Banging My Virgin Girlfriend Shelly – Part 1


It was just another day when I, my girlfriend and few of our common friends decided to hang out at her place. The time was set to 6 in the evening. Everyone gathered around 6 and as usual, I was late. “Where are you? We are all here” said Shelly, my girlfriend.

“I am almost at your place, get the gate open”, she came down and opened the gates and gave me a tight hug. We both were virgins but we did stuff. As she hugged me, I hugged back and kissed her.

We went to meet others. We talked, laughed, made a few sexual jokes and ate food. The clock struck 8, suddenly her parents came all dressed up and told us that they have to go to a party in the next town. “You guys make yourselves comfortable, we are going out of town for a party. And keep track of time and don’t be late home everyone.”

“Yes aunty, we won’t”.

They went out and we started our gossip again. A five minutes later, Milly, my girlfriend’s bestie started making sexual jokes again and said, “I bet Shelly you have never seen a dick before.”

My girl put a huge smile on her face and put her hand over my pants and replied,

“I have seen, I have suck, I have swallowed cum, I have been titfucked and facialed by this dick. I know my parents will go out tonight, that’s why I called you guys so that my parents won’t doubt that their daughter is going to lose her virginity tonight”.

“And now if you guys excuse us, we need to get going”.

Everyone laughed and they left.

We were now all alone in my virgin girlfriend’s house. Shelly hugged me and I hugged her back. I put my hand in her leggings and started pinching her clit. Even though we never had sex before, she had blown me quite a few times and I had fingered her, fondled her melons and spanked her whenever we could.

By the way, I am 6’3″, fair, athletic with a 7″ long and 2″ girth dick. My girlfriend, she’s petite, caramel complexion, flat tummy with 34D boobs and a perfect bubble butt around 38. Whenever I see her ass, I just want to fuck her bad. We are actually kinky and did a great deal of stuff and more importantly, we loved each other’s cum.

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We moved to the master bedroom and she placed a plastic sheet to clean up the mess later as she use to cum a lot. She then told me to sit in the chair and enjoy the show.

I sat down with my dick throbbing in my pants. My girlfriend slowly and in the most sexual way started to give me a striptease.

Shelly removed her leggings to her knees and then turned around to give me a good look at her ass bent down and removed the leggings. Then she slowly unzipped her top chain and slowly removed it. Red knickers and a sexy red bra.

She then got on the bed and sat with her legs wide spread. Facing towards me, she started fondling her boob. I can now clearly see a wet spot on my gf’s panty and took my dick out. It was like a flag pole, completely erect. I started stroking it.

The virgin girl then opened her bra and motioned me to get on the bed. I got on the bed and slapped her face with my dick. Shelly then took my dick-head in her mouth and started sucking it, slowly trying to take the whole thing in. She was moving her mouth over my dick and trying to take in as much as possible.

Meanwhile, I grabbed the head and started mouthfucking my girlfriend, pushing my dick as far as possible. Shelly tapped my hand and took my dick ou. She took a deep breath and again shoved it in.

My dick was again hitting the back of my horny Indian gf’s throat, trying to go even further. It was fucking amazing! After a few minutes, I took my dick out again and started deepthroating her once more.

Then I motioned her that I’ll come soon but she didn’t respond. Most portion of my dick was going in and out and my ball sacks were hitting on her lower chin. I felt my dick throbbing so I pushed it into her mouth even more and cummed in her throat.

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My dick was still hard and sloppy. My girlfriend’s lipstick and her hair were all messed up. I tried to repay the favor by going down on her, but she stopped me and said,

“Stop teasing.. just fuck me now.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I aligned my dick towards Shelly’s virgin cunt and pushed in. My gf’s pussy was hell tight and when my dick head just moved inside her, she screamed loudly and dug her nails on my back.

“Are you okay? Should I stop? Should I pull out now?”

“NOOOOOOOOO…don’t stop, go a little slow, don’t fucking stopppp..”

I started to fondle her boobs and slowly tried to push in.

“OHHH..AHH..AHHH… AAAHHH”, she moaned.

“I am goooooonnnnaaaaa cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm..”, Shelly came and I tried to push as much as I can.

“Ahhhhhh..that’s hurting”, she exclaimed as I hit her cervix. Slowly, I started going in and out and she started to moan in pleasure,


Then I pulled my dick out. Cum started flowing from her pussy. She shouted, “PUT THE FUCKING DICK BACK IN MY PUSSY”.

I had my girlfriend on all four and started ramming her pussy in this position for another 30 minutes. She must have cummed a lot during this time as I could feel her cum flowing down my legs.

We then again switched position. She was lying on the bed with her legs on my shoulder and I was fucking her standing by the bed.

In that position, I could push my whole dick in. She groaned and screamed and started cumming again. I could feel that I was going to cum again so I pushed her back on the bed and started fucking her brutally.

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She shouted, “Stop..Stoppp.. I can’t take anymore.. Stopppp…” But in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t stop and kept ramming Shelly for 10 more minutes. Then I let a deep moan and came inside my girlfriend.

I moved next to her started apologizing for not stopping. She stopped me, “Babe, I am glad you didn’t. It was amazing. I had a brutal fuck fetish like this. It came true and it was you.”

“No, this isn’t right, you have that fetish Shelly, and I will make it come true.”

We laid like this for 10-15 minutes and collected the cum on the bed. It was a bowl filled with cum. Then we ate and fucked again and slept at 5 in the next morning, sweaty and smelling like sex in my girlfriend’s bed all spooning.

To be continued.

Do tell me what you expect in the next parts through comments. I am Amal.

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