Ant Bites Hot Mom!


Let me begin with myself, I am nobody interesting, but my life is very. I am an orphan adopted by my aunty and uncle years ago. However, I came to know this only when I turned 20. How I came to know is something you shall know later. But to start with, let me tell you more about my parents.

I was 19 when I started to notice turbulence in the family. My dad was not around home most of the time. He was busy with work. My mom was quite occupied herself, yet she made some time for me. She liked me. I always felt that affection of hers. She loved hiking, trekking, and traveling. She was adventurous.

Dad not being around, mom used to take me on a weekend trip mostly. I enjoyed my trips. Mom looked super happy when we used to step out. We had done so many trips after I turned 18. Two years of fun and adventure had brought mom and me very close. I was taking care of her so much that I didn’t know where to stop.

On that Friday, when mom returned home early evening, she screamed loud from the main hall. Her voice reached my room as she asked me to rush to the main hall. I went running towards my mom and stood in front of her. Mom asked me if I was interested to go on a weekend trip?

I, as always, was curious and without hesitation, I said yes and rushed to pack my stuff.

An hour later, we left the house and started our journey. Mom was driving. She was good at it. Hours of driving had bored her. I had just turned 20 and was very enthusiastic to drive. I requested mom to drive our car. After minutes of contemplation, mom agreed and pulled over the car under a tree.

The road was dark, there were no street lamps. Car’s headlights were on. Mom opened the door and stepped out of the car. She allowed me to drive while requesting me to maintain a safe speed.

As I sat on the driving seat, she was still outside of the car. She screamed and started to scratch her back. She was yelling. She said something had bit her. She was in pain.

I asked mom to step inside the car so we can rush to a shelter and see what had happened. About 30 minutes were left to reach our destination and mom was restless. Her pain had aggregated. I drove to our hotel and rushed to our room.

We always stayed in a single room but slept on different beds. But this hotel had a king-size bed. As soon as we entered the room, I was quite surprised. But mom with her pain, didn’t even bother.

The moment we entered, she asked me to make myself comfortable in the room and she rushed to the bathroom removing her footwear. She latched the door from inside while I was unpacking the luggage.

Minutes later, I heard mom whisper through the slightly open bathroom door asking me for her nightdress. The smell of soap and hair cleanser had already filled inside the room. The hot shower she had taken had made the room moist.

I asked her if her nightdress was in her luggage bag? Mom said, yes. I opened her luggage bag and saw her evening dress and a saree. As I moved the top layer of clothes in search of her nightdress, my fingers brushed on a soft fabric that I had never felt before. Curiously, I grabbed it and pulled it out.

I was holding my mom’s soft-cupped bra in my hands. It felt like butter on my fingers. Mom’s bra was huge and had lacy embroidery on it. For the first time, I had felt that softness on my fingers. I couldn’t resist but take it closer to my face to feel it.

As I tried to smell it, I was shocked by my mom’s voice right behind me. Mom with her stern voice, standing right behind me, “What do you think you are doing?”.

I was shocked. I was shocked not just because mom had seen me rubbing her bra on my face but also to see her just wearing just a towel, wrapped around her bust down till her upper thighs.

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Mom’s hair was damp and strands of hair were running down on her chest. The hot water had made her body sweat. Mom’s sweat ran from her neck all the way down to her chest. I was stunned and shocked to see mom in this attire for the first time. I had my shocking look latched on her body.

Mom had her hands on her chest to ensure her cleavage was not exposed. My eyes were strolling all over the body. Her silky white skin, her thick black hair, and her lush plump body had me drooling. While her bra was still in my hand, mom snatched it from me and broke the heat asking me to go and take a shower.

We both were embarrassed. I was thinking of how sexy mom was while I was taking the shower. For the first time ever, I had crossed the limits and imagined my mom in the form of my sex goddess. Every single thought made my body pass a jolt of shiver. My thoughts had no boundaries.

As I applied soap on my body, I reached my cock to feel it hard and erect. I had never felt my cock grow that big. It was hard as a rock and loner than ever before. I rubbed my cock while imagining my mom with me in all sexual ways.

I was enjoying every bit of it unknowingly. I heard a bang on the bathroom door. Mom called out my name and asked me why I was taking so much time. I immediately rushed my shower and said that I will be out in 5 minutes.

I wore my boxers and stepped out to the room. My mind was filled with tabooed thoughts. I dint even look at mom for the minutes I was combing my hair in front of the mirror.

Mom uttered slowly, “I have been bitten by an ant. The pain has reduced but I feel it shall get allergic”. I turned towards her as she lied on the bed with her bed sheet pulled all over till neck.

I asked mom if she had carried any anti-allergic medication. Mom said yes and asked me to pull out a gel from her luggage bag.

Mom was embarrassed with all that had happened. I was ashamed to even ask if I could help her by applying the gel. Mom took the gel from me and got out of her bed.

She was wearing her long nightdress. She had no other choice but to apply the gel by herself. She asked me to go to bed and get some sleep.

As I made myself to bed and pulled over the sheets to cover myself completely, I could see mom turn off all lights except the dressing mirror. I closed my eyes trying to sleep. But hell, sexy images of my mom in her towel and her lush body were haunting me.

I couldn’t sleep. I opened my eyes to see mom stand in front of the mirror and her hands were reaching her back slowly, unzipping her nightdress.

As mom removed her nightdress slowly down her shoulders until her waist, I saw her luscious back with her bra straps hugging her. Mom was wearing the same red bra that I had held on my face trying to smell. She moved her hair to the front exposing her milky skin to me.

She was trying to apply the gel on her back but her hands couldn’t reach it. She was trying hard and going desperate.

I was hard inside my boxer. I was feeling the heat on my cock rush to my brain. My hands were clenched to the pillow. I couldn’t resist the sight of my mom’s back. I had lost all senses and had no shame left. The devil in me had taken over my actions.

I woke up on the bed moving my sheets and sat on the edge. Mom was shocked again and looked back at me from the mirror. She had her hands cover her front while her breasts were hidden. I asked mom if I could help her apply the gel? After fighting with her thoughts, mom said a yes very softly.

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I approached her slowly from behind and applied the gel on my fingers. The ant had just bit her where her bra clasp would join. Her skin had turned red. I took my fingers slowly towards her body and touched softly. There was a sudden jerk on her upper body.

I was not sure what she was thinking. I could feel the embarrassment grow as my fingers were rubbing on her back. I was inches away from my mom. I smelled her body scent. My fingers feeling her body heat was unbearable.

I had grown bolder and had started rubbing her back with my palm. My hand pressure on her back had made her feel my body heat. Mom was still covering her breasts with her hands while I was massaging.

I had moved way beyond limits by then. I dared to grab her bra clasp and unhook it. Mom, with an obvious shock, opened her eyes and looked me through the mirror. I didn’t stop. I tried to unhook it.

As I unhooked the first 3 hooks, I could feel mom becoming hesitant. As I tried to remove her last hook, mom had her hands let go of her chest and reach my hands on her back to stop me.

I was not surprised by her action but was stunned to see her through the mirror with her red bra filled with those melons so soft. They were pressed and caged.

Her breasts were crying out to be free. Mom’s cleavage was deep and heavenly. Her mangalsutra had gone hidden inside her cleavage. I was aroused and unwilling to stop any of my actions.

As her hands held mine not to remove the last hook of her bra, I pulled my hands away and stood still. Our eyes met through the mirror. She was shocked yet confused with the situation. I moved closer to her to press my hard dick on her ass crack. The moment she felt my dick on her, mom could wait but to press herself against my cock.

Her eyes closed and a hard gush of her breath was let out.

I was welcomed. I knew she was breaking the taboo. Mom had her hands slowly let go of the clasp and cover her chest again.

As my cock brushed her ass, I took the liberty to unhook the last one on her bra. I removed it and mom’s eyes opened to look me through the mirror.

I reached her neck and smelled her scent. Mom closing her eyes started to breathe heavy. I kissed her long neck gently and tingled it with my tongue.

Shockingly, the thought of me making out with mom affected me. I was ashamed and was feeling sick about it. I pulled my self back and was debating my thoughts.

My mom was shocked and had turned towards me trying to understand my actions. Her breasts were hanging loose in her bra facing me. She stepped closer and asked me if everything was fine? I was sad and had a very low voice. I asked her a sorry and said that was incest. It would be terrible to do something like it with mom.

My mom was surely aroused and was unbearably in lust. She stepped closer to me and pushed me on to the bed. As I lay on the bed, she to me “I am your aunt and your mom. This is the truth and I am happy to tell you now”.

I was shocked and surprised. As I was trying to figure out what just happened, my mom started to undress her nightdress. My eyes were still eyeing her. Mom came on to the bed with just her hanging bra and her red panty. She stood on the bed and started to tease me. I saw my mom showing off her lush body and trying to get me to fuck her.

My cock had its precum oozing out. I had lost my senses. I grabbed her thighs and rose on the bed to reach her cunt. As mom still stood on top of the bed, I smelled her pussy and bit her gently on her mound.

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Mom had her body shiver with my bite. She parted her legs and held my face directing me to lick her cunt. I grabbed her panty with my mouth and pulled it down.

She helped me remove it off her. I smelled her juices on my face. Her cunt was filled with wet hot juice which I was about to drink. I let my tongue tingle her temple and make her cum more.

Mom pushed my face away and sat on my stomach. Her sticky juices were flowing on my navel down all the way to my balls. Mom had her hands wrapped on my face while rubbing my lips. My eyes were glued to her breasts. Her sexy soft bra was alluring to me.

Mom saw the pleasure in my eyes and bend herself to me to ensure her breasts were inches away from my mouth. As I tried to kiss her bra, she grabbbbed my face tightly and pushed her breast towards my face. The smell of her bra and the sweat on her boobs made me mad.

I licked her bra and kissed them gently. She moved and brushed her breasts on my face feeling my lips. I grabbed her breasts with my hands and squeezed them tight. Mom’s milk tanks were full and lush. I felt her boobs full in my hands and squeezy.

As I played with her boobs, mom had no intention to wait. She removed her bra slowly exposing her dark brown areoles. Her jugs were sagging down brushing on my lips. I parted my lips to feel her tits slide inside.

As I kissed her tits and sucked them slowly, I felt her tits bulge and grow inside my mouth. Mom’s puffy tits were soft and ripe. I sucked and bit it as she moaned and rocked her body on mine.

As we both continued to extend our pleasure play, my mom grabbed my cock with her hand started stroking me. She looked at me in my hand and said, “Hey son, do you like my hand wrapped around you as your mom or aunt?” I was speechless. I had no patience.

I asked her to stroke me hard and called her mom as I usually do. She continued her slow strokes whispering how lovely she felt to stroke her son.

She said, “I wish you were my real son. Nevertheless, I have the pleasure to feel you inside me now”. By saying so, mom parted her legs and slid my cock smoothly through her wet cunt. My hard cock paved its way to reach her hot flesh.

I felt the lust and love of a mom or aunt to consume my spirits. I moved my body as my cock stroked her. She had her breasts grabbed while it was juggling with my strokes. I went from slow to hard with every stroke. Mom was moaning hard.

The room was filled with the scent of our sweat. We both were hot and sticky. I paved her hard and fast. The sound of my thighs hitting her was loud.

As we went hard, mom gasped hard and went still for a moment. As I wondered, I felt her cum flow down her pussy while my cock was still inside her. The feel of her juices on my cock was unbearably sexy and I had no control but ejaculate my white hot cum inside my mom.

The feeling of it was unbelievable as we laid on the bed and hugged each other. Ever since that hot incest sex incident, I crave for it to repeat again.

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