Coaching Classes Misdeeds – Part 1


Myself Preeti, I’m 19 half years old from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I wasn’t very chubby in my high college but as soon as I reached my puberty, my body started to grow dramatically. I have 34 sized breasts, chubby cheeks, thick thighs, thick butts, pink lips and dimples on cheeks.

My boobs are spongy and build a dangerous curve in bra and tight clothes. My waist size is 32 but due to the thickness of my thighs, I have to buy 34 sized jeans as thighs do not get fit in 32. My butts are heavy as well as calves and legs. Overall my stats look like South Indian Actresses.

I’m a year dropper when I was in my middle college, that’s why I was already 19 years old when I entered 12th Standard. There is a common perception between college-going guys, that if a girl has turned chubby then she must be having numerous sexual encounters.

Maybe that is somewhat correct also but in my case, it wasn’t correct. Still, guys had the same perceptions for me. Due to these perceptions, it was a common mentality that I was an easy lay. The perception says that my body developed rapidly, so I was sleeping with either one guy or numerous guys on alternative days.

I wasn’t aware of those perceptions. Even though girls in my class, even my close friends were aware of it. Guys thought as I was habitual of having sex, so a little effort will direct me directly in their bed. I got several proposals in college but I didn’t pay any attention to them.

My parents wanted me to score a distinction in the 12th. So they forced me to join coaching classes for my Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. So college timing was from 8 am to 2 pm. After that, I had to join coaching classes, which started from 4 pm to 6 pm and then there was a 30 minutes break.

After that, the classes went from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. I wasn’t so much interested in coaching classes. There were batches of 80 people per batch, double than my college’s class strength. The teachers were good at teaching but couldn’t attend every single individual.

In the first two months, I was punctual. But later my interest in classes started to subside. I wasn’t alone who joined those coaching classes. There was another girl who was my best friend and classmate who also joined the same coaching classes.

We were in the same batch. So we inherited the same mood and same decision. We were only two girls in the batch and the rest 78 were boys. So we, especially I, were the center of attention. There were 15-20 guys who talked with us in that 30 minutes break.

Few were shy, few offered help in studies, few talked simply and few were flirt. I wasn’t interested in talking to everyone. but few guys in each category attracted me. Among those, there were two guys Vijay and Karan who were little special to me.

They both were flirts but yet didn’t cross limits. I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Five more guys joined our group and we turned in a group of 7 guys and two girls. Slowly we all started to bunk classes. In starting we extended the break time to 15 minutes then 30 minutes.

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Later an hour to bunk the full classes. But not everyone bunked classes, not all 9 at a time. A few times 3 of us sometimes 4 of us and the absenter remain different from each day. Only the common bunker was me among all. We bunked classes and usually, we used to sit in some park or any public place and had chat.

One day I and Karan were the only ones in the classes and we were sitting in a park having some discussion. We were been bored with our conversation so Karan suggested that we can play some games. I asked him about it and he suggested truth or dare game.

So for a time pass, I agreed, and we started with common questions and common dare. But as I told earlier he was a flirt, indeed interested in me. So after a few 20-25 questions, he shoots a question, that in what interval I shaved my pubic hairs.

I blushed, didn’t answer a single word, he kept on insisting to answer but I didn’t reply to him anything. Now the discussion turned towards dare, and as expected he said, “Why don’t you come tomorrow to coaching classes without a bra. I just wanted to see how you will manage to keep those melons unnoticed without a bra.”

I said to him that I won’t do that but now things went a little harsh and finally, I agreed. The next day was a disaster for me, I never had ever tried that. My boobs were 34 and they swung even with a bra. Without bra was unimaginable, but a dare was a dare, so I gave it a try.

The entire way to coaching class was embarrassing. Indeed both were bouncing and I was looking everywhere if anyone is noticing or not. In the class also I was feeling very uncomfortable. At last, after the break, we both were sitting in the park and he had already noticed that.

So finally he declared that dare was complete. So he offered me baked corns as a treat. Now, who doesn’t like baked corns? So we came out of the park and moved towards a roadside stall. We got one corn each and was returning when it started to rain cats and dogs.

We try to find some shelter but till then it was too late. We were drenched in rain and clothes were soaked in water. Finally, we reached the veranda of a closed shop. It was a complex but all shop was closed due to market off day. We stood under the shutter and waited for the rain to subside.

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Now it started to pour heavily, the road went isolated and the evening was getting darker now. We were waiting patiently and were eating the corn which we bought. But when the corn finished still it was pouring. So Karan started to chat a bit, just some usual stuff to distract my mind. I was feeling worried about now.

Within the chat, he said, “Preeti! Can I show you something?” I nodded my head and he clutched my nipples with his forefingers and thumbs of both hands. I was hell shocked by his activity and looked downwards. I realized that the water has just turned my white t-shirt fully transparent.

Not just my nipples but my boobs were also on display. I was red with shame, he was feasting on his view for a long time. I was like dead, dead in shame, blushing heavily. I didn’t even remember that he was pinching my nipples with his fingers and thumbs.

As soon as I realized, I pulled myself backward and his grip on my nipples slipped. I crossed my arms on my chest and turned my face somewhere else to avoid eye contact. But he was like he had hit a jackpot. He started to elaborate on my nipples and boobs, shape, size and what had he imagined.

I told him to keep quiet harshly, several times. But he started again in a few minutes. At last, the rain subsided and we rushed back to coaching classes. He insisted to stay back but I left for home.

The next day I reached coaching classes, attended three of them and came out at 7:30 pm. Karan attended only two of them and was waiting outside. I even stayed back in class, even in the break time to avoid him. But later came out skipping the last class.

He was eagerly waiting for me so we went to the park and instead of sitting on the bench we decided to walk. There was a pathway inside the park, adjacent to the boundary of the park. We started walking and when we reached the rear of the park. He stopped, I took two steps when I realized he stopped.

I turned back and asked him why he stopped. He started to move his both forefingers on my t-shirt on my boob’s area. I looked at him annoyed when he smiled and said that he was trying to figure out where those nipples were. I smiled at him and said that it was impossible to guess.

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As I was wearing a padded bra and he cannot find and grab my nipples. I don’t know why and how I spoke those lines, but it came out of my mouth. He stopped for a second and grabbed both boobs in his palms. He said, “In that case, I can grab whole of them instead of nipples only.”

He squeezed my boobs a few times. I was trying to remove his hand, still, his grip was tighter than expected. It took me a whole minute to get rid of his grip and till then he had squeezed my both boobs for 10-12 times. I showed him my anger and he said sorry immediately.

I said that he was grabbing so hard that it was hurting me. He said that he won’t squeeze them so hard ever again. I said what I felt without even understanding what I said. But he chose his words carefully. We walked for a few rounds and then I returned home.

The next day when we were getting out of the coaching class the door went jam and everyone was stuck inside. We didn’t realize that from inside, so a heavy rush reached near the gate. We were standing so close to each other that we were leaning on each other.

At that moment I realized that someone had placed his palms on my boobs and was squeezing them lightly. I turned my head to find Karan over there. I whispered that what he was doing and he promised something yesterday. He said in the same manner that he said that he won’t squeeze them hard.

But he never mentioned that he won’t squeeze them all. Then I remembered my words and I smiled to myself. I just requested him to leave now, as someone can see. He removed his hands and we came out after a while. From that day onwards he didn’t miss a single chance to squeeze my boobs.

Though I stopped him every time the fact was that I was getting a male touch for the first time in my life. And practically I was enjoying it, so though I was shy but I was opening up little by little. He did not get a chance daily as in many instances other guys also accompanied us.

But there were few instances when he got a chance. The game went on for 15 days and he got nearly 10-12 chances to squeeze them.

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