College Romance With Beautiful Saloni


Hello friends. This is my first story. I am currently in Kolkata. I have a normal body and love sex. All beautiful ladies can contact me on [email protected] This is the story when I was in Bangalore for higher studies.

In my college, there was a girl named Saloni. She was fair, perfect shape and a body that can attract anybody. We were in the same class but it was very difficult to get attention from her. So one lucky day the faculty divided our class into a group of 5 and she was in my group.

Yup, even I can’t believe that. We exchanged our contacts. So the assignment was allotted with a deadline. In our group, we were 2 boys and 3 girls. All of us started our work (we divided our works individually). My part was associated with Saloni. So until she chooses the topic and proceeds I can’t start.

So we were discussing in the group how to go further. But Saloni was not getting much from our discussion as she was not attentive. So at night, I asked her about her work so that I can proceed. She had no idea. She told that can you please help in my part because I can’t get anything.

I told, “Ok, after college we can sit together and start our work.” So the next day after college we sat together but it was not enough. So we planned to do work at night as we both stay in the same society. We sat at night in her room to start our work. Her room was well arranged.

She was in sleeves and hot pants. She looks amazing. Before I came she took a bath and washed her hair. She was just awesome. We started to work but she was busy on her phone. I told once to focus. She said sorry but again and again, she was on her phone.

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I got angry and told, “Can you talk with your boyfriend after we complete our work.” She said, “I don’t have one. Do you?” I said no. So it was a chance to try. I said please focus now. We continued our work, it was 1:00 AM. I said I have to leave it’s too late.

She said, “Who sleeps this early? Wait it’s so tiring. Can we do hookah?” I was like ok call your roommate too. She said that she is with her boyfriend in her room. We started hookah. Suddenly we heard some sound from her roommate’s room.

We were shocked to hear. We were somewhat high as we took 4-4 shots with hookah. She was like, “How lucky is she that she has someone to fuck. She enjoys each and every day with her boyfriend making out.” I said, “You can have fun too if you want.” She gave a look. We smiled and I changed the topic.

I asked her like are you single seriously. She was like, “Why I can’t be? I don’t want a headache in my life.”
Me. – (after taking 2 more shots) How will you enjoy this if you are going to be single?

She – Avi, come here you are so cute (drunk tone).

I went close to her she patted on my cheek and asked if I had had sex.
Me – Yes, once when I passed 12th with my girlfriend, but we broke up due to long distance.

After I completed she just jumped on me and started kissing me. I first enjoyed but after 2 minutes I realized that it’s not good to take advantage. So I told you you not sober nor am I. So let’s not do.

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She – So let me take advantage of you and keep quiet.

She started to open my T-shirt and kissing me on lips and chest. I said let me close your door first. After I closed the door I jumped over her and open her top and started kissing her. We were both indulged in ourselves. She was now in bra and hot pants.

I lay her on her bed and started kissing her on her boobs. Her boobs were almost 32( B). It was so soft I bit her on her nipple and she moaned a bit. Then I let my hand go on her hooks, she was like it will not open. I said if I do then, she said then I am all yours. Then I unhooked it from one hand it’s too easy to open.

She was shocked and mee too to see her milky boobs. I just jumped to it and started sucking it. Then I slowly I kissed both the boobs pressed it more and more, it was a great feeling ever. I reached to her hot pant. As I tried to put my hand under it she was shaken and caught my hand.

I again kissed her and removed her panty. She suddenly switched off the light and said, “I don’t want anyone to see that. I am too shy.” I just kept my hand on her pussy and started rubbing it. She came over me and open my pants and saw a big monster coming out.

She took in her hand and started jerking it slowly. She said if this goes in, it will pain a lot.
Me – First a little pain, then pleasure. Wanna try?
She – No I am afraid to do this.

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I took her on my arms and rested her body on mine and said let’s try we will go slowly.
She – Wait I have protection. I stole it from my flatmate.
Me – It means full planned.

She was shy and hugged me. I open the condom and wore it and inserted it in her in one go. She made a big moaning sound. I just planted a kiss and started in and out slowly. She was enjoying it. We both were nude rubbing our bodies on each other.

I fucked her for 10 minutes and she came all over. She was tired, then I took her above me. She put her head on my shoulder to rest and this is the best feeling I ever had. We again smooched for 10 minutes and she said can you stay tonight I need you today.

It was a green signal again. Rest will be continued.

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