An Onam Fuck – Part 2


This is the second part of ‘An Onam Fuck’, a session I had with my fuckbuddy Aparna. Be sure to read the first part of the story to know how she ended up at my place what happened before.

Really happy with the response of the first part, more on that later. Now, let’s get to the action! I hope you all will like this one too.

My cock had become limp after my fuckbuddy Aparna sucked me off and swallowed my cum without wasting even a drop of it. I had to get back hard again. I was dying to fuck her brains out.

I split both her legs apart and went down yet again. Her clean-shaven pussy, (still a bit red after all the licking I gave her a while ago) was glistening with her juices inviting me to come and lick it dry again.

Aparna moaned as I began licking her pussy lips, cleaning them up of her own juices. In between, I would stop licking and nibble on her inner thighs just to break the rhythm and keep her from cumming quickly.

Aparna loved it and I bet any woman would. Soon enough, she began coming close to orgasm and by now, I was hard and ready. I licked her and let her have that one.

I went up and we both started making out. As we made out, I began to part her pussy lips with my index finger searching for her clitoris. She moaned when I slowly rubbed her clit. She held my erect cock and began rubbing it and pulling it close to her pussy.

She laid on her back, spreading her legs wide for me to enter but I brought my cock to her face. She knew what I wanted and began licking my erect cock again half-heartedly. She made it clear that she wanted me to poke my cock in her pussy and not in her mouth!

I told her she will have to beg for it.

“Aiyyada!” (Yea, right), she said defiantly.

“Appo kittan ponilla” (You’re not going to get it today then), I said.

I got up and laid down beside her, my erect cock poking her tummy. She moved up so that it will be on her pussy instead. She hugged me and rubbed herself on it.

“Kittan ponilla” (Not getting it), I said.

“Patumonnu njan nokatte!” (Let me see if I can), she said.

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Aparna got on top of me and with my cock placed in between her pussy lips and began grinding on me. She made a few attempts to get me to enter her but I wouldn’t relent.

I quickly turned her around and we got into the 69 position again, this time with her on the top. Her delicious pussy invited me to taste it. I reached out and began eating her out. She moaned and began pushing herself down on my face.

She too began sucking me off as I was busy licking up all the juices from her pussy. This girl had me addicted to her pussy!

I dragged her upwards, closer to my mouth so I could get better access to her pussy, locked her in place with my hands around her thighs and began licking her intensely. She moaned as she inched closer to an orgasm with each lick.

Quite evidently, my fuckbuddy was in great pleasure. She had stopped sucking me off as she could not manage to suck me with the kind of licking I was giving her.

Instead, she squeezed my boner tightly and moaned out illegibly. Her grip getting tighter as she came closer to cumming. It was starting to hurt me but how cares! What’s more pleasurable than see your girl in such pleasure right?

Aparna climaxed to a powerful orgasm which lasted a bit longer than the others. (She later said it was an extremely intense one.) She rolled off me and cuddled up as her orgasm subsided slowly. She told me that she needed a break.

We both went over to the kitchen naked to grab a quick bite.

I sat down on the bar stool admiring her cloth less body, covered in her (and mine) sweat. Such perfection! Why didn’t I think of this relationship back in college I thought.

Aparna knew I would be ogling at her. She purposely moved in a seductive way, swinging her ass as she got an orange and started having it.

She came and sat on the adjacent stool crossed legged. You bet I had a tough time maintaining eye contact.

I asked her how she kept her body toned.

“Dance and yoga”, She said.

“We should try some yoga and dance then”, I said. “Preferably without clothes”.

“Poda”, she replied.

“Ithokke alle oru resam!” (Aint these the fun things?), I said and slowly reached out for her nipples. They were erect and ready to be sucked in no time.

“Roomileku poyalo?” (Let’s go the room?), she said.

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I carried her to our bedroom and dropped her on the bed.

We made out wildly with new energy and I kissed every bit of her body as I slowly worked my way down her navel and towards her crotch.

Finally, I got what I wanted and she started begging me to enter her. Once again, I reached down for her pussy and began rubbing her clit, gently moving further down to her hole. She was really wet right now.

I spread her juices around her pussy and even brought my finger to her mouth and made her lick up all her juices from it.

Aparna was really losing it with all this foreplay. She was literally crying for me to put something into her pussy, be it my finger or my cock. I was having so much fun edging her, bring her close to orgasm and not letting her cum.

I told her I still wasn’t going to fuck her yet. Once again, I moved my fingers around her pussy lips and pushed my index finger into her hole extremely slowly.

It was so wet! I really wanted to fuck her now but decided to play with her for some more time. As I pushed deeper into her pussy with my finger, I began probing for her magical spot within.

Found it fairly quickly (Guys, it helps if you know your girl’s anatomy well so explore your partner’s privates whenever you can! Generally it’s kind of easy to find the g-spot & trust me she will be thankful once you do!)

She climaxed quickly once I began rubbing and playing with it and I took out my finger and put in both my index and middle fingers into her. Repeated the same exercise with two fingers while sucking her delicious nipples.

Aparna writhed and moaned as I made her cum again and again and soon enough, she was holding my arm trying to stop the fingering session.

I stopped not because I wanted to but my forearms and fingers were starting to hurt now. It was quite some time and I am human after all. She, on the other hand, looked spend after all that finger games and multiple orgasms.

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I laid down beside her to take a break and let her catch her own breath. My erect cock was up like a flagpole and she eyed it with lust. She sat up and licked off a drop of precum from it.

Not boasting but I remember her telling me how beautiful it looked. Nothing compared to her incredible beauty I said. She was my Malayali goddess of sex. I got up too and we began making out yet again.

She pulled away from the smooch and held my erect cock. She began stroking it, tracing all the veins with her finger. In between, she would give it a good lick too and gradually licking slowly began turning into a blowjob.

I held her head with both my hands and controlled the rhythm. I would hold her head down on my cock for a while just to show her who is boss.

Since I had already cummed before, I was nowhere near cumming again. I could go on forever and I felt Aparna was getting bored sucking my dick and not being able to get me to cum.

Anyways, all this oral was getting kind of boring and it was getting really late too (it was probably around 11 or 12 by now). I knew she was getting tired too. So it was time to change tracks and get grooving.

That’s all for part 2 folks. I know I’m being a bit of a tease right now but I hope you all enjoyed reading this story as much as the first part and hopefully I will be back with the final part soon so stay tuned!

Overwhelmed with the responses to the first part folks! Great interacting with fellow readers. As always, feel free to drop me an email at ([email protected]) for any feedback, reviews or anything I could help you out with. I’ll be more than happy.

Loads of love to the Editors and Admins of ISS as well. Was overjoyed when the first part went straight to the editor’s picks section. Thank you guys and girls. See you all in the next part. Stay tuned. Cheers!

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