College Days With Supritha


Hey, this is my first story publishing here. So please don’t mind the mistakes. I will make sure to get it corrected for upcoming ones. All the names mentioned here are fake. I don’t want to disclose anyone’s personal life and to maintain the trust of everyone.

I am Guru, a software engineer who is settled in Bangalore where my native is Coimbatore. I am 25-year-old and have an average built physique. This incident happened during my college days. I always had a deep passion for lust and at that age your desires are uncontrollable!

The beauty of the story – who was from the same class as mine is the star here. Her name was Supritha. About Supritha. She was a hot chick with a stunning figure, dusky skin, and blushing face all the time. At the starting of my academic years, I was not confident to hit on her.

I was a totally shy guy outside. She was the topper of my class for the first year and always active in cultural activities. I would always stare at her boobs that I would do to anyone who has well-shaped. Still, I would think I will be always staring till the end of academics.

Still, I use to offer her chocolates casually to ice-break and wink with a smile whenever we cross each other! And this happened one day. Finally, I approached her for some notes to copy related to practical records. She readily offered with a smile.

For your information, we were friends on Facebook earlier. The picture on her facebook always tempted me for the juicy boobs. I badly wanted to set it out free from that tight bra and fondle it with utmost desire. It was a dream for me to do so and still a dream for many guys at that age.

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I always believed that time and tide wait for none. So I was ready to make a move whatever was the consequence. I used to ping her through facebook asking doubts related to studies and stuff. It gave me some confidence to hit with more personal stuff.

Day by day, we became close. I used to turn at her, smile during class hours and even she responded immediately with a wink. I was with a full blushing face and had no idea if it was love or just lust. I feared that it shouldn’t end our relationship.

Still, I got more personal to her when she shared her mobile number. Later on, I was asking about her love and any encounters with boys earlier. Even she had a story to tell me. She was ditched by a guy at her college days after some softcore practices. Then I made sure this girl knows what is what!

I had even told her about my stories where I was a jerk and lost my puppy love and stuff. I opened the truth that I haven’t been kissed a girl in my life and was waiting eagerly for one. To my surprise, she responded me with a wink that even she was missing those kisses after her break up.

Bullseye! I suggested to her if we can try kissing sometimes. For that, she readily agreed for the next day before or after class hours. I was in cloud nine! The next day morning we arrived soon college and we didn’t know how to start.

She was wearing a black tight top which showed her cleavage and pink bottom leggins. We moved to the corner of the classroom and sat on the last bench. She kissed me on my cheeks and later I kissed her on her neck.

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Then we were uncontrollable kissing each other non-stop. It was the very first time for me to kiss a girl like that. The classroom wasn’t the safest place as anything could happen or anyone could see us. It could end our studies too. We were hugging so tight as her boobs were pressing my chest very hard.

I made her sit on my lap and drank her saliva through her lustful pink lips. Our lips didn’t want to be apart and were so hungry to do anything right away. It became routine from that day. Either morning or evening we stay back and shared our lust with each other.

We had been talking more serious and wild chats about making love in different ways of fantasy. I would tell her about the romantic scenes which I watched in English movies and tempt her to be with me like that way. Even she was a bit shy to go forward from the kiss to other things.

It took some pretty time to make her understand that it wasn’t wrong between us. The lust on our eyes was burning bright. We didn’t think of anything or anyone around us at that time. Even she had limited friends that helped me to avoid more turmoil between us.

It was a smooth flow of understanding between us. Most of the conversation was through texts, even inside the classroom. We hardly spoke inside the classroom and just shared a smile for each other in front of other students. We bunked classes most of the days where people had no clue about us though

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It was the movie theatres that gave shelter to us for satisfying our desires. The dark corner seats know the moans of fingering pussy and mouth full of juice she drank from my cock. It was always a fearful factor that if we get caught. We also went to public parks in the evening.

I could fondle boobs while she had one hand inside my zipper. One fine evening, she called me saying that her parents are going out of town for functions. She would be all alone at home for two days as it was exam time.

Trust me! You shouldn’t miss this. Our first movie theatre experience caught red-handed by a cop at the park incident and later my visit to her home.

To be continued.

Please do let me know your review on this story and also the part 2 will be posted only I get a green signal from you guys. With love, [email protected]

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