Awesome Sex On Hills During Business Trip


Hi, this is Rajesh, with experience during my recent business visit to Uttarakhand with 34 years old married woman and her 19-year-old niece. Last month I went on a business trip to Uttarakhand. With the help of a friend, I booked a guest house as no good hotels were available.

I drove from Delhi and reached around 4 pm and headed straight to the guest house. Weather was awesome slight drizzling and was cold by the time I reached. I was greeted by a family of five of the caretaker (Ramesh) with his voluptuous wife(Rajni) two sons and 19-year-old niece (Pooja).

The guest house was virtually in the middle of a valley with an amazing view and well maintained. Everyone was thrilled as they had someone visiting after three months. Ramesh got my luggage and took to the room and his wife Rajni and Pooja followed. The room had an amazing view and was well equipped.

Ramesh was greedy. As soon as we entered the room he asked if I required something to drink. I gave him Rs.1000.00 to get whiskey and savories and vegetables as per my choice. He was very happy and had a twinkle in his eye. He left immediately saying that the liquor shop is in the city and will take 2 hours.

I had tea and was relaxing and smoking in the room. Pooja came to the room with kids and was very talkative. She was wearing a light woolen top and skirt. She sat on the floor lifting her skirt and sat on the carpet with wide open legs. One could easily see her panties with slight bent.

Pooja was asking about Delhi and started chatting. In between while laughing she would move backward and I could have a glimpse of her panty line. By 6:45 Ramesh walked in with whiskey. Rajni fried pakoras and served light snacks that Ramesh bought.

Pooja also walked in and insisted that she also wants to eat. I happily served her and two boys. Rajni was wearing a tight shirt and a salwar. It seemed that her boobs wanted to tear the shirt and come out. She walked in with pakoras and when she bent her cleavage line was clearly visible.

Ramesh also got a bottle with him. He was drinking in his room when I enquired about his whereabouts. Around 8:30, I called up for Ramesh but Rajni came and said that he is drunk and lying on the floor. I wanted cigarettes as I forgot to buy on the way.

Rajni called Pooja and asked to buy from a local vendor. Pooja grabbed the money and ran to buy cigarettes. Rajni walked again with snacks and when bent down to keep plates on the table again had a glimpse of cleavage line. My eye was stuck on cleavage.

Probably Rajni realized the same and bent further to serve the snacks and this time her whole cleavage was visible. Our eyes met with lust and she smilingly went back to the kitchen. This time when Rajni moved around I realized that she had a great ass to die for.

I feasted my eyes with her dangling ass. Rajni called her boys and fed them with dinner and made them sleep. Pooja was back. Rajni also made her eat dinner and asked her to sleep saying that she will manage dinner. But Pooja insisted to stay for a while and around 10 pm Pooja also went to sleep.

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Rajni came back and asked when to serve dinner but I asked her to serve snacks in the plate. Smilingly she bent down. But now realized that she had unbuttoned two buttons of her shirt to tease me. I was stuck to her big melons. She offered the snack plate in my hand.

Our fingers met and instead of taking plates moved my hands on her hands and moved to melons. To help me caress them she bent again. Now I could feel the melons and pushed my hand in her shirt and played with tits gently. She was enjoying. She sat down on the floor next to me.

I offered her whiskey and she accepted. While we both were enjoying whiskey. I moved my hands inside her shirt and playing with her melons and nipples. After 15 minutes, she laid dinner and we had it together, Rajni sitting down near my chair.

Around 11:30 after winding, she walked in the room asking if I needed anything else. Her two top buttons were open but she had changed to the long skirt. I was smoking on the balcony. She came and stood beside me. I moved next to her and started playing with her ass to which she did not object.

I finished smoking and I moved behind her and cuddled her. I was playing with her melons and tits. Then I moved her in front of me and unbuttoned shirt and started licking her pink round tits. She was moaning. Rajni said, “Sahab aur jor se chuso na. Ramesh toh kabhi nahi choosta.”

I got mad and was sucking boobs like a hungry lion and was playing with ass. She moved her hand started stroking lund on top of jeans. I unzipped and took it out and handed over to her and she started playing with it. I lifted her skirt from behind and realized she was not wearing panties.

I started playing with her pussy and inserted in her pussy which was wet and flowing with juices. I made her bend spread her legs and inserted my lund in her dripping choot. I started pumping her and within a few minutes, we both climaxed together.

She took me to the washroom and started the hot shower. She undressed me and herself and now I saw her fully nude. My lund started showing signs of stiffness. She soaped me and herself. We both soaped each other and then she wiped me clean.

We both came to the room and she pushed me to the bed. She started rolling her tongue on my lund and was ready for another session. She kept on enjoying lund and then licked my body. She came on top and slid my lund in her choot. I started enjoying and was feasting her dangling boobs.

We both climaxed together. she rested on my body for some time and after some time dressed. While going out of the room we realized that Pooja was standing outside and was surprised to see Rajni walking out of the room. I was lying naked in the room. Pooja without saying a word went back.

The next day 8 am in the morning I did not have the courage to see Pooja face to face. I went out for meetings. I came back around 4 pm and had a late lunch. Pooja dressed in her skirt and see-thru tight top. She moved around me and served lunch.

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Now I realized that Pooja’s figure 34-30-36 and had a boner. Pooja was full of life and forced me to walk to the mountains as she wanted me to show the valley. Ramesh also forced to go saying that mountains and valley are great sights.

I went and followed her. She was talking nonstop and we were in the middle of the valley. A great sight to feast your eyes and soul. Pooja was standing behind me. I said, “Kal raat to bhabhi aur aapne kya kiya mujhe sab pata hai.” I tried to convince her but she was not willing to listen to anything.

In frustration, I caught hold of her and tried to convince. But surprisingly she moved my hands and placed on her boobs. I moved her hands on my trousers. She said she also wants me to fuck her or else she will tell her brother. “Mujhe be chodo nahin to bhaiya ko sab bata doongi.”

I was a bit afraid and had no choice. But on top of it how you can refuse if you have boobs in your hands and her hands moving on my pants. Pooja moved forward and violently started kissing me. Our tongues rolled in each other’s mouth. I was shocked by how a girl in the village can kiss so well.

Pooja bent down unzipped my pants and started sucking my lund like a tigress. Within a few minutes, I exploded in her mouth. She drank all the cum and wiped her face clean. There was a small waterfall around and she went there cleaned face and was back.

We both walked and it started getting dark and drizzled a bit. We both took shelter under a big tree and she wrapped herself to me. We both started moving back to the guesthouse. She stood against a small rock and pulled her skirt and said, “Ghar jaane se pehle meri bur chodo kyonki khujli ho rahi hai uske baad hi ghar jayenge.”

I tried to convince her that I will fuck her at night but she insisted to be fucked. She pulled me to her opened my pants and moved my underwear started sucking my lund. Then she leaned on the bushy rock and opened her legs. I pushed my lund in her and fucked her.

Then moved her in doggy positions and fucked her. But always scared that if any villager sees us my life is finished. Due to fear, I ejaculated after some time. Pooja climaxed and I kept on fucking her till I climaxed. We both were back around 7:30 and Rajni welcomed us and was happy.

Ramesh was not be seen. Rajni said, “Saab aapne kal paise diye the aur jo bache the uski daru pee raha hai kamrein mein.” She immediately went to the kitchen and brought drinks and snacks. For the evening she was wearing saree with blouse again one button was missing.

Probably she deliberately removed it to show her boobs. Pooja saw her bhabhi and winked at me. “Saab ab aap maze karo main to chali sone.” Rajni was confused but did pay any attention to her comments. I went to the room, took a hot shower. While returning saw Rajni bent down to pick up something.

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I moved towards her and started playing with her ass. As I touched she got up and I was pushed backward. I hit on the kitchen door on my back. Rajni immediately realized and massaged my back. She got me a hot towel to place on the chair and asked me to sit and made me relaxed.

Even after having two rounds of sex still wanted to fuck Rajni as love busty females. Rajni got the drinks and we both had two rounds of whiskey. But today she made me sit in front of her and got me a lungi to wear so that she can play with lund without anyone noticing.

While serving drinks she deliberately dropped the whiskey on me. She kept drinks on the table and parted lungi and sucked my lund. She again moved her head around pulled out her one melon and I feasted on it. I spanked her when she moved to go to kitchen.

She pulled her saree up and feasted with her pussy by swaying her butt. I was excited about her gesture. I got up and pushed my lungi aside and pumped her in choot. Suddenly Pooja walked in and we both became normal. Pooja came and as I was about to sit on chair came in front of me.

She held my lund and said, “Yeh to gila hai, lagta hai bhabhi ke choot ka pani laga hua hai,” and started stroking it. We both saw Rajni walking in and Pooja went to her room. After dinner, Rajni came to the room in a long silk gown which she said was given by the owner’s wife.

She was looking hot and our lips met and we kissed for almost 10 minutes and played with each other’s body. I removed her gown and made her nude. I was desperate to fuck her since tonight was last night and tomorrow I was to travel to Delhi. I sucked her nipples and squeezed her boobs.

She was high to get fucked. Today I inserted my lund in missionary position and kept biting and sucking her nipples. Then moved her in doggy position as last night she said she enjoyed a doggy position. It was the first time that she was fucked in that position.

We both climaxed with a big orgasm. Rajni was tired due to a lot of work during the day and went to sleep. Around 4 am in the morning I hear knock on the door. I saw that Pooja was standing at the door and hurriedly came in and closed the door.

She immediately got nude and pulled my lungi. She started sucking and pushed me on the bed and came on the top. She was moving up and down saying, “Kal to aap chale jayenge aaj to khujli mita loon. Mujhe pata hai bhabhi ki to choot aapne li hai per meri bhukh baki hai.”

She had an orgasm and then went to her room. Awesome two days of sex. If any females are interested contact [email protected]

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