An Accidental Delight – Part 3

I’m Akash, a 19-year-old boy. My mom Anjali (A beautiful woman in her early 40’s with pale white skin) was making arrangements for a party. But the party didn’t turn out to be as she expected. It took an interesting turn and included me as well.

Priya aunty – “Don’t worry. I have a better plan. Why don’t we turn it more fun? Let’s play a game.”

Mom – “What do you mean, didi. What game?”

Priya aunty – “Let’s turn up the heat. Let’s give him all we have. We will have 4 rounds 1) Twosome 2) Threesome 3) Foursome and 4) Fivesome. We will write all our names in separate chits. We let Akash choose chits randomly as per the round. It will improve intimacy and also be fun”

Meera aunty -“Mmmm sounds like a good plan. Each one can show their sexual skills separately”

Swetha aunty – “Why don’t we let Akash do whatever he likes with us during the game?”

Ridhi aunty – “What do you mean, didi?”

Swetha aunty – “We can try different positions and actions!”

Priya aunty – “It will surely increase the level of intimacy and will reduce his energy.”

Meera aunty – “Anjali and Akash what do you say about it?”

Mom – “Whatever it takes! Does anything go as per my say? Everything is happening as per destiny. Ok, let’s do whatever it takes.”

Me – I was very excited but I tried controlling my expressions “I’m all yours but…”

Meera aunty – “What but…?”

Me – “Can I remove this blindfold?”

Swetha aunty – “So you naughty boy you want see us nude. You are not satisfied with the actions?. You are one lucky little bastard.”

Mom – “No, you cannot!”

Me – “Please mom I cannot resist the thought. I want to see it live. What’s the matter I have already fucked Priya and Aditi aunty while Meera aunty rubbed her pussy against my face?”

All of them were shocked by my reply

Ridhi aunty – “How did you know? You were blindfolded?”

Gurleen aunty – “You naughty boy. You were knowing all that happened around you even when your eyes were blindfolded. How could you?”

Me – “I figured out from their moans.”

Sakshi aunty – “Oh my god!”

Aditi aunty – “It’s all because of my innocence!”

Sakshi aunty – “Anyway we have to get him normal. We have already let him do sexual acts with us I don’t think to remove blindfold will make much difference”

Me – “Please mom. Please.”

Shilpa aunty – “Letting him see our bodies. It will make him horny thus a greater chance of getting him normal quickly.”

Mom – “No. It won’t be appropriate.”

Meera aunty – “Shilpa is right Anju. It doesn’t make much difference.”

Mom – “What are you saying? It has already turned dirty. Ok, whatever. We have to do it quickly”

Jyoti aunty came near me and pulled my blindfold off. And planted a kiss on my cheek and said “Get ready for the show, playboy” I was happy that my blindfold was off. I was able to see all of them sitting around me on the bed (double cot – master bed).

The previous session was like a CFNM (clothed female nude male). But now it would be an awesome reverse gang bang. I will fulfill my fantasies today.

Priya aunty – “Everyone, write your name on a small chit (a piece of paper) let’s start the game. Akash, go and stand over there.”

I stood and walked with a hard dick but my embarrassment was totally gone. Soon everyone wrote their names and rolled their chits. Meera aunty collected all the chits and placed them on a table nearby.

Priya aunty – “Get ready for round 1 ‘The twosome’. Akash you have to pick one chit from this.”

I walked with my hands on my hip all ladies were gazing at my hard dick. My mom was a little worried which was pretty clear from her face. I took one chit.

Meera aunty – “Come on Aku. Say who is it?”

Me – “It is Gurleen.”

Everyone started encouraging her. Gurleen aunty covered her face in shy.

Me – “What are the rules?”

Priya aunty – “There are a few rules.

1) Aaku you are free to do whatever you like with us. We are all yours.

2) No one can go outside this room till everything is over.

3) None other than those names picked for the round can participate in the action.

4) No one can deny any request. They will have to do it to please you.

5) The round gets over only after you cum.

6) No one can wear clothes once removed. Until the end of the game.

“Now come on Aaku take her with you. Both of you stand in front of us.”

I kneeled on one knee in front of her like proposing her. I took her one hand and planted a kiss on her forearm. I lifted her from the bed and took her to the spot in front of others. We both were standing facing each other. I have to describe her. She is such a beauty.

Fully traditional typical Punjabi women with creamy white skin. One of her main assets is her hair. She has long silky hair down below her butt. She has normal sized boobs but they look sexy. She looks sexier in her kurta pajama (traditional dress) I have once fantasized about fucking her.

Sakshi aunty – “Come on, the audience is ready for the action. Start the show.”

All of them were sitting on my bed while we were standing in front of them

Me – “Where do I start?”

Meera – “Consider her to be your girlfriend and do whatever you would do to her when you get a chance.”

As soon as I heard this my dick started to pump hard. Pulsing up and down

Swetha aunty – “Your dick shows how horny you are. Go on we don’t have much time.”

I saw Gurleen’s eyes. She had little hesitation but also had little excitement. I held her shall and pulled her towards me I held her head and immediately planted a kiss on her lips and stayed like it for a moment. She resisted a little at the beginning but soon co-operated.

All of them were shocked but were really turned on seeing this. They were giggling. Next, I kissed on her cheek and then on her ear and on her neck. I whispered in her ear, “Didi I once fantasized about you. But never thought I would get a chance to do so!” She had a surprised look on her face.

She was dumbstruck yet she stayed silent. I again kissed her lips and moved down and licked her nipples above her kurta. She was getting turned on I was able to sense it from her hard nipples. I kneeled down on my knees and placed my hands around her butt.

I slowly lifted the kurta and started kissing her pussy above her pajama (pant). Her pajama was a little wet. I pulled the knot and her pajama fell down. Her milky white thighs were a lovely sight. As I was getting up I held her kurta and undressed her. Now she was in her bra and panty.

I hugged her and again planted a kiss on her lips. My dick was pressing against her panty trying to penetrate it. I removed the hook of her bra and threw her bra on the audience. I also removed her panty and threw it to the audience. Now she was all nude in front of us.

She had a hairy pussy and a pair of beautiful tits. I lifted her up and made her sit on my cock. She gripped herself with her legs around my hip. She was jumping up and down. With one hand I held her back and with others, I pulled her long silky hair.

I took her to the bed where everyone was sitting and slowly laid her on it. While everyone was sitting around. Now I was fucking her in a missionary position. While others were running their hands all over us. I removed my dick and turned her around to fuck her in the doggy style.

I held her hair and pulled it so hard while I was passionately fucking her pussy she was moaning like hell in pleasure “Oh Akash. Fuck fuck. Fulfill your fantasy. I’m going to squirt”

“Ah, you are so sexy I’m also going to cum.” I pulled my dick out and we both came at the same time. My cum was all over her ass. She squirted on the bed while some spilled over on the floor. I laid on her leaving long breaths.

Priya aunty – “So Akash are you done with round 1? Or has the effect of Viagra gone?”

I stood up. My dick was dripping cum drops but soon started rising.

Aditi aunty – “Oh my god your monster is up again.”

Meera aunty – “Your monster is waking. Let’s get ready for round 2 then. ‘The threesome’. Come on Akash pick two chits”

Gurleen aunty was tired she lay nude on one side of the bed.

I walked slowly and picked two chits it was Swetha and Anjali (my mom). All of them started making noise. Swetha aunty jumped off the bed and pulled my mom. She grabbed my half erect dick with one hand and dragged my mom with the other. Both my mom and Swetha were in chudidar.

My mom was a little hesitant but Swetha aunty was very much interested. She made me undress her. She had a shaved clean pussy with big tits. She also made me undress my mom all nude. It was the first time I’m seeing my mom fully nude. She held both of our heads and forced a lip lock.

My mom was hesitant but did it anyway. She made me lick my mom’s pussy. It tasted a bit salty but was sexy anyway she (mom) had trimmed her pubic hair recently. While I was licking my mom’s pussy Swetha was sucking my dick. Now it was time to do some fucking.

I asked Swetha aunty to bend over and kneel. I asked my mom to suck my dick and make it nice and sloppy. My mom did it with hesitation. Se spat on my dick and rubbed it. All of sudden I thrust my dick into Swetha’s ass hole. My dick was half in Swetha started screaming in pain.

Tears started to roll out of the eyes. “My ass hole!” She was crying loudly all came near us. My mom pinched my ear, “What are you doing Akash?” she pulled my dick out her ass and started stroking it hard.

Priya aunty – “What are you doing Anju? Let him do what he wants.”

Swetha aunty – (crying)”If you wanted to do anal you could have said it to me. It’s ok but I haven’t done anal before. Please go slow! Anju please spit on my ass hole. It hurts. I heard anal needs lots of lubrication”

Priya aunty – “Come on Anju spit on her ass hole.”

My mom did as said and guided my dick into Swetha’s asshole. “Please go slow, Akash. It’s hurting but its also giving immense pleasure slow.” Now I totally inserted my dick into Swetha’s tight asshole and bent over. I held her boobs from behind. I started increasing my pace.

Swetha was screaming, “Oh fuck. Fuck my tight little ass hole tear it I’m all yours take me.” I removed my dick and inserted it fully into her pussy. Now I was fucking both her holes alternatively. She was in cloud 9 screaming like hell. “Oh Akash you are so deep you are a stud. I have never been fucked like this.”

My mom was watching us fucking like street dogs. Suddenly Swetha squirted all over my cock. She fell on the floor and stayed like it. She was about to faint. Soon Meera and Priya aunty picked up and laid her near Gurleen. I wasn’t off. My dick was still hard.

I stood up and went near my mom. I held her from the back and took her to the nearby wall and made her stand against the wall. I planted a kiss on her neck and soon pumped my dick into her pussy from behind. My mom was trying to control her emotions but wasn’t able to.

I gradually increased the speed soon she was letting out little moans. I pulled her hair and continued the act for a little while. I turned her around and inserted my dick again into her pussy from the front. I kissed her on her lips while her huge boobs were pressing against my chest.

She made little moans and was trying to control her moans. She bit her lips to control the pain and pleasure. “Mom, I going to cum,” she closed her eyes and didn’t utter a word. Suddenly I came inside my mom’s pussy. I pulled my dick out of my mom’s pussy. It was dripping my cum along with her juices.

Tears rolled out of her eyes. She didn’t utter a word. She pushed me aside and walked with her legs wide open. She wasn’t able to walk properly. She went and sat on the bed trying to clean my cum from her pussy.

Shilpa aunty – “Akash are you ready for round 3? ‘The foursome’? Come on pick three chits you have already made three of them tired.

I walked with my cum dripping dick. My monster was regaining its power. This time it was Meera, Shilpa, and Sakshi. They pulled over me to the bed and started kissing all over my body. I removed their dresses one by one. This round I had one milf, one middle-aged and one young woman to fuck.

Two of them had haired pussies while Shilpa’s pussy was shaved. Meera had little saggy tits while Sakshi had small tits. Shilpa had well-shaped tits. Mangalsutra (wedding chain) were hanging on their necks like the others. I asked them to make loose hair. They obeyed.

Then I asked them to bend over they did as I said. My dick dry I guided it right into Meera’s pussy. She was in the middle. My dick was deep in her pussy in the first go. She screamed in pleasure. “Aakash you are so deep. Fuck.” I started fucking her brutally. She was screaming in pleasure.

At the same time, I was fingering Sakshi (right) and Shilpa (left). Both their pussy and ass holes. I tried fisting. I spanked their butts hard that it turned red. I continued this for about five minutes. Sakshi and Shilpa were moaning. I shifted them one by one fucking all of them in turn.

We tried different positions (cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, 69 position, etc.) Sakshi was the first to squirt. Then Meera and then the sexy Shilpa. I fucked their sore pussies as per ‘rule 5’. Sakshi was about to faint, “Oh Akash I’m about to faint” said she.

I was about to come I asked them to kneel on the floor. I ejaculated my hot load on their pretty faces ‘a facial’. My energy was also getting reduced. The effect of viagra was reducing. They (Meera. Sakshi and Shilpa) slept on the floor totally tired.

Priya aunty – (with applause) “This brings the end of round 3. Are you ready for the final round Akash? ‘The fivesome’?”

Me – (with a low voice)”Yes I am.”

I was a little exhausted after fucking 6 of them brutally. My mom and Gurleen were watching us sitting on the bed. They were the audience for the final round. I slowly walked to take the chits

Priya aunty – “There is no need for those. Only four of us are remaining you playboy.” (saying she pulled me and kissed on my lips)

Me – “Wait. Aditi, Jyoti, Priya, and Ridhi. For some difference, you undress each other.”

Soon they were nude. This made all of us nude in the room. Four of them were of different sizes. “I’m all yours. You can show your skills in me.” Jyoti walked towards me kneeled and started blowing me. Soon other three joined. They guided me for different positions. I fucked them in turns.

I made them pile up on each other (top to bottom) and fucked their pussies simultaneously. They tried all different positions. As I had already fucked Priya and Aditi before I planned on having anal with them. I said my plan. Priya aunty said, “It’s our pleasure Akash. Anyway, we cannot deny your request as per ‘rule 4’.”

I fucked Priya aunt’s asshole. She screamed in pleasure. I spanked her ass till it became red. I was kissing and alternatively fingering and spanking others. I was about to cum but I managed not to. Next was Aditi’s turn. Aditi was fearful. She was a skinny woman with a very tight asshole.

She was such a beauty with curly hair making her sexy. The other three encouraged her yet she was hesitant. I made her bend on her knee. All three of them spat on her asshole and made it well lubricated for my dick. I started to insert my dick into her ass hole. It was too tight.

My dick head was in her asshole after a few thrusts. She started screaming in pain. She wasn’t able to take it. “Akash, please, I don’t think it would fit in.”

Priya aunty – “It’s ok, Aditi. It will pain a little in the starting soon the pain will turn into pleasure.”

As Priya aunty was saying this I thrust my dick with full power. I was totally in at the same time I came inside her ass. We both fell on the floor. Aditi fainted and was motionless. I was about to faint all my energy was gone. The effect of Viagra was over. I rolled over and laid beside Aditi.

My dick retreated its size. It was dripping cum. A big load of cum was oozing out of Aditi’s ass. Ridhi noticed Aditi lying motionless she turned her around. Soon everyone gathered around us. My mom brought some water and sprinkled on Aditi’s face. She gradually recovered her senses.

Tears were flooding out of her eyes it was because of her asshole stretched. She, in a tired voice, asked, “Has Akash turned normal. Is his monster gone?” Everyone looked at my dick and noticed that it didn’t get hard. “Thank god. The effect of viagra is over,” my mom said in a relieving tone.

Hearing this Aditi said, “Didi, it was my mistake that has led to this situation. Please all of you forgive me,” she cried

Meera aunty – “It wasn’t your fault Aditi. Somethings happen for a reason. It helped us explore our sexual desires. It was a new kind of party today. It was too much fun. It helped us bring back our sexuality. It was really ‘an unexpected delight’. I foresee more unexpected delights in the future.”

Everyone started laughing in a naughty manner. After that incident, we had many such delights (threesome, group sex, etc) in different apartments and parties. I fucked all of their holes in all possible ways.

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