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Hey guys, this is anonymous0512. This is my first story and I hope to write more if this one gets published on the site.

About the story, it’s between two best friends who take advantage of a cozy library to fulfill their sexual desires. The girl, myself, is 22 years old. I am from Pune. Talking about my body, I am bulky but have good assets too. My size is 40-36-42, my height is 5’4, I have a fair complexion and always like to wear decent but naughty clothes.

About the guy, he is one of my best friends whom I met in my higher secondary and has been the best guy friend a girl can have. He is tall (5’8) and well-built as he is in sports. Also, he has a nice thick and hard cock which can satisfy anyone.

Not boring you more with the details. This happened almost 2 months ago.

There were issues going between me and my boyfriend due to less time as he was always busy with his work and never gave me enough time. I started getting upset as he started ignoring me. I was fed up with his behavior and told him that we should take a break.

Although I was not happy with this as I wanted to be with him always, I thought giving some space to both of us would help to sort out the matter.

One day I called up my bestie, let us call him Rhean, and asked him to meet me as I wanted to talk to him about everything that happened.

After an hour, he came to my house on his bike and picked me up. He was wearing a plain black shirt and had asked me to wear anything a bit Indian (he loves seeing girls in Indian or traditional wear) so I had worn a kurti with jeans.

The kurti has high side cuts so the side-belly was visible and also in the front there were buttons that extended up to above my navel. So, whenever there was a slight breeze or if I sit down, both the front flap goes sideways thus exposing my deep navel. Also, one more reason to wear it was it was his favorite kurti out of all I had.

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As soon as my best friend picked me up from home, he complimented me for looking nice. I thanked him and we went for a ride.

He said that recently he came to know about a café which had an adjoined-library on the terrace and it had almost all good novels plus being opened recently, not many people know about it. So, it would be empty for us to talk.

I love libraries and I liked his idea. So, I said, “sure let’s go”.

In the next 15 minutes, we got down. He parked his bike and we went inside and asked the manager if we could use the library. He answered assertively and showed us the way.

It was a nice cozy place with various types of seating arrangements. There were 2 benches in the middle of the library, at two sides there were bean bags and there were three racks where the lower levels were empty and enough to fit two people with them touching each other.

I was liking this place already so I thanked my best friend saying it was the nicest place I have ever been to and hugged him tightly. As I mentioned earlier that the library was opened recently and not many people knew about it, it was deserted.

When I was hugging Rhean, he placed a kiss on my forehead. Then I asked him to sit next to me in one of the racks. He sat down first and then I snuggled up next to him in the place left.

I started telling him about everything and my head was on his shoulder. He gently kissed my forehead again but this time, it felt different. I looked towards him and he was staring right into my eyes.

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The cozy place and the unfulfilled naughty desires were doing their work. Rhean moved a little forward and even I bent towards him and soon, our lips met. There was a tingling feeling at first but lust was over us.

Soon, we were kissing each other with our full mouth. My best friend was sucking my lower lips and biting them in his mouth and then he did the same with upper lips. I opened my mouth to take more of him and he pulled my tongue into his mouth.

We were kissing like this for the next 5 minutes when I felt a hand on my boobs. Rhean had started pressing my boobs while kissing.

We then broke the kiss. I was blushing looking at him. He then lifted me by taking my ass in his hands and made me sit in his lap and then spanked my ass hard thrice. He smooching me again so that moans subside inside his mouth and were not audible downstairs. The best friend’s dick was already hard.

I was sitting in his lap facing him. Due to him pressing my boobs continuously, my nipples had turned hard. He could feel that too and all of a sudden, he started teasing me by rubbing my nipples over the kurti with his finger.

Any play with my nipples turns me on very much. I started breathing heavily. After a few minutes when I had closed my eyes due to him rubbing my nipples, he pinched them and rolled them between his finger and thumb.

This thing drove me crazy and I started kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt simultaneously. Then I leaned forward and took his nipples in my mouth and started sucking on them. Rhean started enjoying it and was kneading my boobs like anything.

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I started leaving open mouth kisses over his neck and chest and at the same time, his hands went inside my kurti and pulled my bra down. My boobs popped out as if they had been locked inside.

Rhean was pinching my nipples very hard now and I was enjoying it with the additional force he had applied on them.

He then unbuttoned my kurti and finally, the two melons were in front of his eyes. He was looking at them as if those were his last meal!

Then Rhean started to tell me what he wants to do to my boobs so that I force him to suck them. He said that those brown nipples reminded him of chocolates and how he loved eating chocolates.

I was already so turned on to hear anything else and took his face and buried it in my breasts. He started licking over my boobs, biting the flesh.

Then he brought his tongue towards the nipples and started flicking the right nipple with his tongue and pinching the left one. He then started sucking it and playing with the left one not wanting to leave any of them.

The rest of the story will be continued in the next part. Stay tuned to enjoy fully.

And do like it if the story helped you relax! 😉😉

Toodles for now. ❤

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