Colleague’s Sexy Wife – Part 1


Hi people. I am Siddarth, a 27-year-old guy born and brought up in Hyderabad and now in Pune. I am 5’9 in height. I have a 6 and a half inch package which is just perfect enough to make the women I met go wild.

This is a story of my colleague Mayank and his wife Divya, 29-year-old. Mayank is 32, 5’7 height, bit chubby but not what you call fat. He’s senior to me in office and a friendly guy. He never acted bossy and never been harsh on anyone I know off.

He is very soft-spoken and most of the time. He lets me do the harsh talking with clients. Don’t mind if I’m boring you with the details about Mayank. But this is very important in the story buildup. This is gonna be a three-part series or maybe more based on reviews from you guys.

Our team used to party often after office hours. But it’s always only guys from office and never the families. And on weekends, I get busy with my friends and family. So I never interacted with anyone of the colleague’s families. A year passed by after I joined the work in this office.

One fine Saturday, a friend of mine had asked me to join her for shopping in Pavillion Mall. My friend Aisha is a gorgeous and exhibitionist kind. she usually dresses in one-piece dresses that hug her figure tight and show the curves prominently. She’s 32D-26-34.

The story with her for some other time but let’s concentrate on Divya for now. So we went to the mall. While Aisha is shopping, I was standing outside at a store. I saw Mayank come from the opposite direction along with a lady in a saree that looked simple yet elegant.

He waved his hand at me and I waved back and we started talking. He introduced me to the lady in saree. She’s Divya, his wife. I scanned her while they’re coming. She must be 5’5 height, her saree is covering her figure. But I noticed her boobs are stiff without any sag.

She got a bubbly ass, it must be 36. The waist isn’t too slim. Maybe 28-30. I turned towards her, shook my hands with her and introduced myself. She gave a big smile and here goes the conversation with her.

Me – Hi Divya, you look wonderful. Elegant yet so simple in a saree.
Divya – (blushes softly) Hi, Mayank spoke a lot about you. It’s like I almost know you but I’ve never met.
Me – I hope he says good things and nothing bad. (laughs off)

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Divya – (smiles) Yes, he speaks good things. How you harsh talk with anyone who tries to cut you off and always have his support.
Me – That’s great.

Divya – Yeah, so are you shopping alone?
Me – No, I came with a friend, she went into a store and I’m waiting here for her.

Mayank didn’t utter a single word and let me have a conversation with his wife.
At that moment, Aisha comes out of the store and looked at me as if asking who are they. I introduced them to Aisha.

I noticed Divya felt a pang of jealousy or a bit intimidated by seeing how gorgeous Aisha is. And then Aisha said she will go to the restroom and left.

Me – So, you guys came shopping by yourself? Where’s your daughter? (She’s 3 years old. I’ve seen her pic as wallpaper in Mayank’s phone)
Divya – She’s at my sister’s place. We want to have the weekend for ourselves.
Me – That’s cool. I won’t take more time from your weekend.

Divya – It’s ok. By the way, it would be great if we three could hangout sometime (and looked at Mayank for approval).
Mayank – Yeah sure, we should do that.

Me – Cool then, as coming Thursday is a holiday, it’d be great if you guys could come over for dinner at my place Wednesday night.
Divya – Great, we will be there on Wednesday night.
Me – That would be awesome.

I noticed Mayank doesn’t talk much either with his wife too. She had most of the conversation. But she doesn’t look like a dominating wife either. I still don’t know why I invited them over. I can cook but cooking for three people would be a hassle and my cook recently resigned.

Anyhow, I thought I will order something and didn’t give it much thought.

On Tuesday, Mayank asked me if Wednesday’s dinner was still on and I said, “Yeah sure. Come at 8 pm.” Mayank said Divya was super excited about the dinner. She has no friends in Pune and never goes out. I was like cool see you then and got busy with work.

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Wednesday I left early from work at 3 pm, cleaned my flat and brought some beers, whiskey, wine, and some snacks. I called a nearby restaurant and they said they will deliver food by 8:30 pm. Now that all the arrangements and my flat is ready.

I groomed myself, had a shower and wore a light grey shirt and trousers. I saw the clock and it’s 7:50 pm. I got a call from an unknown number. I picked it up. It’s Divya. She said Mayank’s phone had switched off and asked me to WhatsApp my address. I pinged her my address. I saw the dp, it’s the same saree she wore in the mall. She looked hot in it.

At 8:15, my doorbell rang and I went and opened the door. There they are. Divya wore a cocktail saree with a sleeveless blouse. I could see her saree hugging to her and neckline going deep but it’s covered with pallu. So I couldn’t see how deep it is. It’s hugging her body and revealing a hint of her navel.

Mayank came in first I hugged him and invited him. When Divya came it I was about to offer my hand for a handshake but she instead hugged me. I was a bit shocked but immediately took advantage and hugged her back. I got my second shock of the day.

Her blouse is backless too except for a thin 2-inch band holding the blouse. Her soft skin came in contact with my hand. She pushed her boobs in my chest and I squeezed her close. It’s not some formal hug, it felt intimate. I let my hands roam on her back for a quick 2 seconds.

While removing my hand I tapped her ass lightly. She gave a smile and I invited her inside. I can notice Mayank feeling a bit flushed but didn’t say anything and gave a forced smile. Once they came inside, Mayank sat on a single sofa and Divya sat on the two-seater sofa in the center.

I brought the drinks and snacks. She said she will have wine. Mayank asked for a beer. I poured myself a peg of whiskey. When I was thinking about where to sit, she offered to sit beside her. I sat but she didn’t move much. I could feel her body touching me from the side.

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Mayank is to my right on a single sofa. Divya to my left on the same sofa as me. Food arrived soon and I kept it on the dining table. And we started talking stuff. Mayank drank his beer pretty fast as if he intended to get drunk. But these aren’t strong beers and I know it’s impossible to get drunk soon.

Divya is rubbing her body on me and drinks are making me horny too. I laid back on the sofa and watched her back. It’s tempting. I took my hand and kept it on her back. She laid back onto me. Now Mayank can’t see my hand but I can sense him taking a peek. I started rubbing her back and moved closer to me.

My hand went to her waist and squeezed her. She gave a soft moan. I’m sure Mayank heard it. He gave a normal smile and kept talking. I understood the situation, Mayank wants me to fuck her. But I want to know whether he wants it to be a threesome or cuckolding him.

Rest of the story in part 2.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write a story. Please hit like if this story. Do let me know your queries, suggestions at [email protected] (Triple O’s). I am available to fantasy chat with ladies on hangouts at the same id. Thank you all.

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