Campus recruitment in Cochin turns into steamy sex


Hey guys! This is Amal here, back with a recent experience that happened seven months ago. This story is a bit long because I have explained every little bit.

I was working as an HR executive for a reputed firm. However, my life had been quite dry for the past year, and the moment came to spice it up when I went to a well-known college in Cochin for a campus-recruitment.

Thus, I, along with one of my managers, went there and gave a presentation on the job profile and the salary package being offered. As the salary package was attractive and the company’s brand was familiar, almost 80% of students wanted to attend the interview.

I understood that I would have to undertake some kind of filtering system, or I would not see my home for the next three days. So we decided to conduct interviews in three different stages and filter out accordingly.

Our requirement was for 15 male candidates and one female candidate. So we fixed up a date with campus authorities and went. When the date came, everything was going well and the majority of the students present were boys.

There weren’t many deserving or dedicated candidates among boys and we could find only seven hires. When it came to the girls, the opening was only for one candidate but we had shortlisted almost nine students for the next level of interviews.

So it kept on going till the number of shortlisted girls came down to three. As usual, we told them we would let them know our decision and left the campus.

All seven boys were given offer letters the very next working day.

Picking a girl candidate from the three remaining options was quite confusing. So we planned to conduct a personal interview with each of them at our office. One of these three girls is our heroine. Let’s call her Swetha for now.

During the interviewing she was feeling very uncomfortable and was not even able to respond to my questions properly. I was confused and I had to reject her, but I didn’t tell her or anyone at that moment.

So, again I told them that results would be announced shortly and intimated to their campus and they all went back.

While making the presentation at their college, I had given the students my contact number for any required assistance regarding the job.

It was seven pm the same day and I received a message on WhatsApp from Swetha, mentioning her name and identity. I was back home after the job, and our conversation moved on to a chat.

Swetha: Sir. Swetha here. From ***** College.
Me: Yes Swetha. Tell me.

Swetha: Are you free to talk?
Me: Yes. Go on.

Swetha: Sir, I wasn’t feeling well today. I couldn’t attend my interview as I had desired.
Me: Yeah, I noticed. I found you were very uncomfortable.

Swetha: Yes sir. Sir, would you mind giving me one more chance?

Me: See Swetha, I appreciate your spirit and urge to get placed. Just take it easy. Don’t get tense over this too much. As you know, we have only one opening for a female candidate, and giving you an extra chance will land me in trouble from your college authorities.

Swetha: Oops! No, sir. I won’t let anyone else know about this. Please, sir! I had a valid reason today. That’s why sir. Please reconsider. This is the dream job to start my career with.

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She was literally begging me. So my dirty mind started working and I thought to try my luck on her.

Me: If so, when can you attend an interview?

Swetha: Anytime sir. Even now.

Me: Now? Seriously?

Swetha: Yes sir. I’m staying in a rented apartment with my sister, and my parents are working in the UAE.

Me: By the way, what was this valid reason you were telling me about?

Swetha: Sir. It’s a bit embarrassing. Umm. I was not feeling physically comfortable.

Me: Oh! I got you. That’s okay.

Me: Anyway, I have to submit the selected candidate’s name by tomorrow morning, both to my head office and to your campus. So I guess we should make it now or drop the chance.

Swetha: Oh no sir! I’m perfectly fine now. Where should I come?

Me: Okay. I was about to leave for my dinner. Mind joining me and talking there?

Swetha: That’s perfectly fine, sir.

Me: You can call me my name. That’s much more comfortable for me.

Swetha: Haha, I’ll try.

Me: I’ll be at ***** restaurant by 9 pm.

Swetha: That’s quite close to my home. See you there.

Me: Alright.

So we both met at the restaurant we had agreed on. She was looking pretty as fuck in a dark blue sleeveless long top and white leggings. She had an awesome figure with 34 sized breasts and a great ass.

As I already made up my mind to get naughty with her, I was scanning her from top to toe. She had her bra cups visible through her top and a bit of sweat just below her armpits, to which I got aroused. The matte finish lipstick she was wearing was an awesome shade.

We shook our hands and found a corner table and started talking further about things. Slowly, I started to give her hints about what I was seeking.

Swetha: So, can you somehow please help me out?
Me: I can now understand how open you are. So do you mind if I say something openly?
Swetha: Of course, you can.

Me: Helping you out isn’t a big deal if you could accept it.
Swetha: Accept it?

Me: Come on. You’re brilliant enough to fathom what I mean.

Swetha: Oh. Are you sure?
Me: Don’t think like I’m blackmailing you. Neither will I compel you. It’s entirely up to you.

Swetha: Shall we get out of here and talk?
Me: Yeah. Sure

When we got out of the restaurant, we got into my car and relaxed ourselves.

Me: You didn’t say anything? Aren’t you feeling comfortable?
Swetha: Not so. Like I said, the reason why I couldn’t attend the interview well today was that I got my periods unexpectedly.

Me: Oh. Yeah?
Swetha: So, that’s it.

Me: So, what am I supposed to do now?
Swetha: (Awkward silence)

Me: Otherwise, are you ready for this?
Swetha: Umm. Yeah. I had a feeling this would end up like this. It isn’t such a big deal. But my period is what makes the trouble.

Me: Okay. But you know, I can’t hold this decision for long. I mean, picking you for the job.

Do you have a boyfriend? Have you ever done this before?

Swetha: Yeah. I had.
Me: So you know things. Right? If you accept it, we’ll make it tonight.

Swetha: Sir, I’m feeling embarrassed.
Me: I told you to call me by name. Take it easy. Let’s see whether it works. If not let’s drop it.

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Swetha: Hmm. Amal, I can manage for today as my sister is away at her friend’s place. But please promise me the job offer, and please don’t take this relationship any further.
Me: Of course, sure thing! Even I don’t want to bring up any commitments, especially with someone who I’m going to work with.

Swetha: So umm, yeah. I’m good to go.
Me: Your place or Oyo? I’ve got friends at my place.

Swetha: Will Oyo be safe? Can’t make it my place as I’m worried that my sister will come back.
Me: Definitely. I’ll book some ‘Oyo Home’ which will be even safer.

Swetha: Okay.

So, I booked an Oyo Home at a nearby riverside. We gave our ID’s and checked in.

Once we got in, I gave her enough time to get comfortable. I made her relaxed by having a normal conversation and later about relationships and so on. Later, she started asking me about my relationships, and so on.

Bringing her to a comfortable position was just a matter of time. Then I started to take it further. I asked her how she broke up.

She said it was good for one year, but later their relationship just came to end up only in sex, and in sex only. So, she thought it was better to give up on that.

I was pretty happy because she knew about everything about fucking. So I asked her what her favorite fantasy was, what positions she enjoyed, and what kind of wild things she had done before.

Finally, we were both good to go, so I asked her to treat me like a boyfriend, to which she was also happy. I switched off lights and left just a zero-watt bulb on. Then I went beside her, and looked into her eyes.

It was a beautiful moment. I ran my fingers over her cheeks and lips and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She also got a hold of my face and planted a kiss on my forehead. It didn’t take much time for our lips to do the action. Our lips met and her upper lips were a bit sweaty, which I sucked clean.

She was making the lip lock intense by involving her tongue right into my mouth. She was a real deep kisser and that was turning her on. I was able to feel her urge to get laid from her deep breath. In two minutes, we took a break so that we could breathe.

That was one such hell of a lip lock like I had never had. I just slowly started smooching her again, biting her earlobes and licking her neck and playing with her silky smooth hair. She was smelling awesome with her perfume and body lotion. The smell turned my tool onto peak power and knocked at my jeans.

I made her stand close to the wall and started kissing her again. Her hands were all over me, hugging me tightly. I took my hands and placed them at her navel over her dress, to which she got a shock and responded with a bite while kissing.

Her bite hurt my lip a bit, but it was one hell of a kiss. I took the moment to break the kiss and lifted her hands, she had well-trimmed armpits which looked like she shaved three or four days ago. The smell of sweat and deodorant mixed in her armpits was driving me crazy and I started to lick it off.

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She was making deep breathing noises. Her armpits were tasting salty, but still, I couldn’t stop licking them. When her sweaty armpits had been licked clean, we got back with smooching.

I just started to place my hands over her ass over her dress and started to feel her panty-lines over her white leggings. I continued that for some time and took my face to her boobs over her dress while my hands started to press her ass hard.

She held my head tightly pressed against her boobs. Those were fucking soft as fuck boobs. I took my hands to her boobs and started to feel them over her dress. Her expression was to die for, and I saw that even with the AC on, her neck had started to sweat again. Then, I pushed both her boobs together and kissed her cleavage from above.

In the next second, I made her lie down on the bed and lifted her long top to see her navel and started to tease her by running my fingers over it. I could see drops of sweat over there too. While I was playing on her navel with my right hand and tongue, she took my left hand to her boobs and make them feel them.

I stood up and removed my t-shirt and she removed her top. She was in a light cream bra with thin straps and was looking sexy as fuck. I made her lie again and licked her all the way from her neck to her navel.

At one point, she made me lie down and started to smooch me and bite at my nipples. I was awestruck and started to press her boobs real hard. At the same moment, I don’t know how, I managed to remove her bra. I took her bra off and started to suck her tits like there was no tomorrow.

She slowly started rubbing her hands over the bulge on my jeans. Then, I teased her by letting her feel it for some time until she demanded my jeans be removed.

In the meantime, I had started to kiss her again and was pressing her ass at the same time. In between, when I tried to insert my hands into her leggings, I couldn’t succeed as her pad got in the way. So she broke the kiss and asked me, “Are you sure you want to go on?”

Me: Yeah.

Swetha: Things might get nasty as fuck. Are you sure?
Me: Yeah. As long as you’re comfortable.

Swetha: Let me go and clean myself then.
Me: Yeah.

I hope you guys enjoyed these moments. I am working on the second part of this story, in which the session got nasty and we splashed all the way. Therefore, we had to meet once again, after her periods.

Let me know your suggestions and feedback at [email protected]

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