Being Fuckbuddy With Ex-Colleauge Anjali


Hi guys and ladies out there, this is Neil back after so so so long. I am 25 and a professional from Delhi. I have been away for quite long but feels good to be back to share a true incident that happened a few months ago.

So coming to the story. This happened with my ex-colleague named Anjali (name changed for privacy reasons). She used to work in the same office when I was in Bangalore.

To tell you about her, she had body stats of 34C-28-38 and of course an ass to die for. Anjali was quite sweet and smart at the same time. She was a quite a lady to turn heads around, but I have this principle of not mixing business with pleasure.

So, we had a very healthy friendship at that time – no sexual intentions whatsoever. But then life moved on and I switched my job to Delhi. In between, we had sporadic contacts on social media and all.

One day while chatting on Whatsapp, she told me she was coming to Delhi on an official purpose. We planned to meet and naturally, we were excited. So when my ex-colleague came to Delhi she called me on the first day after finishing her meetings and all.

I picked her up in front of her office and we just drove around and fetched some beers to drink at her hotel, the logic being none of wanted to drive after drinking and the hotel was quite luxurious too.

Once we were in her room, we opened the bottles. We were both on a 2-seater couch. As beer flew, so did conversations. All started from professional discussion and our times at working together at the office. Slowly, the conversations started moving to personal space. She told me how her relationships never worked. I consoled her.

Me – Never told you this but I think you are sexy and smart. Any guy would feel lucky to have you.
Anjali – Omg! That’s so flattering. Thanks.

Me – I really mean it.
Anjali – What do you think?

Me – About you? Obviously, you are sexy and I had a crush on you.
Anjali – How come you never told me?
Me – Because we were colleagues and there are professional boundaries to be respected.

At this point, Anjali just leaned over my shoulder. Our eyes met as I turned around my head a bit. And we kissed! And that kiss turned into a smooch.

My ex-colleague unbuttoned my shirt, entered her hands and started feeling me all over. My lips were sliding all over her neck, then on hell of a cleavage she had. My hands were exploring here back and the bra strap was off in no time.

The smoothness and softness of Anjali’s 34C boobs was heavenly. Within no time, our formals were off and we were feeling every inch of our naked bodies.

Anjali grabbed my 6.5 inch iron hard dick and started stroking it as I was squeezing her boobs. My tongue on her nipples caused her to moan.

Anjali – Ahhhhh.. Neil.. you doing so good.

I started fingering her clit as she bit my shoulders. After a minute of rubbing, she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Anjali – Can’t hold it any more.. Just give it to me.
Me – What do you want, babe?

Anjali – Need your hard cock.
Me – Where do you want it, bitch?
Anjali – In my fucking horny pussy..

I lifted her in my arm and carried her to the bed. As soon as we were in bed, we got into 69. She kissed the tip of my cock and was taking my cock deep into my mouth. She was stroking it and licking my balls. I inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and started playing with her clean shaven pussy with my tongue.

As I increased my pace, she shouted, “Fuck me please.. beg you..”

We got into missionary position. Her pussy was so wet that the dick went in the first attempt itself.

Anjali – Ahhh.. it’s big.. it’s so fucking big..
Me – What does a bitch like you want?
Anjali – Solid hard fucking with some deep strokes.

I took her legs on my shoulder, placed a pillow below her ass and obliged her.

Anjali – I wanna be choked.

I held her neck, took her completely under my control with her hands pinned over her head.

After a few minutes, I made her a doggy as I loved the sight of her huge 38 ass. They were licked and then as I entered and started stroking her holding her hair, her ass was squeezed.

Anjali – I wanted to be treated like a real whore.

I spanked her ass several times turning them red. The room was full with sound of her ass thumping against my groin. The feeling of holding her from her love handles was heavenly. After sometime, she couldn’t hold it anymore and collapsed on bed on her tummy.

She had an orgasm but I wasn’t done yet. So I came over her, my dick wasn’t out yet. I continued humping her. One hand was squeezing her boobs and she was licking my fingers. The other was stroking her clitoris as I was fucking her.

The mirror in front of the bed was making the act of worshipping her beautiful body even sexier.

After about one and half hours, I was about to cum.

Me – I am about to cum..
Anjali – Please do it in my mouth.

Me – Will you swallow it?
Anjali – Yeah, I am a bitch and I deserve it.

I lied down on my back. My ex-colleague came on her all four like a tigress and took my cum load inside her mouth. She even licked my dick clean.

We lighted a cigarette and shared it. She was in my arms like a baby with head over my chest.

Then we had a vanilla session in the bathtub with some beer. We were pouring and drinking from each other’s body. My dick was inside her. Her boobs were cupped in my arms.

That was one hell of a lovemaking. And I left the room in the morning after a quickie. We met a few times after that. Those stories are even more wild but I will tell those some other time.

Till then goodbye.

Folks, especially from Delhi NCR, please feel free to connect on mail/hangout [email protected] However, let me remind you, please don’t ask contact details of ladies.

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