Aunty se true love.


Hi guys am back wid my another new story . In which hw i was fall in love wid my neighbour aunty sunita. . So am coming to the my story which happend when i was 25year old. . And my love my aunty was 38year old to whom i love madly like wife like gf. .
My family have construction busines . And most of work handle by me. . .we hv few building . Some flats has bin sold and some flat we giving on renty . . Once early morning . .i was working in my site office . .a lady of midage enter in my ofice and sat before me and asking for flat on rent . Firt thng i wana tel dat i was shockd and get horny by seing dat lady. .cuz she has big melon and fair white skin . She wear a red fit saree from toe to top she has a big butts and soft slim navel. . Big juicy lips . . KAJAl on eye and big ear rings . . My cock get erected bt i stop myself . . And start answering her . . I said he we hv some flat on 15000 rent bt she said i cnt aford . . Sir do u hv oda flat in low rent . . . On that moment . . A plan came in my mind to fuck her by gving high rent flat on low rent its way of come close to her and fuck her. . .i agree and tel her dat we can gv u flat on 10000 rent she said thanks . .by gvng smile. And took key frm me and promise to shft by next day. .
On next day she came wid a pick up truck wid her sme furniture . .and laguage . . Dis time i saw a litil grl came along wid her . .sunita aunty introduce little grl to me she said dis z my only one daughter neha. . .then i smiled at neha and . . Then i took aunty to show her flat . . She enter in flat and check every corner . And said so beautiful dis z what i want . In low rent thank u sir . . . I said no wc sunita ji . . Then i helpd her to decoratd house and adjust furniture at d evening al work finish and she said if u didnt help us then what wil happen then she offer me tea . And walking toword kitchen to make tea . I seeing dat time her back both bumps shaking in air and m geting erectd bt i controld myself. She came wid two cup of tea . .and gve me a cup then she had notice da m staring at big melons. . BT she didnt say anythng and i said sunita ji it bin evening m gng nw bye . She replied mr. Neel see u again i get happy by hearing those word. . . Finaly i reach at my home and first went to the bathrum and start masturbation by taking sunita aunty name and remembering her juicy body . And i cum twice . Then i back frm bathrum and laid dwn on bed by dreaming of fucking sunita aunty . ..
To get knw what happend wid my dream lady sunita story must read my next part .


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