Arinya Pusari’s Filmy Cumfession


Please note; if you are looking for something to read to masturbate. I request you to read something else. The thing I have shared here is a secret I want people to know about to understand me better. To understand my side.

I hope nobody from my family reads this. I don’t want them to find about this story, else I will be welcoming a very bad spanking. That’s why I have changed my name to talk about the dark secrets of our Film Industry.

I don’t know why people curse me for the awards I win. They call me undeserving when I get them. They blame me for other talented people not getting the awards because of me. Just because I am the daughter of a renowned actor means that I don’t deserve an award?

The trolls on my social network comment saying I am privileged. I have never done any hard work. I never had to face any trouble to get cast in a film. I am a busy actress as I have to juggle between shooting films, ads, interviews and live performances.

My life is not easy. Believe me, when I say, I have worked hard enough to reach this level of success, just not in the way you would expect. In this day and age of social media, when cameras are everywhere, people think that they know everything about these rich celebrities there is to know about.

But that couldn’t be far from the truth. Despite being in front of the camera most of the time, these rich people of the film industry guard many secrets. The secrets even I was oblivious to until I turned 19.

My father Chanakya Pusari is a good actor. There was a time when he used to get good roles in films. Still, he never achieved the success he always dreamed of. That’s why he has been training me to become an actress. He put me in acting class, singing class, dance class, fitness class in addition to academic studies.

“I don’t want you to ever get even a little bit fat.” He used to say pinching my belly.

As a child, I first wanted to become an architect. I loved to draw houses and buildings and that is what I wanted to do for life. But my father got furious when he found out about my sketches. He didn’t say anything to me, but I heard him shout at my mother saying,

“I didn’t give birth to her to fulfill her dreams. I am giving her all the luxuries of life because I want her to fulfill my dreams.”

Hearing that I got very scared and decided to do as he said. When I was 12 I participated in a school play and won the best actress ribbon. That was the best day of my life, I still remember. I proudly wore the ribbon to school every day.

Once I told my father to get me an audition in one of the films, I wanted to act professionally. But he said “No.” He said I am not ready. When I asked him why he told me, “I can’t tell you now, but you will understand that when you will turn 19.”

That is true. I waited while perfecting my acting skills. My 19th birthday arrived. It was just past midnight when my parents and house staff came to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’. Once I was done cutting cake and receiving best wishes from everybody, they all left the room.

Except for my father. He was wearing a dark red robe. I still remember that time. “Congratulations beta (child) you are finally of the right age to enter the film industry. But before you enter there is something very important I need to teach you. Please do as I say.”

My father is usually kind and cheerful. He is funny and cracks jokes. But whenever he is serious, I can see it in his eyes. That’s the time to not fuck with him. I could see those expressions that night. So I had no other option but to do as he said.

“Yes, Papa. I’ll do as you say.”

He smiled, “Take off your clothes.”

This came as a shock to me. When I hesitated he walked close to me. I was wearing my pink cartoony PJs. Without a word, he started unbuttoning my shirt. I stood there frozen.

While he did that he stared into my eyes and said, “You see, this film industry is a very horny industry. If you want to be recognized here, you need to be able to seduce them.” He took the shirt off and threw it on the side. He then gently raised his hands and rested them on my breasts.

“No more dressing like a child. You must dress sexy. From today, I don’t want to see you in any dress that doesn’t show any cleavage…” He grinned, “…and thighs.” He said stuffing his fingers inside my lower and pulling them down with a quick sweep.

I felt so embarrassed standing in front of my father just wearing my baby-pink lingerie. I tried covering myself by putting hands on my chest.

“Now… now… beta. There’s no need to be shy. A good actress is never shy to show off her body. Try being bold.” He said removing my hands and started massaging my breasts. They were not as big as they are now, but still, they were big enough, C-cup.

Then he took a couple of steps back and said, “Take off the rest of your clothes.”

I didn’t know back then that I had a choice. As a father, he is allowed to undress me. But he should not see me naked unless I willingly show him. Otherwise, he would be committing a crime. I did not know that back then. I was shaking and shivering when I took off my bra and panty.

He gave out a soft moan scanning me from down to up. “You have a woman’s body now,” he said squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. He rubbed his rough, dry manly hands all over my body feeling every inch of my skin. Placing on hand on my bum he stuffed a couple of fingers inside my pussy.

“I hope you have not been naughty until now,” he said digging his fingers deep. As he was touching my body started to get heating up. I suddenly felt moist down there. He then took out his fingers and licked it. “I can taste virgin in this, good girl,” he said mischievously patting my butt.

I stood there frozen just reacting all he did to me. I was feeling scared at first but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t enjoying it.

“Let me give you a gift,” he said putting his hand on my face. Then after gently rubbing my lips, he pulled me close and kissed me on my lips. “Happy birthday, sweetie.” Never before did he touch me like that. I wanted him to kiss me more. But then he stopped.

“Now for the next part.” He said and clapped. The door opened and a guy walked in. He is my father’s driver Waibhav. Fair, tall, muscular and too good looking to be a driver. Since the time he was hired, I had a crush on him. I fantasized about kissing him.

I even tried a couple of times when we were alone in a garage. But he never let me. At that moment he was completely naked when he walked in my room guided by my mother who was also wearing a red robe.

“This is your birthday gift,” said my Mamma. I saw her holding Waibhav by his penis and bringing him in.

The thing that happened next was just a blur. I remember flashes of pain and pleasure. I remember Waibhav kissing me on my lips. It was just a gentle touch. Seeing that my mother got annoyed. She kissed Waibhav to show how it’s done and he kissed me back. This time he slipped me his tongue.

I remember him making me lie on the floor and stuffing his dick inside. It was a big 6-inches cock at least. I felt a sudden pain when he thrust it in. He wanted to take it out but my father didn’t let him. He started fucking me.

“Do as we do,” instructed my mother.

Both of them took off their robes. They were naked underneath. Then they started having sex next to us. Waibhav and I were instructed to copy them. The pleasure I felt that night was immeasurable. I wished I had sex sooner. But that was just the beginning.

The following days my father made me have sex with all the staff members of the house, “I want you to get used to people with different styles and different rhythms,” he said.

My father used to wake me up by spraying his cum on my face. He said it is good for my skin. Late in the night, my mamma used to come with Waibhav to teach me things. But it was just her excuse to have sex herself.

All the sexual stuff that was happening inside the house, not even once my father had sex with me. Although used to let me suck his cock. “This is how you pleasure men when there is no time to have sex.”

After three months of training, I was ready. He said, “You are ready,” when he saw me comfortably handling four dicks at the same time. And no, “Four cocks.” I like to say ‘cocks’. I like how the word sounds coming out of my mouth.

You know how children are told to sing or dance when guests show up at their place. My father used to show my talent in sucking cocks. In those three months, I had tasted cum of so many top actor-producers. I wish I could name them, but I can’t.

It’s true that I never gave an audition to get a role in any movie. But I did a lot of hard work inside bedrooms and bathrooms whenever I went to any producer’s place or they came to mine.

Even on the sets of those big-budget films ‘the Muhurat shot (the first shot every filming day begins with)’ used to be the shot the producers used to shoot inside my asshole. They used to film that with actual cameras.

Truth be told actors and directors are naïve puppets. It is the producers I had to please a lot. I never had to have sex with any of the actors, even though they were popular. I remember this one romantic scene I did in a film. That was the time I actually had sex in front of the camera and hundreds of crew members around.

But the person I had sex with was the film’s producer. It was only later that the filmmakers digitally replaced the producer’s face with the actors.

Let me conclude by saying that the awards aren’t any different affair. Sure they give awards for ‘best film’ ‘best actress’ ‘best actor’. But truth be told, the categories aren’t what you see on TV. To decide the winner all the judges get inside a room.

If I want to win the award, I must have sex with each one of them. If there are other actresses in the nomination who are also willing to have sex, then things become difficult. Now, I have to be the best at pleasuring them in that. I still remember when I won the award for the ‘best new-cummer’.

There were 15 dicks standing in a line and I had to blow all of them one by one. I must say, that day I didn’t have any lunch or dinner. Also, the award for the best film isn’t decided by watching the film itself. Every filmmaker has to shoot a separate sex scene that never gets public.

Based on that it is judged which film gets the award. I know you people things that judges are biased and awards are fixed. But if you consider the real criteria for winning awards, I must say that the judges are pretty honest in choosing the winners.

To be honest I don’t care about any awards I win. I just want to see approval in the eyes of my father. I hope someday he will see me as a good actress and that day he will let me have sex with him.

I know this story wasn’t arousing enough for you masturbate while reading it. To be honest that was never my intention. There are other stories you can read while touching yourself. I just wanted to share the truth so you don’t judge me and call me undeserving.

I don’t understand why we as a country are so conservative. Why we don’t openly talk about sex. We put a ban on porn, we sensor films that are even remotely sexy. Honestly, I love sex, I love talking about it, and I love doing it. Sex is beautiful.

I know people will call me dumb and naïve for saying this. I don’t know how I got this reputation. Still, I will say this.

“I believe that we can stop these incidents of sexual abuse and rape if only we start openly talking about sex. Let porn be freely available and easily accessible. Let us embrace the sexual openness that our country desperately needs. Let us become the great nation that we were many centuries ago as described in the holy book of Kamasutra.”

I hope that someday this becomes a reality where our liberal film industry no longer has to keep secrets from the audience. A time when an actress like me does not have to anonymously write about this just so people could understand her better. I know that day will come, I am optimistic in that sense.

I thank you for sincerely reading what I have written.

Love from Arinya Pusari.

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