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Hello readers, I am single guy living in pune, maharashtra. This is first story I am writing. I am a Indian sex stories reader since 2008. I planned every time to submit any story. But I got no time. So I am submitting it finally. Coming to story…. I am living in pune since 2007. I used to go on chat sites regularly. I met many girls on chat sites but never meet any girl personally. I am a shy type guy. So I never had a girlfriend or any affair. I was very conservative. But when I started chatting with girls on these sites, my confidence started to high.

I used various chat sites. One day I came to know about a site. On that site, we can’t see any details of other person. So after using this site for a month, one day when I was started chat, I met one aunty. Her name was nirmala. She was 30 years old. And she was living nearby my area. I chatted with her for 1 hr. She told me that her husband is living in mumbai. And now she is alone and bored. So I asked her that can we be friends? Firstly she hesitated but later she approved. I told her to give me her contact number. She said no. Then I asked her, how we can chat then? She agreed to give me number and I promised her that I never give her number to anyone.

Then, I on whatsapp, I messaged her and she replied with hi and all that. I requested her to send me her photo for which she hesitated a lot. I told her that we are friends now. But still she was not giving me her photo. We chatted for 2 hrs. That day but at end of chatting she said she liked me very much. This continued for 4 days of normal chatting. I wanted to see her photo at least. So I requested her to send me her pic.

Finally she agreed and she sent me her pics which are awesome. She was typical Indian woman with beautiful face and amazing figure. I praised her for her beauty and she replied not to tease her. I asked her that can I call her. She said ok. So I called her on that day and her voice is also so soft and sweet. We talked on phone for 1hr. Then she said she has to sleep. So I wished her good night and I also slept. It was 11pm.

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At 12:30am she called me. I woke up and took her call. She said she can’t sleep. I asked her the reason. She said don’t know but feeling so lonely. I talked her for about 2 hrs. And then she slept. Next day she called me and talked me for 2-3 hrs. Continuously. And this continued for 2 weeks. One day she said that she wants to meet me. I said ok. And I went to her flat. When she opened door, I was amazed to see her in salwar-kurtha with no dupatta. She greeted me with smile and I went inside. She locked the door. We sat on sofa.

We chatted normal things. She seems to be very happy because she was from other state and all her friends were there in her state. So she got new friend. I asked about her marriage life. Now she turned little nervous. I asked her what happened. She said she is not happy that her husband is living so far from her.

I asked her that why her husband is not taking her to his place. She said that he has to work all day and sometimes night also. I told her that she will never be alone as I am ready to come to her place any time she want. She thanked me and asked what I want to drink. I said anything she want to give. She gave me mango juice with ice.

I drank that juice. She asked me whether I have a girlfriend or not. This is first time she asked me about my affair. I said no. As I am conservative type I have no any girlfriend. She said how can be that possible as I am very good to her. She said that any girl can fall in love with me as I am very romantic person and very good in nature. But I said I never talked with any girl too much. She then suddenly asked me that are you a virgin then? I was shocked about what she asked suddenly.

But I managed and said yes. She laughed and said you are so sweet. How can you hold your patience till now? I asked what do you mean? She asked do you masturbate? I was shocked again and said yes. She asked how many times? I said 2-3 times a week. She asked do you watch porn movies? I said yes sometimes. She then asked tell me which type of girl do you like? I said her that I never seen a girl beautiful than you. So whenever I think about my to be life partner, I imagine you. She blushed and said really? Do you think I am so beautiful? I said yes and I said her that if she was not married I would love to marry her.

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She blushed again and came close near me. And she kissed on my cheeks saying so sweet. I asked her can I kiss her? She said ok. I said I will not kiss on your cheeks. She surprisingly asked then? I said I want to kiss you your lips. She smiled and said do whatever you want to do. Saying that she started walking towards bedroom. I followed her and we entered into bedroom. She stopped and stood where she was. I moved forward and hugged her from behind. She was breathing heavily so was i. Then I started kissing her neck from backside. My harden dick was touching her ass badly. I was giving pressure from backside. And kissing her neck, cheek.

Then I turned her face towards my side and hugged her. Now our face are too close. We can feel each others breath. I gently put my lips on her lips and started to kiss her. I don’t know where I learned all from this, may be from porn sites, but I started to kiss her more passionately and she also responded equally. Then I started to press her ass and started to insert my tongue inside her mouth. She was holding my head tightly and applying pressure on my lips. We kissed for about 15-20 minutes.

Then I started to undress her and she started to undress me. We were now totally naked before each other. Then I took her to bed and I came over her. And started kissing her lips again. My dick was got so harder that it was rubbing against her pussy. She was moaning now. Then I started to press her boobs. She was 36-34-36. Now I started to suck her nipples of one boob and pressing hardly other boob. She was moaning so badly that neighbors can hear her moan clearly.

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But we were not in mood of anything. So now I started to again kissing her lips. She stopped me after 10 minutes and told that please me fuck me. I want you inside there. Please insert it. I was also uncontrollable. I started to insert my dick inside her pussy slowly. Even after 4 years of marriage, her pussy was so tight. I slowly inserted my dick and she was moaning badly. But her lips locked with mine so she couldn’t moan loudly. Then I started giving strokes.

With each stroke, she started jerking. We both loving this. And we both wanted this. I fucked her for about 10 minutes, as I was a virgin. I came soon inside her. Then I fell on her still we were kissing. And I stayed with her for that night. And we enjoyed with every position that possible for sex. I will explain what happened with other night and how she became my slut forever in next chapter. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading. Please mail me @ [email protected]

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