Army Man Made Me Squirt

Hello readers, I am back with another sexcapade of mine. First, thank you all for your responses on my first story ‘Exploring The Slut in Me’. By now I have become a seducer and head-turner. Men of all ages give a second look to me whenever I pass by. I enjoy this attention too.

Sometimes, I would look back at the guy and be naughty with him. Seducing a mature guy turns me on. This experience is from a friend’s wedding. Last winters, a friend from the office got married. The marriage function was at one of the farmhouses near Mahipalpur in Delhi.

It was going to be 2 nights and 1-day function. I and Harshika decided to go together. The first night was of the family functions and the second night was the wedding night. In the last 6-7 years, I have become quite open about sex with strangers and was not shy at all.

There was a phase prior to this when I would seduce strangers to fuck me almost every night. Sometimes 2 at once. Coming back to the story, I and Harshika reached the venue by 6. Initially, the place seemed a bit dull and we were feeling a bit out of place.

Out of boredom, Harshika said, “This place is so dead.”

“Right,” I said, “Let’s scout some hot men.”

She smiled naughtily and winked. We went from the table to the bar in search of some hot horny guys. Dressed in sexy deep cut and backless sarees, we had eyes of almost every men on us. At the bar counter, Harshika ordered 2 cocktails. We both started drinking.

Harshika is more into younger guys, well built and class. While I am more into mature, elder, classy, suave men. We both were scanning the area for hot men. My eyes suddenly stopped at a man standing across the counter, talking to a colleague of mine.

The moment I saw him, I knew it was him. I was taking him to bed tonight. Man in his early 50s, maintained, grey hair, mustache and tall. I had a feeling that I must have been in defense, the way he wore his clothes. I told Harshika that I found my guy.

She said, “Where?” I pointed at him. She said she knows him. He is the bride’s father’s friend. Serving in the army. “I so want him,” I said. “Go, talk to him,” Harshika replied. I refilled the drink and went where my colleague and the guy were standing and talking.

I said hello to my colleague. She replied, “Hi,” and introduced me to LT Colonel Sanjay. I said, “Hi.” He said, “Hi,” and we started talking in general, introducing ourselves. He was a well-polished gentleman, class apart from the other men at the wedding.

The more I spoke with him, the more I fell for him. I started drinking fast to get in the mood. My colleague had taken off by now. We both sat near the bar and ordered refills. He told me he came all the way from the North East just to attend this wedding. His wife and kids could not make it.

I became so interested after hearing this. He asked me if I too came alone. I said yes. I told him my husband works for Merchant Navy and he is away sailing. I could feel a glitter in his eyes after listening to this. I sensed that this man can be seduced to bed.

I was tipsy by then. He said, “Would you like another drink?” I said yes and he ordered two for us. While talking, I started doing my things. Touching him seductively, lean over, started talking in his ears as the music was loud. I think all this started turning him on.

Slowly he started complimenting me. About my beauty, and how well have I maintained my self. He said my hubby must be missing me a lot. This time I told him about my open relationship with my husband. He was surprised at first.

After a while, he asked me “So, you are allowed to meet other men, you know what I mean?” I smiled at him and naughtily said, ” I am glad to have met you today.”

“You are naughty,” he said.
“Much better in private,” I replied.

This was the ice breaker. He straightaway asked me, “Wanna get naughty with me, not here, somewhere else?”
“Car park area, follow me,” I said.

We got up, being cautious of no one seeing me leave with me. So I left first and he followed after 5 minutes. We found a dark spot in the parking where he followed me. But he was a bit scared of people walking around. “Can’t we go to a better place?” he asked.

“How about my home?” I said and continued, “But Noida is a bit far. You wont be able to make it back on time.”
“Who wants to come back?” I said, “Let’s go then.” I texted Harshika, “Leaving, Action tonight, See you tomorrow.” She replied, “Have fun!”

Sanjay booked a cab till Noida. As soon as we sat in the cab he started feeling me. “Wait till we reach, not here,” I said. He stopped. We were at my place in 45 minutes. As we entered the house, he grabbed me from behind, pulled towards himself and started licking and kissing my neck. “Slow down tiger, I need a drink first,” I said.

“Drink me,” he said. I grabbed his dick, pressed it over his pants and winked. “In a while,” I said. I went to the kitchen, poured two glasses of wine and started drinking. We sat on the couch and started talking naughty. He looked at my feet and said, “I love those.”

I placed my feet over his thighs and he started playing with them. He had a fetish for feet. “I love women with sexy feet, nail paints and wearing stilettos.” He bent down and started licking my feet. I felt hot. A little moan came out of my mouth. He took off his blazer, got more comfortable and started licking my feet wild.

I was now lying on the couch and he was working on my feet. I loved the way he licked. He licked each finger and thumb well with stilettos on. I got up from the couch. He stood up too and I took him to the bedroom. We started to kiss. There was a lot of tongue play involved.

Slowly while smooching, he undressed me and I was left in my lingerie only. He started squeezing my boobs. His tongue was all over my neck. I pushed him on the bed. I climbed over him and started kissing him wildly. Sitting over him, I started unbuttoning his shirt, took it off and took the west off too.

He was hairy but a sexy body, broad chest and shoulders. I leaned over him again and started kissing him. Slowly I moved down to his chest. Licked and sucked his nipples. He was moaning by now. I went further down and unbelt his pants, unhooked and removed his pants. He was in a white undie, with his cock throbbing inside it.

I started teasing him over the underwear. I was rubbing my hands all over his underwear. He was getting hornier. Then I took off his underwear. I went down and started licking his balls. He loved the way I did it. He moaned. Slowly I went up licking his cock.

I was playing with the tip of his cock using my tongue. He was ecstatic and wanted me to suck him. I did as he asked. I took his cock deep inside my mouth. Started deep throating him. “You are a pornstar, lady,” he said. I loved the compliment.

I looked into his eyes, gave him a horny look and started deepthroating again. He bent towards me, unhooked my bra and started squeezing my boobs. Pulled me up and started sucking my boobs hard. He did a lot of tongue play on my nipples and made me hornier.

I got up and got into 69 position. Took off my panty and threw it on his face. He liked it. As I started sucking him again, he started licking my pussy. He liked the smoothness and started licking and eating it wild. I was getting crazier. I rubbed my pussy all over his face and made it wet with my juices flowing out.

He grabbed his pants, took a condom out of the wallet and gave it to me. “Put it to use,” he said. I opened the condom. placed it in my mouth and rolled it on to his cock using my mouth and tongue. He loved the way I did it. He asked me to sit over him. I placed his dick below my pussy.

He gave a gentle thrust and his cock was inside me. It felt good. I had been craving for this dick since the time I met him and finally, it was inside me. He started slow, but gradually increased his speed. I was moaning by now. Moaning loud.

He went faster and faster. We broke from each other for a while and he asked me to come in doggy position. I did that, leaning against the bed with him behind me. He started fucking me from behind. He had amazing stamina. Kept pushing harder and harder. I kept moaning louder.

Again we broke and he pushed me on the bed. He came over me and started fucking me by putting my legs around his waist. He was thrusting hard. I felt I was going to have an orgasm. I asked him not to stop and increase speed. “Yeah baby, don’t stop, I am close, push hard, I am cumming.”

The moment I squirted, he took his dick out of my pussy and started to rub it with his fingers. He rubbed my clitoris hard and I was screaming of pleasure. My juices came out of the pussy like a waterfall. He liked that. He again inserted his cock inside me and started pushing hard. I wanted more.

I asked him to keep fucking me wild. After some more fucking, he quickly pulled his cock out of my pussy, took off the condom and came on my face. I sucked him clean and swallowed his cum. I was exhausted and he too. We lay on the bed and slept.

Around 6 in the morning, I felt his hands on my body. He was aroused again and wanted to go one more time. I obliged and we had sex again, this time without a condom. And then slept till afternoon. Later we had a lot of fun at the wedding and after the wedding too, that I will describe in the next stories. Till then enjoy. Cheers!

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