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Hello everyone, my name is Anuj and I am from Gurugram. This story is not mine but of a fan which he sent me on my email. I will tell this story in his own words.

My name is Vikas and I live in Greater Noida with my sister, brother-in-law and their daughter. We have a 2 BHK flat in one of the society there.

About my sister, her name is Mansi, 34 years old and she works in MNC having 8 am to 4 pm office hours. Her height is 5’1″ and the figure is 36-27-38. My sister has fair white skin and pink nipples and pussy.

My brother-in-law Gaurav is 38 years old and works in MNC having 11 am to 8 pm office hours. He is bulky with a height of 5’6″ and having a pounce also. They have a 10-year-old daughter Divya.

About myself, I’m 24 years old and average body with 5’11” height and 5-inch dick. I too work in MNC having 9 am to 4 pm working hours.

Our normal working days are Monday to Friday. My sister leaves home at 7 am for her office while I dress up my niece Divya and take her with me in my car to her school+daycare leaving home at 8:30 am.

My brother-in-law leaves for the gym at 8 am and returns at 9 am then leave for office at 10 am. In the evening, I pick up my sister and niece from her school at 5 pm and reach home.

My brother-in-law returns at 9 pm or later (if he stays with his friends for a drink). Since he returns late, he sleeps in a separate room while my sister, niece, and I sleep in one room.

This incident took place 1 year back in January 2019. Like every regular Saturday, my sister and brother-in-law were having drinking and watching a movie on high volume in a closed room, leaving me and my niece sleeping in another room. High volume means that they were having sex in there!

At around 1 am in the night, I noticed my brother-in-law sleeping with me and my niece in our bed and since it felt a little crowded on the bed, I decided to go sleep with my sister.

As I entered the room, in the night lamplight, I saw some clothes lying on the floor. I picked them to see and it was all of my sister’s clothes including her black net bra and black g-string!

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My dick was instantly standing inside my shorts just thinking of Mansi didi lying nude on the bed. When I turned towards the bed, I could see her lying straight, facing the ceiling and completely nude. She was all covered in sweat.

There was an empty bottle of whiskey and a glass full of whiskey on the side stool. There was also some kind of powder on the stool in plastic packets.

I went near Mansi didi to have a better look at my sister’s nude body but on seeing her, I got an urge to touch her pink nipples and see her pussy. So, I lied next to her on the bed and started spreading her legs. To my shock, she got conscious and sat on the bed. In fear, I took my hand off and pretended that I was sleeping.

She licked the powder from the stool, took sips from the whiskey and turned toward me and said, “Gaurav baby, why are you sleeping? Get up and have some whiskey and your favorite pussy.”

My sis then opened the packet and spread some on both her nipples, her pussy and filled her navel with it. She then handed me over the glass of whiskey and asked me to suck her clean. I got the idea that my sister was not in her complete senses. So I drank the whiskey and removed my clothes and got completely naked.

My 5-inch cock was hard by then and pointing towards the sky. After drinking the whiskey, I noticed that Mansi didi was again unconscious. So I placed my self on her and started pulling her soft white boobs and sucking her big pink nipples.

After licking the powder from my drunk sister’s nipples, I licked her body all the way to her navel and licked it dry. All I tasted was her sweat. Now I started licking her pussy.

My sister started moaning with her eyes closed. I cleaned powder from the upper part of her pussy and then I started fingering and sucking her pussy. Now she was yelling in pleasure, “Oh.. ah.. ah.. yes Gaurav.. eat me..suck me dry.”

After 5-10 minutes, my sister squirted – my whole face and bed sheet was wet because of her liquid and even I cummed myself at that moment without even touching my cock!

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Now the powder started having some effect and I was losing control over my body and mind. Within a few minutes, my full 5-inch cock was inside my married sister’s pussy and I was fucking her with full speed. She was again moaning and yelling.

But this time, to my surprise, she said, “Oh yes.. fuck me..fuck me KARTIK..fuck me like a bitch.” (KARTIK is a friend of my brother-in-law who lives in the same building.)

After a few minutes, I cummed in my sister’s pussy, and pulled my self out, lie on the bed, and took some rest.

I didn’t know what happened but when I opened my eyes, Mansi didi was on top of me with my dick in her pussy and she was jumping on it. And with every jump, her boobs were bouncing too.

I pulled my mobile, opened a camera and started recording this beautiful sex scene as a memory but my sister pulled the mobile from my hand and instead of putting it down, she started recording herself riding me from the top angle, holding mobile in one hand and her boob in another hand.

After some time, I cummed and felt asleep. When I opened my eyes again, I found myself fucking my sister in her asshole which seemed to be regularly used because her asshole was wide open and loose.

I was fucking my drunk sibling in a standing position with my dick in her asshole and grabbing her left boob with my hand and fingering her in pussy. She was holding my mobile in one hand and pressing her right boob with her hand.

We fucked in that position for a long time until I cummed in her asshole. During the whole sex, my sister was shouting the name of Kartik. After I cummed, I lie down on the bed and she started sucking my limp cock. I fell asleep in that position.

The next morning, I woke up to the voice of our maid having some talk with Mansi didi. When I woke up, I realized that I was completely naked and was lying under the blanket. I couldn’t find any of my clothes around.

I waited for our maid to leave and as soon as I heard her leaving, I ran towards the washroom. But suddenly Mansi didi approached me looking angry and said, “Get freshen up and wear your clothes, and then we will have a talk.”

I was very scared and when I came out later, her mood seemed to have was changed. She was watching something on her mobile.

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She turned towards me and said, “You don’t have to blackmail me with these videos you send me last night and from now onwards, we will be lovers/siblings who are loyal to each other.

To begin with the truth, I really enjoyed last night and I am having an affair with Kartik. Now, your turn, So, tell me. Did you enjoy last night and do you want to continuously satisfy your sister?”

I was shocked by hearing all this and was only able to shook my head in ‘yes’. Mansi didi walked towards me and started kissing me. I stopped her and asked, “We shouldn’t do it when Jija ji and Divya are at home.”

My sister grabbed dick over my pants and said, “Don’t worry, we will do it daily in the evening before your Jija arrives from work and if you work hard, you can have Divya as an incentive when she gets old enough.”

She then left after giving me one last kiss and went into the washroom.

That day nothing happened but from the next day after Mansi, Divya and I reached home, I and Mansi didi would remove our clothes and start fucking in various positions. Even sometimes we both take leaves from our offices and fuck the whole day.

Sometimes even Kartik joins us and we would have a great threesome.

So friends, did you like my fan’s story? I will soon return with more stories so stay tuned.

Until then, please send me your feedback, stories, and fantasies to my email id [email protected]

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