans for the upcoming night. My next day passed with great anxiety. Throughout the day, I was just thinking about meeting Sonia in the night. Every hour was passing like a day because I was not even allowed to talk to her.

In the evening, I went shopping and bought some nice clothes for the occasion. I got ready, and around 9’o clock I left my room. I reached the medical shop and asked for KS. The guy smiled and gave me a packet of Kamasutra condoms.

I quickly got into an auto, and within half an hour, I was outside her building. My heart was beating fast. It was still 10 minutes to 10. I gave her a call, and she picked up. I told her I am outside her building.

She replied – Oh, god. You are here already. Come inside quickly.

I entered the building and reached her flat. Looked like she had just taken a bath. Her hair was wet and open. She said she needed some time to get ready and asked me to sit on the sofa in the hall.

I sat on the sofa, and she quickly entered the bedroom and locked it from inside. I sat there waiting with great impatience. Finally, after 15-20 minutes, she called me from inside – Rohan, please come.

My heart started beating fast, and I proceeded towards the bedroom. I opened the door. She was standing near the dressing table. I quickly closed the door and again turned towards her.

Her king-size bed was covered with rose petals. There were candles lit up on all corners of the room, and there were dim lights on the ceiling. It was a perfect ambiance for a wedding night.

And then, there she was wearing a bridal satin nighty. She had put light makeup. She had tied her hair loose, and in that purple nighty, she was looking like a queen.

With great excitement, I moved towards her. I pulled out a box from my pocket and sat on one knee in front of her. I opened the box. It was a diamond ring. She was amazed to see that. Then I proposed to her- Will you be mine for tonight?

She got emotional, and her eyes became a little wet. She looked at me, smiled, and nodded her head. I took her hand in mine. I put the ring on her finger and then planted a kiss on her hand. Then we stood up and came closer. I brought my face closer to her, and she closed her eyes in anticipation.

I just gently touched her lips with mine. But the effect was electric on both of us. We could no longer keep away and hugged each other. Oh god! What a feeling it was. The nightly she was wearing was so soft, and I could feel every curve of her body. She wanted to hug me tight, and I did exactly that.

I then put my lips on hers, and this time she was also not too shy. I started drinking honey from her lips, and our tongues rolled into each other. Yet again, I tasted her saliva, which was just amazing. My hands were rolling all over her. The touch of her soft body under that satin nighty was just mind-blowing.

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I pulled her closer and hugged her so tight that an “Ouch” came out of her mouth. She blushed and, with a smile, lowered her eyes. Her cheeks were red like Kashmiri apples by now.

Then she said- Hum log yahin khade rahenge kya? (Will we keep standing here?)

I replied – Of course not, jaan. This is our wedding night, and the place where we should be is that bed. Jaan, you are so sweet. How well you have prepared this room, just like a suhagraat room.

She wanted to move towards the bed, but in a sudden move, I lifted her in my arms. God, she was heavy, but somehow, I managed to lift her. I laid her on the bed, and both of us were laughing.

I laid alongside her. She came closer to me and kissed me on my cheek and said- You are so romantic.

We again hugged. I took her in my arms and brought her over me. She was soft like silk, and I was feeling her soft body with my hands all over. Our lips got locked. What a passionate kiss it was!

We were sucking each others’ lips, and our tongues were rolling into each other. Then I came over her, and like this, we were rolling from this end to another end of the bed. After around 5 minutes, we broke our kiss.

I said- Oh, Sonia. You are so beautiful.

Sonia- Only beautiful?

Me- Beautiful, adorable, romantic, sexy, and what not, jaan!

S- Yeah, that is why I still have all my clothes on. (she gave a naughty smile)

It was an indication she wanted me to undress her. Without any delay, I removed the outermost gown of her nighty. Her arms were bare now. I could see a little of her cleavage. She was wearing her mangalsutra. She removed it and kept that aside.

We then again hugged, and I started kissing her all over. On her cheeks, lips, neck, and arms. Her arms were white as snow. They were fleshy and sexy as hell, and I kissed them again and again. I turned her around, and now her back was towards me.

I could see her huge bums poking outwards from the nighty. It was a sight to watch. I could not stop myself. I started kissing her neck, then came down to her back and then finally to her big poking ass. I put my hands on them and started kissing and biting from over the nighty.

They were so soft. Sonia was getting excited, and I could tell that by the movement of her body. She pulled me over her and started sucking my lips, and I hugged her tight.

S- I am still feeling very hot.

We naughtily smiled, looking at each other.

I said- Even I am feeling hot now.

She smiled and removed my clothes. I only had my underwear on now. Then I removed her nighty. She was just left in her undergarments now. She was lying there, and I was looking at her body. She was lying there with just her bra and panties on. The pair of this bridal bra and panty was also very sexy.

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Her breasts were, of course, huge, and the bra was covering only half of her boobs and the nipples. She was snow white. The maroon color panty was v-shaped, and she had closed her legs as she was feeling shy. For 5 minutes, I was just looking at her beautiful and sexy body sitting there, doing nothing.

Finally, she broke the silence- Kya hua janu. Saari raat dekhte hi rahoge kya? (What happened. Will you just keep looking the whole night?)

Me- I wish I could do that. Your body looks so beautiful as if some artist has crafted it from marble stone.

She blushed at that praise. Then she held my hand and pulled me closer to her. We lay side by side and hugged each other, and for the first time, our bare bodies were touching. I can not express that feeling in words. She was like silk. We locked our lips, and my hands started feeling her silky body all over.

After a while, I was on top of her, and I started kissing her all over. Her cheeks, lips, shoulders, arms, and neck. I was lying on top of her, and our skins were kissing each other. I then shifted a little way down and started kissing below her throat.

I kept going down until I reached the valley that was formed by those 2 big mountains. I looked at her. She smiled and said, “Why don’t you remove this hurdle?” I smiled back and unhooked her bra. Within a second, her big melons were naked and out in the open.

Oh my god! I knew her boobs were huge, but I could never have thought that they were this huge. If you would like to see how big her melons were, I suggest you search for ‘Nadine Jansen’ on google. Sonia’s boobs were just like hers in both shape and size.

I was stunned to see their hugeness and beauty. They were too big that even my both hands could not cover even one of them. She was smiling at my condition. Then she held one of my hands and put it on one of her huge boobs. It was electrifying.

Those huge round and soft meatballs were so beautiful that in no time, my both hands were on them. I was now feeling them gently pressing them. Her dark black nipples were poking out and touching and fondling them was in itself an experience.

I then put both hands on her right boob and started squeezing it hard. I took its nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it. Sonia started to moan. I increased the pressure of my hands and started to bite softly on her nipples. Sonia was very aroused by now.

Sonia- Eat them janu. They are all yours.

One by one, I made love to her both boobs and her boobs and nipples turned red due to my excessive biting and sucking.

She smiled and said, “You seem really hungry. See what you have done to my boobs. They have turned red from white.

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I replied- But I am thirsty as well, jaan.

She shyly said- Then what are you waiting for? Go down and quench your thirst as much you want.

I started going down, kissing her all through my way. Her legs were long, fleshy, and milky white. I was mesmerized by their beauty and started feeling them with my hands and lips. After that, I folded her legs and opened them. And there it was. Her sexy maroon panty.

Oh god! It had such a big wet spot in the center. My lovemaking to her boobs had got her really excited. I entered between her legs and started looking at her panty and that wet spot. Her milky fleshy inner thighs and the wet panty which looked like swollen at the center were inviting me so badly.

But I was mesmerized by that sight and kept looking. Finally, she said, “Come on, janu.” I put both hands on the side of her panty, and she adjusted herself by lifting her butts. I pulled the panty out of her legs and opened it.

Oh god, it was so wet from inside. I sniffed over her panty and then kissed at the wet spot, and while doing so, I looked into her eyes. Sonia blushed and lowered her eyes.

I kept the panty aside and again got back between her legs. But now she was not opening them. I tried to pull them apart, but she was feeling very shy in opening them.

I looked at her and said- Jaan, I m thirsty. Please give me access to that honeypot of urs.

She said- Mujhe bohut sharm aa rahi hai. (I am feeling very shy.)

I came up and hugged her, and locked my lips with her. She was completely naked now. I only had underwear on which was making a big tent due to high excitement. As we hugged, I could feel her fully naked softness while she could feel the touch of the tent in my underwear.

Our bodies were now mingled completely, our lips were locked, and we were rolling on the bed from one end to the other. Then I came over her and started fondling and squeezing and kissing and biting and sucking on her boobs and nipples.

Sonia moaned. I kept making love to her boobs until she said, “Ok, janu, ok. You may go down now.”

That was what I had been waiting for! What did I do after that? You can read it in the next part. But don’t forget to give your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

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