Bhabhi Fulfilled My Forbidden Desire


Hi guys, Sunny Thakur here. I belong to a typical Indian family from Himachal. I came to Delhi years ago for my education and now, I am working here. Delhi is the place of my sexual awakening.

I met my girlfriend here and had some adventures with other girls too. I have shared them on my profile, do check them out. Today is the story of a Muslim lady, who moved to the neighboring apartment close to my resident.

Despite being 5’5”, I have managed to get laid with some of the hottest women around. This can be attributed to my muscular and athletic body, crafted by a regular gym and weight training. My girlfriend’s favorite thing to do while getting intimate is to run her hands all over my body.

We are quite serious, but before anything is final, I want to get laid with other girls as much as possible. I was living with my friend in a rented apartment building, and there were two more apartments on the floor. One of the apartments had been empty for some time.

One Saturday afternoon my friend and I were just chilling and a truck came full of furniture and other stuff. By Sunday, a woman and her son were living there. The woman was in her mid-thirties with her son being around seven to eight years old.

The lady was very modern and would wear western dresses like jeans, sleeveless blouse, floral dresses. She didn’t shy away from wearing dresses revealing her deep cleavage. She had the perfect hip-to-waist ration, which was prominently visible whenever she would wear jeans and pajamas.

Her butts were shapely and curvy with perkiest tits. Watching her swaying hips while climbing staircases was a delight for everyone in the building.

One day, I was waiting at a bus stop. The lady came and we saw each other and started talking. Her name was Halima and she had moved in from Ghaziabad for a new job. I told her that if she needs any help, she should feel free to ask me. We shook hands and just left.

One Sunday morning, she knocked on my door and asked me to receive an Amazon order for her, as she going somewhere. I said sure and numbers were exchanged. In the evening, I went to give her the order. Naturally, she invited me for tea and after some formal, ‘Nos’, I agreed.

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During her conversation she told me that she has been a divorcee for over four years. I asked her if being a divorcee at her age is difficult. All your needs can be met even without marriage was her reply. I was surprised to hear these words from her mouth.

After some days, Halima asked for my help in moving and setting furniture in her apartment. When all the work was done, she asked me to stay for some tea and snacks. While enjoying beverages, she started praising my body relentlessly.

She asked if she can touch my biceps to feel them, I replied “Kyu nahi?” Our flirting was becoming more intense with each passing moment. In the heat of the moment, I held her hand and told her, “Mujhe palmistry aati hai.” I just blurted out some bullshit lines.

I told her that her hand would do some pleasurable thing today. When she asked what thing, I took her hand into my boxers and wrapped her palm around my solid cock. Immediately there was a lively spark in Halima’s eyes. We both leaned towards each other to lock our lips.

The tingling sensation produced by the mingling of tongues was making my cock even harder. Then suddenly, she crushed my penis in between her palm. That broke our kiss and her mouth went straight to my groin. She slid the skin down and started licking and suckling the penis head.

After some time, she got up and said, “Asim (her son) aane wala hoga.” I told her, “Kam se kam hand job kar do.” She used her eyes to point towards the cup, so I held one cup on the tip of my penis. At this point, she was vigorously stroking my cock.

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I tried to hold back as much as I could till the point it exploded. “Ejaculation dekhne ka apna hi mazaa hai,” was her comment. She tried to clean my cock as much as she could and told me to leave quickly.

Things became extremely hot between me and Halima. Our WhatsApp conversations had become mini porn with many sexy photos and videos being shared. Since she was living with her son, we decided to call in sick during a weekday.

I told her my dream of fucking a Muslim girl and my fantasy to fuck her in the hijab. In return, she told about that after her divorce she takes lovers for her sexual needs. She had slept with her sister’s husband’s brother, two colleagues, and recently with her Sikh doctor in Ghaziabad.

Finally, the day came. Upon entering her apartment, I stripped her all the clothes except the hijab. It reminded me of Mia Khalifa’s porn. I told her to slowly remove my boxers. My dong hit her face. She started sucking and biting my cock. Then I lifted her and threw it on the bed.

There she was with her nipples erect and her wet pussy hungry for my cock. I teased her by rubbing my penis on and around her vagina. She was already moaning. Halima’s back was laying on the bed. But her legs were in the air and my body was pressing her legs. I entered her pussy.

While thrusting, my one hand grabbed her neck and held her on the bed tightly and with the other hand started slapping her boobs and face lightly. Out of nowhere, Halima started cursing, using Hindi slangs like madarchod, behenchod, etc, randomly.

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Seeing her abusing like this, I started punishing her by slapping her boobs even harder. All the while, thrusting her harder. We both climaxed together and had the loudest moan ever heard.

Next, we tried doggy style, her ass was fantastic. I wanted to look at it while fucking. I grabbed and pull her hair during this time. Other poses we tried were cowgirl and standing position.

In our ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, we have almost all the available sexual positions and things. Like deep throat, fucking while standing, cumming on face. She would not hesitate to fulfill even kinkiest of the desires like letting me rub my penis and balls all over her face.

A few times, I would sneak into her apartment late night to fuck Halima. To keep her quiet, I would stuff her panties in her mouth. Things were going so great that I started canceling plans with my girlfriend to be with her.

I hope you enjoyed my memoir. Thanks for your love and support. Keep sending me your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback at my email id [email protected] Love you all.

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