Awesome Time With A Friend

Hi everyone, this is Kumar here from Tamil Nadu. Hope everyone is having a fun-filled life. I regularly follow iss. I have written a story once and its a long time after which I am writing again. Coming to the story. I have this friend let’s call her D.

She is of wheatish complexion and has the right amount of fat at the right places but looks a little bit lean overall. She is an adventure lover which paved way for this incident. So, D was bored with her routine life and was eager to go on a trip. As she did not have many friends she asked me to plan something.

Hence I planned and asked some of my other friends. But everyone backed out. So I asked her if we were to go then as it would be just the pair of us. As she badly needed a break from her monotonous life she readily accepted. So, the plan was to trek throughout the day and camp at a cliff for the night.

We would see the sunrise and trek back down. We had a great time throughout the trek. We enjoyed ourselves very much and the sun started setting. We decided to camp for the night at a nice place. We settled down after putting up the camp. She was a little bit hyper and was not allowing me to sleep.

Since I was very tired from the trek I started threatening her saying that I will pour water on her if she doesn’t let me sleep. She knew I was 100% kidding and was taunting me to do so. I kept the lid of the water bottle closed and was doing the action of pouring water on her.

Unfortunately(for her) the lid was not closed properly and came due to the force of water. All the water in the bottle came down to her torso leaving her completely drenched. She wasn’t expecting this but since we were a nice mood we started laughing madly about this incident.

But after some time the wet clothes started showing its effects and she started feeling cold. So I told her to remove her dress as she might catch cold and fever leading to a bad experience. She was reluctant to do so as she did not have a spare dress. I tried a lot in persuading her but was not successful.

Finally, I told her I will close my eyes and she can remove her dress she agreed to that halfheartedly and told me to close my eyes. I shut my eyes and suddenly my mind started talking to me.

Mind: Loser, are you mad to let go of such an opportunity?

Me: What if she catches me staring at her and stops talking with me?

Mind: Try to be as stealthy as you can. Even if you get caught it is a chance worth taking.

So I slowly opened my eyes and peeped to get a look at her body. But luck was not on my side. She had her back facing towards me. But man, what a back she had! I got a raging boner even by seeing her naked back. My mind suddenly flashed to a previous incident.

One day we were walking together and I was walking a little bit faster and was in front of her. I suddenly stopped due to some reason and her boobs hit my elbow. Wow man how soft and spongy they were and firm at the same time. Suddenly she brought me back to the present by asking.

D: How can we remain like this all night?

Me: You better take your sleeping bag and get inside it.

D: Okay

After sometime

D: Oh shit! I can’t find my sleeping bag

Me: It’s okay you can use mine

So she went inside my sleeping bag. I opened my eyes and tried my best to cover my boner. As we were tired I tried to sleep. But as I was wearing a light t-shirt I could not sleep due to the cold. Now, she started feeling guilty and asked me to come in.

D: It’s ok we can sleep in the same bag there is a lot of space in it.

Me: No it’s okay, I can manage it

D: No it’s my fault you come in just close your eyes and come. It will benefit both of us as the heat from our bodies will keep us warm.

Me: Are you sure about this?

D: Yeah, but it should remain between us

Me: Okay. (don’t worry guys and girls I am writing this incident with her consent)

So I went inside the sleeping bag with her in my front and her back on my chest. She must have observed my boner as it was poking her ass. As is was cold and we needed our bodies heat to feel comfortable she came too close to me. We were almost smooching.

To feel comfortable she took my hands and placed on her hips. Sensing the opportunity I went closer to her and laid my head on her shoulder.

Me: Wow, people say you realize the beauty of things or people only when you lose them. I thank god for giving me this opportunity for realizing your beauty. How come I didn’t notice this while you were with me all the time?

She just blushed and just gave me a soft peck on my left cheek. In return, I gave a kiss on her right cheek and started massaging her navel. She let out a soft moan and I knew I hit the jackpot. I turned her head towards me so that I can kiss her on the lips.

I slowly started massaging my way towards her boobs. I let my tongue inside her and started exploring her mouth. She was cooperating excellently. When I touched her left boob with my right hand and pressed it she let out a loud moan. But luckily we were still kissing.

Oh my god her boobs were soo good to play with. She started grinding her ass and started kissing me more wildly and all this time. I was happily kneading her boobs. We ran out of breath and broke our kiss. We started breathing heavily looking at each other’s face.

Once I got my share of oxygen I again started kissing her cheek. I made my way to her earlobe while my hand started making its way towards her love hole. I slid my hands inside her pants and gave her pussy a small squeeze above her panty.

While I was licking her neck and making my way into her panty I suddenly felt a grip on my penis. I saw her face and she gave a naughty smile. I started kissing on her lips and touched her bare pussy. It was moist and had a little bit of hair. She moaned and started rubbing my cock vigorously.

Meanwhile, I found her clit and gave it a squeeze with my thumb and forefinger, making her jump. I started giving her pussy full lengthy rubs, making her go mad. She was reciprocating it well by pumping my cock. I took my left hand and placed it on her right boob and started pressing them.

She started shivering and I sensed that she is nearing her orgasm. I went near her ear and whispered her to pump faster. I started rubbing her pussy faster after which she signaled me to kiss her.  I happily obliged and this one was very wild. Then we had our orgasms.

She was leaking like anything and I cummed loads and loads. We slowly drifted off to sleep kissing each other as we were tired. When she woke me up for the sunrise she was fully dressed. Even though we had an exciting adventure I was not able to see anything except her back.

She had a satisfied smile on her face. Do you think our adventure stopped there?  Please send your feedback to [email protected]. Based on your feedback I’ll continue my adventure. Any women seeking adventure can also contact me.

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