Alekhya’s Mom – A Surprise


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing good in this hard time. This is Vatsal back again from Gujarat with a new experience. Thank you, everyone, for your reviews and replies to my story. I am really happy that I can make you happy with my words.

We have a ration shop and being in lockdown I started visiting it and helping my father. It was a little tough in initial days but then one day it all became an interesting thing for me. I was sitting at the shop when a girl with her mother came to our shop.

She was so beautiful. Her straight short hairs were perfectly complimenting her big round eyes. Not a perfect figure. But yes her medium size boobs with a slim waist and little thick thighs were making her look like a doll. Her perfect round lips and little pointed nose. Her name was Alekhya.

On the other hand, her mother, Lalita was a simple lady. She was a divorcee and our regular customer. She is slim and wears saree tucked low below her waist. Her boobs were medium a little more waist and nice chubby ass. Her figure would have been 34-32-38.

I never was interested in her but her daughter made me interested in her. I started talking with her to get close to them. I never knew she had such a beautiful daughter. She lived near my shop. Soon I was friendly with them and they would sit for a half-hour at my shop in the afternoon.

Just as days were passing I was getting more and more lust for Alekhya. To my luck, one day, she came alone, with a bag. I was very happy. Finally, I would get some time to spend with her alone. But it happened something different. She gave me a list of things and handed me the bag.

As I opened the bag I found a chit in it with a number written on it. I was really out of this world as I thought she was also into me and she gave me her number. We started talking. Our chat was going well and was getting intense day by day. It was getting intense and one day finally we had some naughty chat.

Whenever she used to visit our shop I was staring at her with lust in my eyes. But it was not the same from her side, though we used to chat a lot. It was Sunday night and we were chatting. She invited me over to her house the next day as her mother would not be at home.

I was really happy and almost was awake the whole night thinking about this. The time went slow but I kept all my patience for the next day. She called me in the afternoon. Afternoon came and I was all set to go to her house. I reached there and knocked on the door.

To my surprise and despair, her mother Lalita opened the door. A sudden smile disappears thing happened with me. But I went in and inquired about Alekhya. Lalita said that she is not at home as she is at the neighbors. She inquired if I had some work but I was about to leave.

Just then Lalita stopped me and asked me in for a cup of tea. I thought maybe that would be nice after this head cracking incident. Lalita was wearing a blue saree tightly wrapped around her body. It was tucked nicely below her navel. Her pallu was making her stomach visible more.

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She had a little makeup done and her lip gloss was making her lips glow. I guess she had just taken a bath as her body was a little wet and her hairs were wet too. She came with two cups of tea. We were drinking and talking. Then I saw something different in her eyes.

Her eyes were speaking to me as she wants me. She wanted me to make love. To make her feel young again. To make her sweaty with all the lust in me. To eat her till her last breath. She was staring at me with such wildness that it was difficult for me to make eye contact with her.

I finished the tea was about to leave. She held my hand. Just with that touch, my body shivered. I had goosebumps and nothing came out of my mouth. She told me she wanted to confess something. I turned towards her without saying anything. “Let’s make this afternoon dirty and nasty as we have decided.”

My eyes wide opened on hearing this. These were the words used by Alekhya when she invited me over. She then told me that it was always her. That was her number and she was talking with me all the time. She gave a list of things and a number written note in bag to Alekhya.

She told her to give a list and bag directly to me. “I always wanted to have someone feel me like the way you feel for my daughter. Make me young again Vatsal. Do anything you wish to and make me breathe heavier for you.”

My mind was blown. I did not know what to do. But I was angry at being deceived. So I decided to take all my anger on Lalita. But not directly just in the same way she did with me. Making her beg for me and making her thirsty for my cum.

I held her face and went close to her. I stared at her eyes and went more closer to her lips. I was breathing on her lips. Her breathing became hot which was hitting on my lips. Her body was pumping and she closed her eyes. I slowly kept my both lips on her upper lips.

I sucked it slowly making her lower lip jerk on my chin. I was kissing her slowly as her breath was increasing more in my mouth. I sucked her lower lip then and put her both lips in my mouth. I was sucking them slow inside my mouth. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and was tickling her tongue.

I grabbed it with my tongue and pulled it in my mouth. She was so pumped up with this that she hugged me tightly. I felt her body on mine. It was wet and smelt great. That fragrance of her just bath body was making me mad and I little wildly started kissing her.

I was rubbing my fingers on her bareback. I kept kissing her wildly as I started digging my nails on her back. She slowly kept moaning in my mouth. I left my tongue out and started rolling it on her chin to her cheek and her ear lobe. I licked her ear lobe with my tongue moving my fingers on her waist.

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I was slowly moving my fingers on her waist as I wildly licked her ear lobe. Her moan increased. She started pressing her body on mine. She kept her mouth near my ears and moaned loudly in it. It made me hornier and I pushed my tongue inside her ears.

Just with that wet touch she held me tighter and kept her body hard. She held my hand such hard and she bit my ear at the same time. In a sudden response, I dug my nails on her waist and my tongue went inside her ears. She kept holding me like that for about a minute.

Her body went loose and she kissed where she gave a bite. She slowly whispered in my ears with heavy breathing, “Vatsal, I came.” Damn those words were so magical at that time. It made me wilder. I wildly started kissing her lips.

I kept my hands on her medium boobs and started pressing them lightly. My kiss was wilder as I pressed her boobs slow. She was getting mad for me. I further went down and kissed her neck. I gave slow kisses all over her neck and licked all the sweat from there.

I kissed her cleavage and licked it with my tongue making her body tickle. I slowly opened her blouse button one by one. With every button opened she blurted out a little moan. I pulled my pants down and lifted her petticoat. My hardness was uncontrollable for me.

I rubbed my wet dick with precum all over her inner thighs and kept in on her wet panty. It made my dick wetter. She moaned heavenly. I was kissing and licking water drops from her cleavage and pressing her boobs slowly. She held my hair and pulled my head up.

She winked seeing me and with the other hand slid her panty giving a little rub on my dick. She licked her wet finger staring at me and pushed my head on her boobs again. She was such a horny lady. I kept my hard jerking dick on her wet pussy. It started sliding up and down on her pussy.

She was moaning harder with her finger inside her mouth. I opened her blouse and kept it like that feeling her boobs over her bra. It was nicely fit in my hands as I pressed it much harder. I started kissing her and pressing her boobs. I held her erect nipples and pulled it up.

At the same time, I adjust my dick and gave a stroke sliding my dick head in her wet pussy. Her pussy was so wet that even after such a long time. My dick head slid in. It was tight. I was feeling her pussy opening slowly adjusting according to my dick. She moaned so loud.

But her suppressed moan was making it sexier. I kept my dick such and flicked her nipples between my fingers. I gave another stroke and pushed my dick further in. I felt every inch of her pussy opening as my dick slide in. I slowly kissed her lips and pressed her boobs.

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Just then I gave another hard stroke and pushed my full dick in. Her eyes opened wide. She bit my lips and her body was moving up. She was hitting my back and was jerking under me. I kept my dick inside her cunt and slowly licked her tongue with my lips crushed between her teeth.

I pulled her bra up and touched her bare boobs. I slowly rubbed my hands on them and mauled them slowly. I slowly started stroking my dick in her cunt. Her moan started increasing again. I was fucking her slowly as her nipples were getting harder in my hands.

I grabbed her boobs hard with both my hands and started sucking her erect nipples. I increased my speed of stroking. I was moving my dick in and out at the same speed. I was moving my tongue around on areola and was fucking her good. She was moaning continuously.

I increased my speed more and she was enjoying each stroke. My dick was making her pussy feel good after years. Her moans were telling me how much she was enjoying. Her pussy contracted and opened for my dick. With each push, it was jerking around my dick.

Her pussy was dripping more and more. Her pussy was holding my dick tighter. I was feeling her wetness all over my dick. My dick was moving in swiftly making noises with our wetness. The pressure was building in both, my dick and her pussy.

My dick was jerking more inside her and her cunt was pulsating more. I licked her nipples. I stroked faster as I was near to cum. I flicked her nipples with my tongue. I increased my speed more and with few more strokes, I was cumming. I kept my dick inside her cunt and moaned louder on her nipples.

My hot cum was all over her flowing in her cunt. Her pussy was unable to control and she too came with me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged me tightly. We both came and came loads. I rested on her with her nipples in my mouth and my dick in her pussy.

She kept kissing my head. We hugged like that and enjoyed the afternoon with one more session.

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