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Hello, friends. I am Vishal Kannan. I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Recently I read a story about a cam girl in Delhi Sex Chat from this site. First, I thought it was some person’s mere luck and it would not favor all the people.

But I too felt lonely like the guy who had narrated the story. Coming from a normal and orthodox background, I wanted to explore things on my own. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of all my friends asking about the sex and how to make a girl happy.

Things do not favor guys like me all the time and we guys end up being a joke in the college. Even the girls would laugh at us. But deep inside me, I too wanted to be a macho man, like the guy who would make all the girls crave for sex.

Well, I am sure that I would never be that guy, but I can have my own world where I can feel like one. It would never hurt to imagine and stay with the people who would value you for what you really are. So, in this judgmental world, I started to do something to explore.

That made me to think twice about the story I read. So, I thought I should try my luck once in this Indian sex chat websites. Since I heard there would be lots of bogus websites, I didn’t want to risk with the hard earned money. So, to be on the safer side, I opted for the same site as the author in the story did.

I went to the Delhi Sex Chat and I chose the same girl – Jaanvi! Since I come from Tamil Nadu, I like the actress Sridevi very much. As this girl had the name of Sridevi’s daughter, I felt very much impressed. (Well, she was more beautiful than the real Jaanvi).

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Not sure about the face as she did not show up, but from the body, she looked damn sexy. She was wearing hot pants and a transparent camisole when I came online. I don’t know Hindi and hence, I started to chat with her in English.

She was fluent in both the languages and hence I did not face any difficulty. From the first impression, I started to like her. I secretly wished that I did not want my credits to finish so fast. I wanted the whole time to go as slow as possible.

Like this author said, she would make you an addict with her good heart and the superb service. Since my first chat, I wanted to come online with this same girl and wanted to have an online sex with her all the time.

We made our formal introductions. I like the sound of her laughter a lot. She would do that for every joke I tell her. But all the while, I kept looking at her hot cleavage and thighs. Back in my place, you don’t get to see them more often. So, this is how our conversation went.

Me: Hello, Jaanvi. I heard a lot about you.

Jaanvi: Hi. What?! From whom?

Me: Well, there is a story about you on a website called Indian Sex Stories.

Jaanvi: About me on Indian Sex Stories?

Me: Yes.

Jaanvi: Oh My God! What is it about?

Me: It is about the way you treat your clients when they come on a private chat with you and how you make love with them online.

Jaanvi: What is the name the person had used?

Me: Of course, Jaanvi. That’s why I told you that I heard a lot about you.

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Jaanvi: Fine. Hope people would like it and not judge me.

Me: You should not worry even if they do.

Jaanvi: Thanks and now, where are you looking at?!

Now, I understood that she had noticed me looking at her breasts all the time. So, I confessed and she laughed again.

Me: Am I not allowed to look there?

Jaanvi: Wait.

Saying that, she removed her camisole and bra and showed me her hot breasts with pink nipples. I felt very much happy and she said, “Now, you can see without any interference”. (Again that beautiful laughter).

Then, I asked her to take off her hot pants as well and she did. I saw her topless wearing a pinkish panty. She looked very hot and sexy like an international porn star. When I said that, she felt honored and thanked me a lot. I have wasted half of the time already talking about her story. So, I took off my pants and stood in front of her holding my dick.

Jaanvi: Not bad yaar. It really looks very nice.

Me: Thanks.

Jaanvi: Or you gonna just hold it or would you do me a favor stroking it?

I started to stroke and she too began finger fucking herself. I felt very happy seeing her masturbation. And I could see her pussy becoming wet as she began to moan. So, she was having her orgasm. I liked the way she did it with her whole body vibrating.

Then, I asked her to insert the lush. She teased me for a while and then inserted it into the pussy. It really got stuck to the hole that she didn’t have to hold it anymore. Then, I asked her to push as deep as possible. She did and waited for my command.

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Soon, I used my credit and the lush started to vibrate. Initially, she did not react to it and just had some kind of movement in her waist and hips. After a while, I kept activating it for more than a minute and she started to scream.

She even closed her mouth to stop screaming very loud and she could not control at all. Her whole body went crazy. She grabbed whatever comes to her hands and began to moan taking my name. Finally, I came a lot looking at her and she too had her orgasm again.

Since then, me and cam model Jaanvi used to have this kind of sex chat many times.

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