Affair With Bangalore Housewife – Part 6 (Final Part)


Hi friends. This is the final part of this series, ‘Affair With Bangalore Housewife’. Those who haven’t read the earlier parts, please do so now so that you can enjoy this final part completely.

Sonia was moaning. I kept making love to her boobs until she said, “Ok, janu, ok. You may go down now.” I slipped down between her legs. She had lifted and folded her legs. Finally, what I had in front of me was the beautiful, mesmerizing site of her beautiful wet pussy.

I was kind of hypnotized by that sight. It was so beautiful, pinkish white. It was big and swollen. Its length was going down towards her ass. Its lips were so tightly locked that no one could say she is the mother of a kid. It was wet and especially very wet at the opening.

Five minutes passed, but I was still totally lost in seeing its beauty.

S- The way you are looking at it is making me feel so shy. You are melting me with your eyes.

She smiled and closed her eyes, and I kept looking at her pussy. As I kept looking at it, it was getting wetter. I knew Sonia wanted me to drink all that wetness. I brought my face closer to it. I wanted to tease her, so I kissed her inner thighs.

Ufff, how soft and sensitive she was on those spots. One after another, I kept kissing her inner thighs. Slowly minimizing the distance between my kisses and her pussy. She was moaning and could not take that teasing anymore. She held my face in her hands and then guided my face and then put my lips on pussy.

That wet touch was heavenly. It was a sudden and strong kiss. She gave a big moan, and my lips became wet with her pussy juices. I raised my face and looked at her. Within a flash of a second, she put my lips back on her pussy. She moaned, “Janu, please don’t stop now. Quench your thirst completely.

I then started giving strong kisses on her pussy, and she started moaning loudly. I then took her whole pussy in my mouth and started rolling my tongue all over it. It was so wet and slippery. She went mad with pleasure and said, “Oh, janu, keep licking my pussy like that.”

I then locked her pussy with my lips with even greater strength. My hands were now on her boobs. Her hands were on my head, and her fingers were running through my hair. Her body was waving like a swimming fish, and the bedroom was echoing with her loud moans.

I rolled my tongue and inserted it deep into her pussy while sucking her pussy’s lips with my lips. As my tongue touched the inner walls of her pussy, she got an electric shock.

“Oh god, are you going to kill me today with that tongue? Fuck my pussy with your tongue.”

As I started fucking her pussy with my tongue more deeply and vigorously, she was out of control. I was playing with her boobs with my hands. And my tongue and lips were fucking her pussy very hard. She was on cloud 9.

“Fuck my pussy with your tongue deeper and deeper. I will cum, janu. Aah, eat my pussy, janu, eat my pussy.”

Then I removed my hands from her boobs. With the right hand, I inserted two fingers in her pussy. while with my left hand, I spread her pussy lips wide, exposing her clitoris, which was swollen. I started to finger fuck her pussy and licking her clitoris with the tip of my tongue and sucking it with my lips.

She went mad. She started playing with her boobs while her one hand was still over my head. I kept licking and fucking her pussy like that for 5 minutes. Her moans grew louder and louder. She then removed my hands and put both her hands on my head.

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She lifted herself a bit and looked at me. Then with full force, she filled her pussy in my mouth and said, “Eat my pussy. Yeah, lick it suck it. Eat it. I am cumming.” Her moans were exciting to me like hell. I started to lick and eat her pussy even more passionately.

She almost screamed with a loud moan and fell back on the bed. A stream of juices oozed out from her pussy. I drank that all by licking on her pussy. But after a while, she stopped me as her pussy was being too sensitive to be touched. Her breaths were heavy.

Her boobs were rising and falling so fast and hard. Her face was red, and her body was shaking like an ocean wave. I came up and laid close to her and watched her enjoying the hard orgasm. She had just had. Yes. She came and came very heavily.

It took her around 5 minutes to come back to normal. She turned towards me. With a smile on her face, she hugged me tight and said, “You are a magician. This was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life.”

Saying that she locked her lips with mine, and we smooched rolling on the bed for 5 minutes or so. We broke the kiss, and she looked at me with naughty eyes and said, “It’s my turn now. You just lay back and relax.”

She slipped down towards my legs. I knew what she was up to. I opened my legs and gave her easy access. She looked at the tent in my underwear and said, “Looks like someone is caged.” And with a naughty smile on her face, she pulled my underwear down and threw it away.

My hard cock popped out like a spring. It was excited like hell and was erected to its full length of 8 inches. Sonia exclaimed, “It’s such a beautiful cock. Long and hard. Shining in its full glory.”

She didn’t take long to put her hands on my hard cock. She grabbed it in her right palm and said, “It feels so good to take it like that in my hands. Such an amazing feeling it is!” Then she put both hands on my cock and started feeling and stroking it slowly with both her hands.

Her hands were soft like roses, and it felt like I am in heaven already.

I said, “Your hands are soft like flowers, jaan. Feeling so good.”

She said, “Close your eyes janu, please.

I closed my eyes and waited to see what she was up to. Suddenly, I felt something wet and warm on dick. Oh god. She just licked my cock with her tongue along its length, from bottom to top I saw her, and she was giving me naughty looks.

She said, “How was it?”

I replied, “Let me close my eyes again. Show me heaven.”

She smiled and bent again over my cock. I closed my eyes, and next second, my cock was inside her mouth. It was so soft, so warm and so wet inside there. Her lips and tongue were slowly running up and down along the length of my cock. She was sucking it like a lollypop

She stopped for a bit and looked at me, “Oh janu, it’s wonderful. I have never enjoyed cock sucking so much.” As she went back to sucking my cock, I was enjoying it. She was trying to take it fully in her mouth. But she was unable to because of the length and thickness of my cock.

While sucking it, she had got it fully wet with loads of her saliva, and she was licking it with her tongue up and down. It was wonderful. I was giving moans of pleasure now, and this was exciting her further. Then I put my hands on her head and started moving my hips slowly up and down.

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She got mad with that motion and said, “Yeah, fuck me in my mouth. Come on, fuck me.” I held her head tight and started moving my hips faster and harder. She was enjoying it, and my cock was almost touching her deep throat now.

I kept fucking her like that nonstop for 10 minutes. She could not take it any further and left my cock and took a deep breath. She was breathing heavily now I came closer to her and hugged her. I held her boobs in my hands and smooched her.

Her breath became normal, and she asked me to stand up. I stood up on the bed, and she sat on her knees. My cock was now touching her lips. She kissed my cock and said, “Please continue.” Then she took the whole cock in her mouth and put my hands on her head

I started fucking her again, and this time it was even harder fuck than before. The whole room was echoing with the sound of fucking in her mouth. For almost 10 minutes, I kept fucking her nonstop. Then I said, “Stop, otherwise I will cum.”

Without leaving my cock, she signaled with her eyes to continue and started moving her mouth even more vigorously. There was no stopping then. I went full throttle and kept fucking her nonstop

And then it happened. I came very heavily and shot my load in her mouth. She didn’t leave my cock and kept drinking all the cum while I ejaculated. Until the last drop, she kept my cock in her mouth. Only after I was fully empty, she left my cock. She drank every drop of it.

I fell on the bed, exhausted, and she came and lay down by my side, hugging me. She smiled and said, “My janu is exhausted. Let me get some refreshments for you.” She wore her outer nighty gown and walked out. I laid there waiting for her to return.

After 10 minutes, I saw her bringing in some wine and ice, and a few items to eat. I sat resting my back against the bed and said, “Why are you taking so much trouble preparing all this?”

She smiled, “Why not? It’s our suhagraat, after all.”

She poured wine in two glasses and gave one glass to me. Cheers. We drank wine, gossiped, and ate for a while before I finally removed her gown and made her naked again.

I hugged her tightly again, and we locked our lips. As I came on top of her, I felt her hand on my cock. She whispered, “Its hard again.”

I smiled, “I think the wine is working on it.”

She looked into my eyes with horny looks and held my cock in her hand and started stroking it slowly. I touched her pussy with my hand. It was so wet and ready for the mating. I said, “Let me wear the ks.”

She said, “No I need to feel its skin inside me.” Saying that she held my cock and put it over her pussy. She started rubbing it over her pussy lips and opening. I could not take it anymore. I adjusted myself and put my cock’s tip on her pussy’s opening.

She closed her eyes in anticipation. I pushed my cock a bit, and the head of my cock slipped into her wet pussy. I looked at her, and she opened her eyes. We were looking in each other’s eyes with intense looks. I kissed her lips, and she kissed mine. We locked them.

She hugged me tightly, and I gave a strong push to my cock. Her pussy was so wet and slippery that with that strong push, my cock was almost fully inside her pussy. I could see the pain on her face. I hugged her tight and kept still for a while.

After a couple of minutes, the pain faded out, and she started moving slowly, giving me an indication that she was ready for the ride. I hugged her and licked her lips. I started moving my body slowly. Her pussy was so wet that my cock was feeling like swimming in her pussy juices

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She started to enjoy, and I started to increase the speed and power of my moves. She moaned. I started giving strong thrusts with increased speed. It was an amazing feeling. She was also now moving her butts up and down, enjoying fully now.

“Fuck me with that big cock of yours. First time I am getting fucked by a real manly cock. Its heaven, jaanu.Keep fucking me.”

I was fully focused on fucking her. Now I am thrusting with her full force and speed, and she was in heaven. We were both sweating now, but none of us wanted to take a break. The whole room was echoing with her moans.

“Jaanu, fuck me. Fuck me like a randi. Fuck me like your bitch. Say I am your bitch. I am your randi.”

I also got excited, “Saali kutiya. Teri pussy ka bhosda bana dunga aaj chod ke.” I was giving her deep thrusts now, and she was getting mad hearing abuses from me.

“Yeah. I am your kutiya. I am your randi. Fuck my pussy.”

She hugged me tight, and I increased with my speed to the maximum I could. She said, “Dont stop, jaanu. I am cumming.I am cumming.You must cum with me. Yeah fuck me. Fuck me. Fill my pussy with your thick white cream. Fuck me. I am cumming. I am cumming. Mai jhad rahi hun. “

“Oh, jaan.Even I am cumming.” I gave a few more quick full force thrusts, and then she also screamed. We both came heavily, and I ejaculated deep inside her wet pussy.

I was exhausted and lay down over her. She was breathing heavily, and her huge breasts were rising up and falling down rapidly. We laid down there like that for 5-6 minutes before I got down and laid on the bed. She came to me and hugged me. We laid down in each other’s arms like passionate lovers.

She covered both of us in the blanket and put her head on my shoulder and said, “Jaanu, I want to sleep in your arms now. Let’s sleep together.” I smiled, and we kissed each other and hugged before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

We woke up in the morning and again had one more passionate lovemaking session. I fucked her in 3 different positions this time and made her cum twice. We took a bath and had breakfast together.

Around 10’o clock, someone rang the doorbell. She hugged me and asked me to go from the back door. I left, and she called me after a while. She told me it was some neighbor lady who wanted to have some gup-shup with her.

I said- It’s ok, jaan. But this was the most memorable night of my life.

She said- Mine, too. I love you.

I replied- I love you too, jaan.

So, friends, this was how I finally managed to fuck Sonia and that too in an ambiance of an erotic wedding night. Our affair continued for 2 years before I got another job and had to move out of Bangalore and finally india.

I hope you all enjoyed this story. Please write your suggestions to me at- [email protected] Thanks.

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