An Old Friend Fucked Passionately – Part 2


Hey everyone. It’s Sammy again. For those who would like to read part 1, click on the link above.

My horny friend Preet now started to roll her tongue around the rim of my cock. Slowly, Preet started to stroke my cock and give small little kisses on the tip of my cock. I held her head but didn’t force anything as we had a lot of time to ourselves.

Very slowly, with a tight grip of her lips around my cock, my friend took my cock in and started to lick all around my cock while it was in her mouth. Her lips were now going up and down on my cock.

While continuing the sucking, Preet got up a little and brought her body on mine. She placed her pussy right on top of my face. She didn’t have to say a word, I grabbed her white milky ass and brought her pussy closer. My old friend’s pussy was smelling so exotic!

I immediately rubbed my lips on Preet pussy lips, up and down. Then I took my tongue and started to lick with long stokes around her pussy lips. I would go right next to her clit and then stop and then lick downwards. After a few seconds, Preet got really turned on and forced her pussy on my mouth.

I opened my mouth a little, took them around her pussy and put my tongue tip in between Preet’s pussy lips. I started to separate her pussy lips with my tongue.

My hot friend kept on sucking my cock and started to moan as my tongue was licking around her pussy. I then went to her clit and started furiously licking there. She couldn’t concentrate on her blowjob anymore and started to moan loudly. Meanwhile, I pierced my tongue right into my friend’s vagina. She tasted so good.

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Preet was now moving her pussy and was kind of getting tongue-fucked. Then I grabbed her ass hard and started to give her some spanks.

Preet: Oh, Sammy! I love it, baby! Suck me deep.

Me: Let’s make it even better, baby. Let me fuck you deep.

Saying this, I pushed her on the side. Preet made herself straight on the bed and I took her legs around me and put them on my shoulder.

My female friend didn’t care about the condom, she just wanted me in at that very instant. So I put my cock on her pussy entrance and slowly inserted it.

The way she shouted, I am sure that anybody in the neighboring rooms must have heard us! But I didn’t stop, I started to ram my friend’s pussy really hard. She was moving her ass to support me while moaning my name.

It didn’t take her long. Preet climaxed in 7-8 minutes and pushed me away. She then came around on my top and asked me to lick her. I licked her juices clean.

Preet then bent down, gave nice 3-4 sucks on my cock and sat in cowgirl position on my cock. Oh my god! The next 10 minutes were the best moments of that night. My friend was bending toward my chest, I was licking her nipples and, her ass and my cock were moving in sync. It was like a really well-oiled machine.

I was giving her spanks and sucking her nipples hard. Within 10-12 minutes, I came inside my friend.

Preet didn’t take the cock out, she just collapsed on me. We remained in that position for at least 15 mins. We were kissing in between and were giving love bites on each other’s neck and shoulder.

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Later, I pushed her aside and went to the washroom for a shower. As I turned on the shower, I saw her entering the bathroom. Preet was wearing her black pantie. White body and black pantie are one of my best turn-ons. I saw her and she walked inside the shower cubicle.

Preet: Why is my baby showering alone, let me help you.

Without even listening to my reply, she came inside the water and started to massage my chest and back.

I went on my knees and took her underwear off with my teeth. I gave a nice kiss to my friend’s pussy, stood up and took hold of her. We smooched for a good 5-7 minutes.

She then started to stroke my cock and within minutes, it was up and about to go again. I turned her around, bent her towards the valves and put my cock in her pussy from the back. She loved it. She asked me not to stop until she climaxed.

So I started to fuck her. This time, Preet was moaning with such passion that I kept ramming her so hard.

After some time, I slowed down, took hold of her hair and started to ram her again.

She: Spank me, my love.
Me: No more love, be my bitch.
She: Yes, make me your bitch. Ram you cock inside me whenever you want. Fuck me harddd behenchodddd.

I have no idea what hearing those words did to me. I fucked Preet so hard for the next couple of minutes and she started to cum.

She turned around went down and said, “I wanna drink your cum, baby”. She then gave me a great head and I cummed in her mouth. I finished my shower, and then she did.

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I came back to bed. After her shower, she came back and slept beside me. We slept that night naked. Around 3 am, I felt something and she was kissing me. I kissed her back. We had a nice smooch and some make-out session and we slept again.

What happened the next morning? I will tell you in the next story.

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