Champa’s Homecumming


A middle-aged woman wearing a black and blue sari stepped out of the house with her little daughter and small baggage. It was very early in the morning. The sun had not come up yet. She seemed to be in a hurry as she pulled on her daughter every time she felt drowsy.

“This is our only option. We must be there on time,” said Champa as she walked to the bus depot. When she was close she heard the roaring of bus seeming about to leave. The moment she saw the bus accelerate she ran for it leaving her daughter and the baggage behind.

She ran hard and managed to stop the bus. “Please let us in… ” she pleaded standing outside the closed door of a blue bus. She was feeling hot, had started sweating and she was gasping for air. She bent to get as much air as possible while talking to the bus conductor.

The man was drowsy at that moment and was annoyed hearing a woman’s voice. But then he looked at her and instantly she had his attention. From where he was looking he had a clear view of Champa’s deep tightly squeezed cleavage.

Her chest was going up and down as she gasped for air which was even more arousing for him. Every time her chest expanded they stretched the fabric of the blouse testing its limits. Witnessing this made the pervy conductor’s eyes pop.

His eyes were locked on her tits which is why his hand was struggling to find the door handle. He still didn’t look away. Without a word, he opened the bus door to let her in. “One and a half ticket to Khetlivan village,” said Champa after taking a step up into the bus.

She then waved at her girl to bring the baggage.

The bus had left finally and Champa had accomplished the task of boarding the only bus there is that goes to her destination. She got comfortably seated with her girl next to her.

Champa still seemed to be breathing heavily. So she just rested her head back and closed her eyes. “So many years have gone by… ” she said to herself in her mind while her eyes were still shut.

From time to time conductor was moving back and forth in the bus yelling “Ticket.”

“What an idiot!” whispered a female passenger. “He gave tickets to everyone before boarding the bus.” If only she knew his intentions.

Dirghav Shastri, the bus conductor, has a dirty mind. He was doing all this walking just to get glimpses of Champa’s chest. That tight blouse she wore was making her cleavage pop. Further, he was purposefully being rough while walking past her to attempt to make her pallu fall.

Champa fixed the pallu a few times as it slipped but soon she appeared to have fallen asleep. That’s when he succeeded. The pallu was off and the only thing between Dirghav’s perverted eyes and Champa’s big breasts was a black blouse.

When an old passenger was to get down Dhirghav turned and pressed himself on Champa’s arm while trying to feel her boob.

“No bra!” he cheered in his mind. He was surprised to be able to feel her nipple poking out on top of her soft but firm breast.

Why didn’t Champa respond after everything the bus conductor was doing to her, in public. She was not sleeping. She was instead lost in a deep thought that made her numb.

“They literally kicked me out of the village,” she said to herself. She was crying yet no tears came out of her eyes.

Champa was one of the two girls born in Rali family. While the rest of her family was normal to fit in the norms of the small conservative village, Champa was different. “I am a romantic,” she used to call herself.

Since the time she matured, she had a long string of lovers, both emotionally and physically. Even in her teen, she would always be juggling with 4-5 boyfriends at a time. She was not the prettiest girl in the class. But unlike those beauty queens, Champa had a kind heart and an open body.

Champa always missed classes because she would busy elsewhere making love with some guy. Once when she was nineteen, she let a neighboring uncle touch her pussy just so she could see and feel his dick. As an added bonus she felt it grown big and hard while still in her hand.

As Champa matured so did her choice in men. Champa was soon dating men twice her age. Some even were married. That’s why all her relationships were kept a secret. Being with all these mature men was not just for sexual pleasure.

She actually cared for each one of them. She celebrated whenever they got a salary raise by giving them a blowjob. She consoled them whenever they had a fight with their wives by letting them fuck her butt. She was there for them whenever they needed her. But when she needed them…

A marriage proposal had come for Champa’s elder sister Jayah. One evening two men visited their house, a father and a son. After the initial conversational exchange, Champa’s sister went to talk to the boy while the father was talking to her parents.

Meanwhile, Champa was just sitting outside the house on a bench looking at lush green trees and chirping birds on them. Suddenly the boy’s father walked to her. “Champa beta, can I sit with you,” said he.

Champa nodded while smiling. He acknowledged and sat next to her. He sat very close almost touching her. So she moved to the side.

“How is your cooking class going on?” he asked while placing his hand gently on her thigh. At that moment Champa was wearing a pink short frock. So she was able to feel his cold hand on her bare thigh. He slowly rubbed his hand over her soft flesh to make the most out of the moment.

Champa was the right amount of chubby. She had the thighs to die for which she kept open for view most of the time. No man could resist that temptation. So when a 50 plus-year-old saw an opportunity, he took it.

Champa felt his touch uncomfortable. She tried to remove his hand by pretending to adjust her frock. But he resisted. It was not his touch per se that made things awkward. It was his gaze. The sharp piercing gaze that seems to undress her with his eyes.

Champa tried to look for her parents but they were nowhere to be seen. She was not enjoying this. Still, he continued with his touch, he even squeezed her thigh playfully. At one point he leaned forward and whispered in her ear,

“I heard you like older men,” he said this and stuck is a moist tongue in her ear. That was the creepiest thing anyone had done to her. For a moment there, a kiss on her cheek would have been acceptable to her, but this? Champa was disgusted.

She got up and gave a tight slap on his face. The sound echoed in that unusually silent moment.

“That asshole had it coming. But…” said Champa recollecting her old memory. “…rest of the things happened so fast.”

The boy’s father revealing Champa’s secret next morning in a village meeting. Champa’s parents being shocked and embarrassed by her daughter’s actions. Everyone deciding that Champa’s family should leave the village.

“Champa, you are old enough to survive alone,” said her mother while handing her a bag full of her clothes and some cash. “You can leave now.”

Champa’s father though on her side didn’t say anything. Champa hoped for at least one of her many lovers to stand up for her. But they all were just a bunch of cowards, married jackasses!

Her last hope was her elder sister Jayah. This is what she said, “I am not like you. I really wanted to get married. He was the only guy in the village who liked me. And now because of you… ”

Champa stopped her from completing the sentence. She turned and walked away from home. She tried to be strong but the moment she left the village she burst into tears. She cried for two hours before boarding the bus to a random city.

“Nobody wants me, Jayah Didi doesn’t want me,” she said this while leaving the village many years ago. She repeated the same words now while sitting on the bus.

When she said this out loud the bus conductor got alerted. Seeing Champa not react until now that creepy man did a lot with her. First, he told her daughter to go sleep in the backseat comfortably which had become empty by then.

He took a seat behind Champa. He leaned forward and started patting her boob from below, one at a time. He pressed her nipples like a button, pinched them and pulled on them. Placing the hand her chest he felt up the cleavage.

Then tried to push his hand in between her tits but the blouse was tight. He was tempted to loosen the blouse by opening some hooks but before he could Champa murmured those words.

“Didi doesn’t want me.”

Champa finally got up. She didn’t see her girl around and so she panicked. But then she found her resting in the backseat. She gave a casual reaction of the pallu slipping and fixed if back to place.

The irony of the situation was that Champa remembered the time when her sister wanted her to leave when her same sister was calling Champa to her village. She needed her help with something.

Jayah had written a letter inviting Champa to her house. There was no problem with Champa coming there because she was going to go to a different village, where nobody knows Champa. The village where Jayah settled after getting married.

“Thanks for coming,” said Jayah when she went to the bus stop to receive her sister and a little girl. The sisters were happy to meet each other after so many years.

“We look exactly like each other now,” said Champa. She was surprised as while growing up their appearance was poles apart. “That’s the reason why I need you…” said Jayah.

“Whatever you want,” said Champa holding her hands.

Later that night Champa was sitting in the neighbor’s house waiting along with her daughter. Close to midnight with a piece of small baggage, she walked out of the house and she went to her sister’s place. Jayah had explained Champa the entire situation and instructed what she had to do.

When she peeped inside she saw Jayah sitting with a young boy chatting. She was unable to see his face as his back was facing her. When Jayah saw Champa peeping she nodded as a sign for her to go ahead.

Champa went to an electric box and pressed the breaker switch turning the entire place dark. She then walked into the house as she was told.

Suddenly she felt someone grabbed her by her wrist. It was a firm grip of a young man who pulled her close to hug her. Champa just went along as she was supposed to.

“Happy birthday Amma… and I love you,” he said followed by him kissing her lips.

“Today is Didi’s birthday.” she cursed herself as she had forgotten it.

He continued to kiss her down from cheek to chin to the neck. He continued to move downwards throwing the pallu aside. Then pressing her chest he said,

“I don’t like it.”

He said pulling on the fabric of her blouse, “I don’t like you wearing the blouse he gives you to wear.”

Champa had no clue what he was talking about, but she went along. He then slipped both the hands inside her blouse and started pulling on it,

“They are so tight.” He tugged, “So low cut.” he tugged, “So revealing.” he tugged even more as the blouse started to tear, “They are so… Sexy.” he whispered as he ripped apart her blouse like beasts.

“There goes my only blouse,” said Champa to herself. But she continued with the act.

He tried to tease her before he went and latched onto her nipple. He sucked on it like a baby while playing with her other tit. Suddenly Champa realized something, “Oh no, I’m producing… if he tastes my milk my cover will be blown.”

She quickly pulled her sari up and guided his hands to place them on her hip. “No panties too… Han… Han… Han… ” he gave out a dirty laugh.

“This guy seems inexperienced… I should just play along,” said Champa to herself. She felt his hands pressing her butt. She turned around and leaned on the wall. As she bent she could see milk oozing out of her tit and falling on the floor. “Thankfully he is busy with my ass,” she said.

The boy took out his dick and started rubbing on her butt. He was not teasing her but actually struggling to find the hole. She helped him inside her pussy. The moment he was in he started thrusting her.

A couple of minutes later, “Ahh Amma, turn around.” he said. She did as he asked. Pinning her against the wall he started fucking her again, this time more vigorously.

Champa didn’t enjoy this much. She was a woman with experience of a lot bigger things to be impressed by this newbie. Yet she reacted with every thrust as if she liked it.

“Oh yes, Amma. I’m about to cum…!” he shouted. The very moment she felt his dick pulsating she pushed him away as he ejaculated on the floor. She then quietly ran out of the house.

The boy was relieved and so he laid naked on the floor. Meanwhile, Champa walked outside to meet with her sister.

“The job is done,” said Champa smiling, “…and you owe me a blouse,” said she showing her torn blouse. Both hugged and then Champa prepared her sister Jayah by making her take off her bra and keep some of the blouse hooks open. Jayah walked in after turning ON the lights.

Champa watched from a distance. Jayah walked in slowly but was relieved to see her the boy fallen asleep. She looked at him again and covered her eyes quickly. She was disgusted by seeing his now shrunken dick. Without looking she put him properly on the bed and covered his bottom with a bedsheet.

As Champa walked out of the house’s compound she remembered what Jayah said to her earlier that day, when she arrived.

“I’m sorry for not standing by your side when they decided to throw you out of the village. I’m sorry I didn’t try to look for you for so many years. Now that I finally found you, I called you with selfish intentions. I hope you can forgive me for this,” cried Jayah.

“Please I beg… will you do this one thing for me. Will you have sex with my son pretending to be me?”

Champa didn’t say anything but smiled and hugged her. “I have been longing for this hug for so long time, never thought I would get it. Now that finally, I got that, I am happy,” said Champa to her sister. For the first time after so many years, there were tears coming out of her eyes, tears of Joy.


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