Amira In Peril – Part 2 (Making Themselves Theirs)


Amy went to the bathroom, had a wash and thought about what just happened back in her room, now lonely without Zayn.

Amy blamed Shaw, but more than that, she blamed herself.

It was certain to her that he wasn’t the kind of a man to take advantage of her emotional state, or he would have taken her virginity when he could, even though it was him who almost forced her into that state by turning her on, almost to the point of no return.

Amy got to studying…

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It was pretty much midnight now and she heard a slight knock on her door.

“Amy, it’s me, Shaw,” a voice came from outside. That was Shaw’s.

Amy was surprised. This was an all-female hostel and it had a male guard at the entrance. How did Shaw manage to sneak in? Anyway, she opened the door, slightly and looked outside. Surely, it was Shaw.

Amy thought Shaw would force in through the unlocked door, but he didn’t.

“Shaw, what are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“Oh, I can explain, but first, can I come in?”

Amy thought for a while. Should she let this man in? He clearly didn’t wanna take her virginity and put her in trouble, she thought and she let him in.

“Thanks, Amy,” he said as he got inside and stepped aside, letting Amy close the door.

Amy closed it and locked it before turning back to Shaw.

“What now, Shaw?”

“I should be going soon, but I came here to ask if I can…have Zayn’s clothing. I am going to take them back to her.”

“So, she’s not coming back to the hostel?”

“I guess not. She said it’s too dangerous for her, didn’t she?”

“So,” Amy said as she sat in her bed, “I’ll have to stay here alone for the rest of the year?”

“Something like that,” he said as he sat by her and put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to himself, “But if you wanna move out too-.”

“-No it’s…it’s fine, Shaw, thanks,” she said, not even trying to remove his hand.

Shaw wished he could fuck Amy right in her own bed right then, but for two reasons he didn’t.

One, Amy was a virgin, and if for some reason he doesn’t get to be together with her later, she’d be in trouble.

Two, having sex with someone who still has her hymen intact is a terrible experience, because a good man will have to pay more attention to her pain than to her or his own pleasure.

They kept looking at each other for a while. Finally, Shaw broke the silence.

“So…the clothing? I should get going soon,” he said as he raised from the bed.

“Sure,” Amy said, putting together Zayn’s clothing.

Amy packed Zayn’s clothing in a plastic bag and handed it to Shaw.

“Thank you, Amy,” he said as he held the back of her neck with his right hand, pulled her into him and kissed her forehead, which made her close her eyes in anticipation, “have a good night, and stay safe.”

“Wait,” Amy said as Shaw was about to open the door, “how did you manage to sneak in?”

Shaw smiled. “Being kind to the lonely old watchman of female hostel really pays off,” he said as he turned back and walked outside.

As Shaw went away, Amy started thinking. If old watchman lets in any man who’s good with him, what if someone who’s good with him is bad with some girl at the hostel? She was puzzled.

Amy tried to call Zayn but she didn’t have enough credit balance. She had a lot to tell her friend, Zayn on the coming day.

(This part starts after Shaw agreed to drop Amy by her hostel in “Story of Zainab – Part 4”)

Shaw was taking Amy back to her hostel. This time, Shaw had no intention of getting sexual with her. But he didn’t stop persuading her.

“Hey, you know something,” he said to her riding her back on his bike, “maybe you should do some serious athletics or something.”

“Why, exactly?” Amy asked in a partially bored partially interested tone.

“Well, on one hand, it makes you fitter, and on the other…it breaks your hymen.”

“How the fuck is that supposed to be good!?” she asked in both astonishment and anger.

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“Well, then we can do…you know what…and nobody will know because your hymen is no more anyway.”

“That’s not how it works with our family. If I break my hymen due to sports, they’ll still suspect the worst about me. Plus, we’re not doing it again, Shaw.”

“Well, whatever,” Shaw said in a defeated tone.

“Sorry about this, Shaw. But you’ll still drop me, right?”

“It’s nothing to do with getting inside your pants, Amy,” Shaw said in a cold tone.

Shaw dropped her at the hostel and tried to turn the bike around to leave. Amy held his left hand with hers, and he stopped and looked at her.

“What now, Amy?”

“Maybe…” she said with a naughty smile, “maybe we can have a little fun too.

“But, please promise me not to put me in trouble.”

“Come on, the last time I didn’t penetrate you even when you wanted me to. I am in full control,” Shaw said as he hid the bike nearby and went inside the jungle area next to the hostel with Amy..

~Sex starts~

As they reached where they were the last time, Shaw turned Amy towards himself, holding her by her right shoulder. And as she did so, he held her by both sides of her waist and pulled her into himself.

As they placed their foreheads against each other, Amy ran her left-hand fingertips down his right cheek.

“We might not be able to be together like this forever, Shaw, but promise me, that during the time we are together, you won’t do something that I’ll regret letting you do for the rest of my life.”

“I promise you, Amy,” Shaw said, looking deep into her eyes.

Shaw didn’t rush. He knew she was in trouble within. Rushing would only make things worse. He waited for her to come for the kiss and as she did so, so did he. They started each other’s mouths passionately, but somewhat greedily too.

Amy had worn her headcover with some space between her chin and the bottom part of the veil which left the frontal part of her neck open to outside.

Soon, Shaw broke the kiss, pressed his mouth into her neck through the opening and started eating her neck.

“Ahh,” she started moaning with her eyes closed, rubbing Shaw’s back up and down.

“Eat me more, baby…that feels so good.”

It wasn’t long before Shaw’s hand went to squeeze her ass and then up until he could start squeezing her tits.

“Aahh,” she broke his neck eating and looked into his eyes, rubbing the sides of his face up and down with her fingertips, as he started squeezing her tits over her clothing.

Amy kept looking into his eyes with her mouth open and hissing as Shaw kept squeezing her tits. Then he started pulling her dress up until it was at her neck level.

“Raise your hands upwards,” he said to her. She did it.

As Amy raised her hands upwards and waited, he pushed her dress upwards, off her head and as she took her arms off her dress completely, he put it aside. Her headcover was a mess now. He took it off her head and put it too aside. He put his hands around her and unhook her bra which she then put aside.

“Take off your shirt too, baby. I wanna feel you,” Amy said in a naughty tone, running her palms and fingertips on his chest and his stomach through his shirt.

Shaw unbuttoned his shirt and threw it aside, fast. He then pulled her into his half-naked embrace.

“Ahh,” Amy hissed as he pulled her in one swift move.

Shaw’s embrace contained strength. Amy loved being dominated by a man who cared for her.

Shaw held her hair from her back in his left fist and slowly pulled down, making her turn her head towards him before starting to eat her mouth. His right-hand was around her waist and from time to time, it squeezed her right ass cheek too.

“Ahh,” Amy hissed again as Shaw pushed his right-hand into her panty and started rubbing her asshole. Meanwhile, Shaw pulled his left-hand behind her head and around her face from her left side, held her jaw, pulled her face to her left aside and started eating the right side of her neck.

Amy kept moaning, but now louder, struggling a little in his grip. But Shaw didn’t let go and she was glad he didn’t.

“Oh…I love it when you hold me like this…and force me to stay with you… you know that?” she moaned, as he kept eating and feeling her.

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Amy kept rubbing his dick off his pants, unbuttoned it, pushed it down and was about to push down his underwear too. But he stopped her.

Shaw left her, held her forearms in each of his hands, pushed them against her own back and pressed them against each other and her back in one moment. He turned her around and started tying her forearms together with his belt.

“…Is this it…Shaw?… You’re gonna tie me up…and force yourself in… and make me yours…yeah, baby?” Amy said in a horny tone. Clearly, she wasn’t in her right mind.

“You are so badly trying to get me inside of you, Amy,” Shaw said as he tied her arms and turned her around before laying her back against the nearby tree.

Amy was smiling at him, ready to take whatever it is. He slowly leaned against her and took each of her tits squeezed in each of his hands, at once.

“Aaah,” she moaned.

Shaw left her tits and squeezed them again.

“Aaah!” Amy moaned again, but this time, louder. He did what he did, again, but this time, he was hard enough to mark them red with his fingers.

“Aaah…you’re squeezing them too hard…Shaw,” she said, looking at his eyes. He smiled.

“Sorry, baby. I never meant to hurt you,” he said, loosening his grip on her tits.

“Mh, it’s okay Shaw,” she moaned, smiling.

He took her boobs in his hands again, but this time more softly and licked her right nipple up and down.

“Ah yeah, Shaw…That’s it.”

Then, Shaw sucked it for a while, nibbling it with his tongue inside of his mouth.

“Ahh..wwh,” she moaned, with her eyes closed and head turned upwards.

Shaw held her boobs by their bases and took her left boob in his mouth, almost fully.

“Aaah,” Amy moaned as his teeth pressed against her boob. Shaw started sucking it, moving her boob into and outta his mouth.

“Ahh,” Amy moaned as she bent forth and kissed his forehead.

Later he took her away, turned her around and took off his belt.

“Lay there with your legs outta the edge,” he said to her, pointing to a nearby rock.

Amy did as he said. Her pussy was getting wet.

“Is he gonna make me his today?” Amy thought, with a little smile. She wasn’t in her right mind to think straight about the upcoming issues caused by this. She was too wet for that.

As Amy laid on the rock with her legs outside the edge and moved apart, Shaw closed in with his dick wiggling in his hand.

“Oh God, it’s so big, Shaw,” Amy said with astonishment in her voice.

“Do you want me inside of you, babe?” Shaw asked as he pulled off her panty. Amy helped by moving her legs accordingly and rubbed his gland on her pussy lips.

“More than anything I’ve ever wanted, Shaw,” Amy said with a sultry voice, just to run him wilder.

But Shaw wasn’t in a hurry. He was running his gland up and down her slit.

“What are you doing, Shaw? Why aren’t you getting inside of me?” Amy asked. Her voice contained boredom, but also surprise and lust.

“I dunno if I should do this, Amy. This could mean serious trouble to you-,” Shaw tried to say something, but Amy stopped him by blocking his lips with her right index finger.

“-sh…don’t say that. Why Shaw? Don’t you love me? Don’t you wanna make me yours for the rest of your life?”

“I do, baby…More than anything else.”

“Then prove it to me…Shaw…right here… right now…Come on… My pussy is crying for your big cock… and it won’t forgive me if you don’t do this now,” she said in an even more lusty tone.

Amy tried to hold his hip with her hands and get him run inside of her.

“Wait,” he said, holding each of her wrists in each of his hands, “let me do it easy, so that we can stop it if it hurts you.”

“I don’t wanna stop it, no matter how badly it hurts. I know the pleasure will always overpower the pain.

“I wanna be with you, as happy as Zayn is, with Rey.”

Shaw just smiled. He placed his gland back on her pussy lips.

“One…two…three…go!” Amy said.

“No, let’s…take this easy,” Shaw said, slowly riding into her.

“Ah,” Amy gasped, holding his firearms tightly, as she felt his dick touching the vaginal opening.

“Just, relax, Amy. Trust me, it’s not gonna hurt at all,” he said, riding in.

Shaw kept his dick pressed towards the stomach side of Amy’s vagina, as he moved it. He didn’t run his whole length at once either. He went in a bit, pulled out, went in a little more, and pulled out. Like that, he kept increasing until the whole length was inside of her.

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There was no blood. Not a single drop. But the pain was imminent in her face. She kept silent until she could talk again.

“This can’t be!” Amy exclaimed, “Trust me, Shaw, I was a virgin until now.”

“I know, baby,” Shaw smiled, “This is just a truck that Rey taught me.

“If the man makes the virgin woman relaxed well, so does her cherry and it loosens, letting his manhood in.

“A victory with no blood spilled, literally.”

“Oh, Shaw,” she sat on the rock and hugged him, happily, “So, now I’m yours, aren’t I?”

“Of course baby, you are.”

Amy kissed his lips, deeply. They kept looking into the eyes of each other for a while, while his dick was still inside of her pussy. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes with each of her hands on each of the sides of his cheeks.

“I love you so much, Shaw.”

“I love you even more baby,” Shaw hugged her back and slowly laid her on the rock, as he slowly started riding her up and down.

Shaw laid her on the rock and gave his weight to his elbows as they looked into the eyes of each other. He was riding her so slowly that Amy wasn’t moving up and down on the rock.

Amy rubbed his right cheek with her left-hand fingertips, as he ran his right-hand fingers through her hair. She smiled.

It took time, but she finally reached her orgasm.

“Ahh…yes…yes,” she said as her eyes rolled back and her upper body arched back. She hugged him tight as she lifted off the rock.

Amy wasn’t in her right mind and Shaw knew this too, but he was far from taking advantage of the situation.

“I think I’m gonna come,” Shaw finally said.

“Come inside of me, baby…make me your baby momma… give me the gift to remember you by…forever,” Amy said, moaning.

But Shaw pulled out and came all over her belly. Amy looked happy but disappointed.

~Sex ends~

“Why, Shaw?”

“I couldn’t put you in trouble, Amy. If you get pregnant now, you’ve no idea where you’ll end up,” Shaw said, as he stood by the rock in front of her, held each of her hands in each of his and helped her sit by the edge.

“Baby, I can’t lose you…Not at the end of a blade or at the distance of a stone throw,” he said, looking into her eyes, as she took his face in his hands. Amy understood what he meant.

As Shaw placed his forehead against hers, Amy closed her eyes. Amy felt his palms on the sides of her waist and the cold touch of the rock on her ravaged pussy lips. That combined with the coldness of Shaw’s semen now running down her pussy, she was feeling different but better.

Still, Amy couldn’t stop her eyes from watering all the way down her cheeks, burning them. She opened her eyes and looked at his as he wiped her tears off her cheeks.

“I did something stupid, didn’t I?

“Please…don’t leave me, Shaw. You dunno what they’ll do to me.”

“Shhh…Baby, it’s okay,” Shaw said, hugging her tightly, “Don’t talk like that. I’m always here for you, with you, by you, no matter what comes your way. Trust me.”

Still naked, dirty and cold, the two settled on the rock for a while before Shaw would leave back to the cafe and Amy back to her hostel room.

~Story ends~

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