Coaching Classes Misdeeds – Part 2


One fine day, we got the chance to roam all alone in the park. It was around 7:45 pm and the park was almost isolated. We were roaming and on every few steps, he grabbed my boobs and squeezed. I was just fed up with him. Though I liked him squeezing my boobs he was doing too much.

I stopped and asked him when he would stop squeezing them. He explained that he doesn’t get enough time to squeeze them properly to his satisfaction. He continued that if he gets enough time to squeeze them, he’ll stop bugging me. I just said, “I’m here, squeeze as much as you like and then stop this completely.”

Immediately I realized my mistake. I covered my face with my palms and was standing there. He pulled me by my arms and what I realized was, him sitting on the bench and myself sitting on his laps. I remove my palms to make sure I was right. He looked straight at my face and I crossed my arms on my boobs.

He requested and reminded me that I only permitted him to. He asked me to remove my arms which I slowly dropped down. He grabbed both boobs and started to squeeze them gently but few times applied force too. He squeezed them for more than five minutes and came up with a special demand.

He asked me if could he put his hands under my t-shirt over my bra. I looked at him angrily. He made an innocent face like he was begging me for that. I don’t know why, but I just turned my face and smiled a little, closing my eyes afterward. He got the clue and his hand entered under my t-shirt, over my bra.

He started to squeeze my both boobs more aggressively now. He squeezed them for a further 5 minutes and then another demand. He wanted to enter his palms under my bra also. I was hot and wet by then. So I told him to do whatever he likes.

He gripped his fingers on my bra elastic and raised it upwards. My boobs popped out of my bra and the bra slipped upwards till my collar bones. He grabbed my boobs and started to squeeze them again, but he started to pinch my nipples too. This continued for 5 more minutes before I asked him to stop.

I asked him, how much he will squeeze them, he’s nearly squeezing them for 20 minutes. He said that he was enjoying a lot and I should let him squeeze them. I just laughed at him and left him to continue. After a few minutes, the park lights started to go off and he left me.

It was time for closing the park. So I adjusted my bra and we came back. He was satisfied to the core. But I also knew that it wasn’t going to end. But for the next few days, he didn’t get a chance to do anything. About a week later, Karan was desperately waiting for a single chance.

So one day we five fellows bunked the classes and came to the park. My best friend, the girl from my class, Vijay and Rajat were walking a few feet in front of us. Karan and I were walking behind. Now all three of them entered the park. When I was about to enter, Karan grabbed me by my arms.

He whispered to me to come along with him. I whispered that the others may search for us but he insisted a lot to come along. I surrendered and move along with him. We reached an isolated shop area, a semi-complex with all closed shops. As soon as we reached there I asked Karan about it.

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Now he was desperate I knew that and that question was useless. He just pushed me on the wall and started to squeeze my both boobs roughly. After a few minutes, he came up with a new demand. He wanted me to raise my t-shirt and bra and he wanted to see my boobs now.

I scolded him well, saying that I won’t let him. But he came with a justification that he had already seen them on that rainy day. Not very clearly but 90% was visible at least. I kept on resisting but he was too stubborn. He convinced me in 5 minutes and I left myself on his mercy.

He started to pull my t-shirt upwards till it reached above my bra. And then immediately my bra also till my collar bones. Now my boobs were on his mercy, he grabbed them and squeezed them for 5 minutes. He pinched and rolled my nipples too.

After 5 minutes I felt a tongue on my nipple and found him sucking my nipples. Now it was getting far away but I couldn’t stop it. He keeps on alternating on my both nipples and after around 30 minutes left me. It was due to his phone which was ringing. It was Rajat who was asking where we were.

Now unwillingly he decided to return. I smiled at him and adjusted my clothes. We returned to the park, had a chit chat with rest three of them. But the whole time Karan was looking angrily at me. Whereas I was returning him a smile every time. That was making him more frustrated.

But there was nothing that could be done. He remained frustrated and we departed home later on. The next day as expected the same thing happened. Rajat, Vijay, and my friend went to the park and Karan pulled me to the isolated shop area. I scolded him for being so desperate all the time.

He said that he wasn’t finished last evening. Now I was sure that he wasn’t going to leave me at all. So I surrendered to him. He pulled my t-shirt and bra upwards and went busy playing with my naked boobs and sucking my nipples. This time none of the three called us at all.

He continued for the next 2 hours, but as he wanted more and more. So this time he tried to enter his hand in my jeans and inside my panty. But I caught his hand and asked him not to do that. He tried a few times, about 10-15 minutes but couldn’t succeed at all. Later he surrendered and got busy with my boobs only.

Now naturally my boobs were being mauled and I was getting super wet inside. Around 8:30 he left me and we came home. Next day Karan was sick, he was unable to come to the coaching classes. Now I didn’t mind that, he was posing himself over me most of the time.

Though I liked him but he was very stubborn and made me uncomfortable several times. Today only I and Vijay bunked the classes. The rest had few doubts about subjects and they decided to attend classes. We both moved to the park. But instead of entering the park, he asked me to walk with him on the road.

The main motive of bunks was to chat only, in the park outside the park, it doesn’t matter. We walked a few hundred meters and came to the same spot where Karan brought me every time. We stayed under the isolated complex and chatted for a few minutes.

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Suddenly from nowhere, Vijay barked a question that was more important for me, Karan or him. I diplomatically said that both were important in their way and cannot be compared with each other. Immediately without a second delay, Vijay grabbed both boobs over my t-shirt.

He roughly squeezed them and asked that on what criteria or what superiority Karan was getting the liberty to play with those. I understood immediately that last evening either he followed us or maybe came to that location afterward. I pushed his hand away and said that I couldn’t explain that.

I didn’t answer because I didn’t have an answer to that question. He howled on me saying he was equally capable of doing things that Karan could do. No one shouts at me ever, not even my parents. I was taken aback with his rash tone, equally angry at him.

I just asked him to go and stand on the road, and dash yourself with any vehicle which comes first. He turned immediately, without asking any question. He reached the road and stood in between the road. It was then when I realized what I said and what could happen now.

I rushed to the road and a vehicle was arriving. I reached the road, a car was approaching honking at him to get away. The car was about 20-30 feet away when I pulled him off the road. The driver who seems to be an old man abused both of us and moved away.

I pulled him back the isolated complex, holding his shirt from the biceps. As soon as I reached there I wanted to bark at him, but I didn’t. I raised my t-shirt and my bra until my collarbones. I looked at him for a minute and said, “All yours.” He was delighted like a small child.

He pounded at me and grabbed those melons. He started to maul them up, he was rough but what he did shocked me. I kept mum until he was finished mauling them. As soon as he was finished with the shape and size test, he moved to the next level for a taste check.

He gulped my nipple in his mouth and started to suck it. He sucked those nipples alternatively and licked my nipples with his tongue. He revolved his tongue tip on my nipples. He chewed them a few times with his front teeth and tried to gulp as much as possible, part of boobs including nipples.

His action was giving a tickling feeling in my tummy as well as pussy. Like Karan, he too was trying to reach my pussy, inside my panty, which I was stopping. He gave up and grabbed my ass cheeks over my jeans. That I allowed him to, even to press them as many times he liked.

Even I allowed him to rub his palm on my pussy above my jeans. The sensational feeling he was giving me was making me hold his head and feel his hair. After a long time, he stopped, released my nipples and looked up. He asked what about Karan now.

I smiled and said that I will not differentiate between him and Karan, so no partiality also. He gets his share Karan will get his. He left me telling me that it was getting late. I adjusted my clothes and we returned home. The next day Karan was back in coaching classes. He was having a dream of being with me.

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The same dream was of Vijay and I was thinking about how to distribute myself equally between them. After the break, we all five regular peoples went towards the park. This time my college friend and Rajat entered the park. I grabbed Karan hand and Vijay’s shoulder to stop them from entering.

They both looked at me and then to each other nervously. I asked them to keep quiet and we moved to the same location. I was nervous all the way and Karan was confused all the way. We reached there, I stood in front of them, raised my t-shirt and bra and said, “All yours. Both of you can have them.”

Karan looked confused and he looked at Vijay. Vijay winked at him and smiled. Though Karan didn’t get the entire picture he got a major concept. He understood that Vijay also was having the same fun. He didn’t get the answer for why and how but rest he understood.

My right nipple was in Vijay’s mouth immediately. Karan took 30 seconds to digest the situation. To share with Vijay, but he adjusted his mind. In less than a minute he was sucking my left nipples. Both were squeezing my boobs and sucking as well as biting my nipples.

Two months servicing me at a time was giving me sensations to the core. Now in the meanwhile, both of them were trying to enter their palms inside my jeans. They were trying to grope my pussy inside my panty. I was trying very hard to create obstacles in their way. But as they were now two of them.

It was getting hard for me. They tried several times but failed. They didn’t leave my nipples just looked at each other. Both of them grabbed my wrist with one hand and started to unbutton my jeans. I whispered not to do so, requested, scolded them, begged them but they didn’t listen.

The jeans button was gone, they opened the zip of jeans and pulled them downward. The jeans were tight around thighs area so it only managed to slip till knees and they left it there only. Now they grabbed my panty and slipped it till my jeans. Now my pussy was bare and they started to touch it with their fingers.

Both of them were squeezing it’s outer region and trying to enter their fingers inside. Within a minute Vijay found his way inside and started to finger me slowly. Soon Karan realized it too and waited for Vijay to withdraw his finger. Vijay withdrew his finger and Karan entered his finger inside.

I was getting immerse pleasure and way making me hard to suppress my moans. I just closed my eyes and let them do whatever they like. About five minutes later I was thinking about what was going on. Two guys were sucking my nipples and one was licking my pussy like a hungry dog.

What the hell? If two were sucking my nipples, who the fuck was licking my pussy lips?

To know about the 3rd person, you will have to read the next part. In the meantime, you can send me feedback on [email protected]

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