An Old Gay Man’s Sex Slave For A Week


Hey, my name is Smeek Singh (name changed). I am a 22-year-old guy. I am fair, weighs 65 kg and with height 5ft 7in. I have an athletic body with long hairs till my shoulders. I have a great ass and sexy legs (according to some of the people who wanted to fuck me). I am kind of a slut who just want big cocks in ass and mouth.

I got my ass fucked when I was young by au uncle and from then, I have been in love with cocks and old men (of course, hot boys too). Let’s start with the story.

I was in Delhi for my courses for 8 days and I had no place to live. Even though I could stay in a hotel, the slutty guy in me wanted some big cocks to suck and fuck every night! So I installed Grinder app and I was surfing on Ginder during my class.

I got a lot of messages because I had uploaded my pic in hot yoga pants showing my ass and legs. One guy aged 24 was very near to my location and along with his location, he sent me the pic of his big dick.

Immediately, I felt like, I wanted to have it in my mouth. I was so horny that in one-hour lunch-break, I went to his place to have my lunch. Honestly, I even didn’t know the name of this stranger guy.

We went inside the room and I sucked him for like 15 minutes like a mad person. Then he bent me over, lowered my jeans, and fucked me for 10 minutes and cummed inside my mouth (which was my lunch).

It was so yummy but as everything happened very quickly, I was not satisfied and I was back in my class.

Now, the real story begins of being me a complete slave randi.

I got a text from a 57-year-old single man who was living alone. These things about him turned me on so much that we exchanged numbers. We talked on the phone and he asked me to come to his place for a coffee after my class. I was so excited.

After class, I took the metro and reached his place.

It was a big room with an attached bathroom and a small kitchen. My man was with a white old mustache and gray hairs and with a little cute belly.

As I entered, he hugged me and pressed my ass, and kissed on my cheek. In return, I pressed his crotch and bent to give a kiss. He already had a semi-boner.

We sat at the table to have coffee and we talked. But I was only thinking about this old man’s big cock. Then I made a move, I put a hand over his crotch and told him that I cannot wait to have his dick in my mouth.

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He was surprised but I quickly got on my knees while he opened his legs sitting on the sofa. I opened his pajama and pulled that bunny out which I was gonna worship for the next 7 days.

I started the old gay man’s cock like anything, using my tongue all over it. Then my man held his 8-inch dick and started slapping it on my face. He also held my hair. I was looking into his eyes and I could see his desire to make me his gay sex slave.

Then I took his 8-inches in my mouth. He held my hair and was gagging me. I couldn’t breathe so I used my hands to get over.

Now he relaxed on the sofa and I was sucking his cock for 15 minutes. Then he told me he was about to cum. I asked him to cum in my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide and he emptied his cum river in my mouth and some on my lips and face.

I played with the cum in my mouth and then gulped it down. I had some of his cum on my face and fingers. I cleaned his dick with my tongue.

Now he asked me to stay with him for the week but he told me that I must follow all his orders and punishments and have to live as his cheap slut slave. I was so happy and I agreed. He said he will address me as ‘sasti randi’ and I will call him ‘daddy’ from then onward.

‘Daddy’ then ordered me to take a bath and wear a panty and bra which he had in his place. He also asked me to do some makeup. I got ready the way he wanted.

Daddy then ordered me to go into the corner of the room and stay on my knees which I did. After 5 minutes, he came back with a collar and chain and handcuffs and a few butt plugs. He put the collar and chain around my neck and a small butt-plug in my asshole.

With a marker, he wrote: “Sasti randi” on my forehead for which I thanked him.

When the old man pulled me, I crawled with him. Daddy sat on the sofa and abused me calling me a cheap slut, whore, rand, and much more. I was getting horny and horny.

Daddy told me to say, “thank you, daddy” after every pleasure he gives me.

Now daddy pulled my chain and asked me to open my mouth wide and then he spat into my mouth for 3 times. I was very happy that daddy used me to dump his spit and I drank it all. But I forgot to say, “thank you, daddy”.

So he decided to punish me. I was handcuffed and his underwear was gagged into my mouth. I was made to lie on his lap with my ass facing up.

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I knew that my soft ass was being punished because my mouth made a mistake. The old man took out the small butt-plug from my ass. Then he took a big cucumber in his hand and started pushing it into my ass. He pushed it about 7-8 inches and fucked my ass with it for about 10 minutes and left it inside. I said, “thank you daddy”.

Now the mature gay man started spanking my ass cheeks and biting them till they were all red. I couldn’t do anything so I just said my greetings.

Then he threw me down on the floor all naked and with the cucumber still in my ass. I was so exhausted. He pulled me up and spat on my face and held my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth.

I started giving him a blowjob while he held my hair tightly. Slowly, he fucked my mouth and all the saliva was coming out from my mouth. He then asked me to lick his balls and put in my mouth. I did it very passionately and as a gift, he spat over my face 3 times. He even spat once on the floor and he made me lick it.

Then, it was time for me to get fucked. He pinned me against the wall and started fucking my ass. Holding my hair and abusing me, the old man fucked in many positions for 1 hour. That was the longest time I was assfucked out of 158 times and by 76 men (yes, I keep a count).

Then he was about to cum and I knew what to do. I got on my knees with my mouth wide open. he cummed in my mouth and I drank it all. I cleaned his cock with my lips and said, “thank you, daddy”. He spat in my mouth.

Then it was time for food. He gave me food in a bowl and made me eat like a bitch with my collar-chain tied and a butt plug in my ass.

After food, it was time for dessert. I thought that I would get to suck his cock but I was wrong. And instead, I had to worship it.

He took me to the bathroom and I was on my knees with my handcuffed and mouth open. He held his dick and started pissing on me – first in my mouth and then all over my face and then all over my body. He also spat all over me.

Thus he made me feel so special that I was so useful to my daddy and I was able to serve my bunny.

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I said my greetings to him and he asked me to clean his cock again. I very passionately cleaned it.

After taking a bath and cleaning myself, it was time to sleep as I had my class tomorrow.

He put a small butt plug in my ass, gagged me with his underwear, cuffed my hands and legs and tied me in a corner. I had to sleep like that. As there was no other choice, I slept in that position after all these exhausting master-slave gay sex sessions.

In the morning, I woke with someone putting water over me. Then I realized that the old man was pissing on me. I quickly got up and opened my mouth.

I drank some of his piss which he knew was my favorite. He opened me up and I couldn’t walk straight as I had a butt plug in my ass for more than 8 hours.

I gave a quick blowjob to him and then a quick fuck. He cummed in my ass and I liked it.

Then I got ready for my class but I couldn’t walk straight. So he took a 4-inch butt plug and plugged in my ass. Now I was walking slow but straight. Before leaving, he spat in my mouth as I was thirsty.

I sat down with the butt-plug in the class. It was giving me pleasure so I was constantly moving my ass over the chair and then he texted me to show my ass with plug in it.

So I went to the washroom quickly clicked a picture and sent it to him. During the lunch break, I went for a quick fuck and blowjob session to that stranger guy I went earlier as the slut inside me wanted more and more dicks. I had to send pics of my ass many times a day to him too.

In the evening when I went to the old guy’s house, I had a surprise. There were 3 more old-aged Indian men about 40-50 years old waiting for me.

Day two will continue in part 2

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