Awesome Fuck On The Bus With A Stranger – Part 1


Hello readers, this is my first story so please forgive me for any mistakes. I have been a regular reader of ISS for almost a year now. Finally, I had a wonderful experience which I think is worth sharing here.

Myself Vishal (name changed). I am 25 years old 5ft 11 tall with fat 7” dick with muscular body. (not super buffed not athletic either).

Enough of me, the angel of the story is a lady. I didn’t get a chance to get her name. So we will call her Vivedha. She was very short of 4.7- 4.9 ft tall and would be in her late twenties. But she was super sexy with 36-28-36. She is the shortest girl with such a body structure I have ever seen.

Let’s start the ride. I am working in an MNC company. My job role involves a lot of travel across India. This awesome sex experience I had on a semi-sleeper bus from my business trip from Chennai to Vizag. This was the best sex I had in my life until now. This story happed to me about a month back.

I was booking my travel to Vizag from Chennai for an urgent work trip. Usually, I don’t travel by bus. But I was not able to book any train. So I booked a semi-sleeper bus (not knowing this is going to be my best bus travel ever). I booked the bus in the afternoon.

The bus is starting around 6.30 pm from Chennai. When I booked, the bus seats were almost empty. It was two days after New Year. I booked a window seat from last to the third row on the right side (I booked this bus for a reason). I boarded the bus at the proper time and the bus started at the correct time.

Around 6.45 PM on the next stop Annanagar, the sex goddess of this story got on the bus. I was seeing this short, hot chick crossing road from the other side and boarding my bus. I am seeing her walk from the front and searching for her seat. Her seat was the one in front of me.

Yeah! Thanks, Redbus for showing which are girl’s seats while booking. She sat and settled down on her seat. The whole bus had around 10 passengers. One family of 7 occupying the front rows and a guy sitting 4-5 rows before Vivedha and only one driver.

I felt happy seeing this. Since I have a few previous experiences in the bus travels. I thought this is an ideal situation for doing similar things. It was around 8 pm. Some old Tamil movie was running in the bus and lights were already turned off. Vivedha pushed her seatback.

I was watching a movie on my mobile by folding my leg on top of the other. So when she pushed her seat swiftly, she hit my knee for which I shouted. Since I had my headset on my ears, she turned around and apologized to me saying, “Sorry.” I replied, “It’s all right. No issues. You can push back your seat now.” I had to sit properly and helped her pull the seat fully down. She thanked me with a dazzling smile (which I can still see if I close my eyes) and settled in.

Her seat was over my thighs (yes, this bus seat pushed back very low than other semi-sleeper buses). I am still seeing a movie by keeping my mobile on top of Vivedha’s seat since I have not pushed my seatback. During the travel through a sudden glimpse of lights on the highway, I noticed her cleavage.

Her pallu was slightly down. It suddenly turned me on. My dick instantly gave a shock wave in my body and became rock hard instantly. After this, I wanted to touch her so badly and also her boobs were in my hand reach. But also I was scared as hell to do so.

So I wanted to make sure she is up for it or to bring her slowly to the mood. I slowly removed my shoe and sock from my right foot. I placed it between the gaps between her seat near her ass. I was closely noticing her response while trying to act like watching a movie on my mobile.

Then very smoothly and slowly I was inserting my foot deeper and deeper. Suddenly the bus jumped in a small bump and my foot touched her ass in that jerk. Immediately my heart started pounding at extreme speed. My foot is still touching her ass.

I have muted my movie on mobile and noticing her closely for any response. She moved slightly but didn’t show any signs of discomfort. It boosted my confidence. But still, I was afraid and was sweating on the AC bus with fear. I left my foot there, so in every jerk of the bus, I was pressing her ass cheek.

Now I was ready for the next level. I slowly started moving my foot from left to right. I can feel her ass crack. I was slowly touching her left and right cheek with my foot. She doesn’t even seem to notice nor gave any response. I was still nervous, that she might have slept. But if she wakes up I might get screwed.

But my lust took full control and didn’t let me stop. It was around 9 pm. My leg was getting numb because of that awkward angle which I was keeping my leg for more than 40 minutes. So I withdrew my leg down. Suddenly I noticed her pushing herself back in the seat and after that no movement.

So I thought she wants it and I took it as a green signal. I wanted to go to the next level. I started putting my right hand between the gaps between the right wall of the bus and her seat. While moving slowly I touched her right shoulder and saw her response. Suddenly she took her blanket and covered her up till her neck.

I thought I got fucked and pulled my hand immediately. My heart is beating so fast that my whole body can feel it. But to my surprise, she didn’t do anything after that and looked like she was sleeping. I was relieved and I wanted to continue. Again I slowly inserted my hand in that gap.

Now I touched the blanket on her shoulder. I tried to lift very slowly. It was tight at first and suddenly it got loosened as she lifted her shoulder slightly, which I felt in my hand. Now my confidence is skyrocketed. I was strongly believing she is in for the ride.

Now with a little bit more confidence, I moved my hand below the sheet. I kept firmly on her shoulder. I waited for a bit and she didn’t give any movement. So I proceeded slowly and move my hand deeper towards her neck. (I had to lean slightly from my seat while doing so).

Now my fingertip touched the bottom part of her neck. So I slowly moved my hand even deeper and placed my hand below her neck and above her cleavage. My hand was cold in the AC so she slightly shivered by the cold and continued like sleeping. But I can feel everything.

Now, I am sure that I can do anything I want. I slowly lifted my hand upwards and touched her mouth and pinched her lower lip softly. She just folded her legs which I was able to feel. Now my dick was pulsing inside my pant. I moved my hand again back inside the blanket and making my way towards her cleavage.

I can feel the cleavage of her big soft juicy and warm boobs. I slowly slid my hand on top of her blouse and slowly searching for her nipple. I suddenly felt the sharp erect nipple over her bra and blouse and thought she must be horny. I used my Index finger and was drawing circles around her right nipple.

Then slowly started to pinch the nipple with two fingers for a few minutes. Then I pushed my hand deeper. I felt the end of her right boob and held it with my full hand. Oh god! It was smooth. Now I am slowly squeezing her right boob and started to press it harder and harder after every couple of minutes.

Now she was completely horny and turned on. She was slightly moving every time I squeeze her boob harder. Now I have removed my earphones and put my phone away and was ready to enjoy it completely. I put my left hand between the gaps of the seats on her left side.

I made my way into the blanket and directly went to her navel region. I touched her flat tummy with my cold left hand. She responded by pulling her abdomen region inwards and slowly releasing it. I moved my left hand slowly upward and felt her left boob.

I started searching for the nipple on that side. Having found it, I started pinching it with my left hand while pressing her right boob. I was doing all this by sitting towards her seat and seeing the front seats, that nobody is noticing this. Now I started to press both her boobs over her blouse hardly for a few minutes.

I heard a soft moan from her and it turned me on even further. Suddenly the bus started to slow down and moving towards the left side. I can hear the indicator sound of the bus. So I pulled both my hands out. Within seconds they paused the movie have turned the lights on.

I was casually seeing, that if anyone is noticing me. I can see her adjusting her pallu under the blanket. The bus driver shouted, “Bus will stop for 20 minutes. Whoever wants to have dinner and go to the bathroom can go and come in that time.” I was slightly shy in looking at her and I can bet she also felt the same.

So I got off from the bus. I took a coffee from the shop and was drinking it in front of the bus. I saw her coming down from the bus. She saw me and suddenly looked away and I did the same. It was awkward for both of us at that time. She went to the restroom and came back.

She was standing near the shop where I bought the coffee. I wanted to talk to her. So I went to the shop and bought a water bottle and took some change from him. I turned towards her and smiled slightly at her. But she didn’t respond, which made me feel bad.

I gave a second try and asked her, “Where are you going, Vizag?” She slowly nodded. I smiled and said great with a smile on my face. She had a very small smile on the edge of her lips. I said, “The coffee is good here. If you want I can get you one.”

She hesitantly told okay and bought one and gave it to her. While she was drinking it, the bus driver honked the bus horn everyone started boarding the bus. She still had almost a full cup of hot coffee. I told to her “Please don’t worry I’ll inform the driver to wait, you can drink slowly.”

And left to the bus and climbed the bus stairs. I informed the driver that she is from our bus so wait for her to board and then start the bus afterward. He told, “Okay, no problem. Anyway, I accidentally honked the horn and don’t worry I will start the bus after 5 minutes only.”

I thanked him and saw her and smiled and went to my seat. It was around 9.50 – 10 pm while going to my seat. I suddenly got a very wild idea to sit on the seat next to her. Without any skepticism, I sat there and waiting for her and to see her reaction.

She slowly started coming from the front of the bus towards me (for me it felt like she was walking in slow-motion). She started to go into the seat in front of me. I noticed her bag on top and suddenly saw her seat was next to me and looked at me with a shock.

The look on her face was telling herself what she has gotten herself into. I slowly turned in the seat by moving my legs out and giving her way to go inside. She made a face by twisting her lips and rotating eyes. I was pulling her neck up which was funny to see at that time.

But anyhow she started coming to sit in her original seat next to me. In the meantime, the bus has started to move out of the hotel and reached the main road. The driver sharply accelerated the bus while she is in front of me moving toward her seat.

In that jerk, she started coming towards me. I kept my right hand on her butt and held her and told to be careful. I didn’t take my hand until she reached her seat and was ready to sit. Then she got settled in and immediately covered herself with her blanket.

The lights on the bus were turned off and the movie resumed. My dick woke up almost immediately. I started looking at her face. She noticed that I was looking at her face and turned her face towards the other side. She had kept her left hand on the armrest between our two seats.

I slowly kept my right hand on top of her hand. I moved it slowly over and towards her over the blanket. Then I kept my right foot on top of her left foot and slowly moving on up and down. By this time, I was completely turned on and my dick was not able to stay inside my pants anymore.

So what did I do next? Find out in the next part. But you can send me feedback on [email protected] at any time.

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