Commission 2, Hasna – Part 3 (Becoming A Woman)


Hasna was reminiscing about the time she actually became a woman in the hands of a man whom she didn’t know three days ago, and what led to it.

Hasna was happy that Rohan agreed to make her a woman and she was eagerly waiting for it. However, she was somewhat reluctant because she still didn’t know what it was like to have sex with a man in privacy. But she had nothing to fear. After all, her hymen had been damaged during an accident and her family knew this too.

The next day, she wore her salwar and her headcover and went to the campus as usual. She was happy and her happiness was imminent in her eyes.

“You look happy today, Hasna. What’s up?” her friends asked to which she just smiled.

That day, as she walked outta the university, she saw Rohan somewhat away from the gate. She smiled at him but he pretended not to see her and was looking around. She saw him pulling out his phone and typing something.

“What could this be?” she thought as she walked towards him. Then her phone rang.

She took it out and checked. It was a message from Rohan.

“Hey, come right towards me. I’ve got a place we can go,” he had sent.

She smiled and walked right at him. He was on the opposite side of the road.

As she got close to him, he smiled. Hasna looked around to make sure nobody from her culture that knows her was seeing this.

“Let’s get the hell outta here, Hasna. I know a place we can go to. Come on,” Rohan said, leading the way.

Long story short, they took a bus and from where they got off, they took a train. During the train journey, they were seated and like before, she was seated by the window. It wasn’t once Rohan tried to touch her during the journey, but Hasna stopped him every time.

“No, Rohan, not here,” she kept saying.

After a while, Rohan gave up, but his burning lust was imminent in his eyes.

After they got down from the train, they took a taxi to a hotel where he booked a room for a few hours.

“Take off your headcover and put it around your neck, Hasna. I don’t want your people to suspect me of something here,” he murmured to Hasna before going ahead to book the room.

They got the room booked and entered. Rohan was happy. Hasna was reluctant.

As Hasna entered the room and put aside her backpack, he closed the door behind and locked it.

Hasna turned towards him as he started walking towards her. She tried to put her headcover away.

“Stop,” Rohan commanded her, signaling her to stop. “Put it around your head like before.”

“But…I thought we-.”

“-Yes, we are,” Rohan said in a decisive tone. “Do what I said.”

Hasna didn’t say a word. After all, in her culture, women were raised with prohibitions against talking back to a man.

Hasna silently wore her headcover again and while doing that, she saw his already growing bulge in his pants.

As Hasna wore it again, he started getting undressed. She, seeing this, started getting undressed too.

“Stop,” Rohan commanded her again. “Who told you to do that? That’s my job. Now, stop trying to make me angry anymore,” Rohan said in a little angry tone, as he roughly took off all of his clothes, one by one.

When Rohan pushed down his pants along with his underpants, she saw his dick and its size which made her eyes go wide.

“My God,” Hasna whispered. She had tried to push three fingers into her pussy already and it was near impossible for her. Compared to that, getting Rohan’s dick inside of her would surely rip her apart…or so she thought.

For a second, Hasna thought she couldn’t do it. But then, it was too late to back out. Also, one day she’ll be married off and will have to go through this anyway.

“What do you think?” Rohan asked, pointing his cock at her.

“It’s so big, Rohan,” she said, backing off. “I’m not even sure if it’ll fit inside of me.”

“Are you saying you wanna back out now?” Rohan asked angrily as he closed in two or three feet.

Hasna backed off until her back was against a wall. Rohan got close to her until he was inches away from her. His gland was already touching the fabric of her salwar.

~Sex Starts

Rohan pressed his cock into her salwar. She felt the hardness and coldness of his cock against her belly.

“Ah…Rohan, what…mmph!” Hasna tried to ask something but was interrupted by Rohan who pushed his right palm against her mouth and pressed her against the wall behind her.

Hasna tried to push him away but Rohan was too strong. He later let go off her and by then, around her mouth, her skin was red because of his rough handling.

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“Not one more word, do you understand?” Rohan said, pointing his right index finger at her. Hasna nodded with a sad face.

“Good girl,” he said as he put his right arm around her head, held her hair tight through her hijab and pulled her towards himself.

~Foreplay Starts

“Aaah…mmph,” Hasna moaned as he pulled her hair, but her moans were blocked by his mouth opening and closing all over hers.

“Mm…mm,” Rohan was making a sound as he continued to eat her face. He was licking, sucking and biting her lips and her mouth.

Hasna initially was irritated by his behavior, but soon, she felt it. She felt her body warming up. She felt the weird but sensational feeling on her lips. It wasn’t long before her hands went around his neck and pulled him even more into herself as she started eating his mouth back with her eyes closed.

Rohan’s hands went down to Hasna’s boobs and were feeling them up, now and then.

“Mmh…mmh,” Hasna moaned into his mouth as he repeatedly squeezed her tits over her salwar.

Rohan was eating her and feeling her tits, angrily, crazily, but she didn’t resist. His squeezing on her tits got harder and harder.

“Ahh,” Hasna said as she opened her eyes and broke the kiss and placed her hands on his, which were on her tits. Rohan took the signal that his grip was getting too hard on her. So he left her tits but he remained in his dominant character.

Rohan held Hasna’s wrists in his each hand and pinned them against the wall behind her at once. Her hands hitting the wall made a sound.

“Ah,” Hasna hissed as he pinned her against the wall. He closed in and looked into her eyes for a few seconds. Neither of them said a word and they kept looking into the eyes of each other before Rohan went for another shared kiss, holding Hasna pinned against the wall.

Hasna closed her eyes and started kissing him back, pinned against the wall. She felt her nipples erecting and her pussy wetting. She wanted him to smash her tits and rip into her pussy, but Rohan was in no rush.

Rohan left her hands and as her hands went back to the sides of his neck, he started unbuttoning her salwar. Finally, he was making her naked.

After unbuttoning it for a while, Rohan broke the kiss. As Hasna kept looking at his face, he kept unbuttoning it all the way down. And once all the buttoned were removed, he pushed it off her shoulders.

As her salwar fell to the floor, Hasna just stood there, looking at him with a small smile. Rohan held her left shoulder by his left hand and turned her around in one move.

“Ahh,” Hasna hissed as she was turned around. Rohan unhooked her bra and pushed it off her shoulders too.

As Hasna was naked above her hip, she covered her tits with her hands. Rohan was facing Hasna’s back when he put his hands around her body and tried to uncover her tits. But she held onto it.

Rohan got angry. “Rrrh,” he groaned and pulled her hands away from her tits in one move.

Hasna turned her face to her right and looked at him with a scared look. He surely still looked angry. She had no idea how to stop doing things that makes him angry and she had no idea how he was gonna respond to her for making him angry repeatedly.

“Go, lay upwards in the bed,” Rohan commanded her.

Hasna obeyed him unquestioningly. As she laid in bed, Rohan held her ankles and pulled her feet outta the bed, making her pussy rest around the edge of the bed.

Hasna was feeling somewhat afraid as his mouth came towards her pussy, but she had no choice but to just lay and wait and see what happens. Also, she was afraid that her resistance might make him angry.

“I’m glad they let you keep it still intact,” Rohan said as he slowly laid his tongue on her clitoris. He tongued it once, upwards.

“Mm…salty,” Rohan said as he started rubbing her clitoris up from his tongue and down from his right middle finger knuckle. He was making Hasna squirm in the bed. She tried her best to keep silent, even pressing her right palm against her own mouth, but as her eyes started watering, she couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Mm…mm…aah! Hasna finally let out a loud scream, looking at his head.

~Foreplay Ends

Rohan stopped tasting Hasna’s clitoris and looked at her. “You want me inside of you now?” he asked, calmly. “Your pussy seems to say yes,” he said, rubbing her now wet pussy slit up and down with his right thumb. “But what does your mouth say, matters too.”

“Please…get inside of me…Rohan… I can’t hold it back anymore,” Hasna moaned.

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~Intercoure Starts

Rohan smiled wickedly. “As you wish, Hasna,” he said, lifting her left leg up and keeping it against his shoulder. Her right leg was now bent at her knee and the outer side of her knee was on the mattress. Her left ankle was on his right shoulder with a bent at its knee. Hasna supported her upper body on her elbows, lifting it upwards and looking at his face.

As Rohan grabbed Hasna’s each tit with each of his opposite hands and with his right hand having come from the outside of her left leg, he started entering her slowly.

Rohan’s big cock seemed to pull Hasna’s insides apart. She tried to remain calm but the pain started to turn to excruciating degrees. He was slow and his foreskin was enjoyable against the insides of her pussy. But nevertheless, Hasna was being hurt like nothing.

Rohan stopped entering her and looked at her eyes, kindly. “Relax, Hasna, or your hymen is gonna stiffen and it’ll rip apart when I get inside of you.”

Hasna wondered what that was supposed to mean. She had her hymen damaged during a sports accident.

But she didn’t question and he didn’t say anything anymore either. He continued entering her.

“Aaah…oh my god, it hurts so much,” Hasna said, shutting her eyes tight and starting to eat her teeth.

Rohan went in a bit and went out again, and a bit more, and out again. He continued until he was fully inside of her. Meanwhile, he massaged Hasna’s tits and fingered her nipples with his index and thumb fingers which made her feel good and lessened the pain in her pussy.

That was it. Hasna had now been “womanized” in the hands of Rohan!

Rohan started moving back and forth and with each thrust, Hasna moved back and forth a bit too.

“Ah, ah,” Hasna gasped each time Rohan got inside of her.

“How’s that now, Hasna? Still in pain?”

“No, Rohan. It feels good now,” Hasna said with a smile, although her eyes were still watering.

Rohan kept on fucking Hasna, calmly and happily. But after a while, he suddenly turned wild.

His grips on her tits tightened a bit and his thrusts became more frequent.

“Aaah…shit… oh fuck…fuck… God!” Hasna moaned and screamed as Rohan kept fucking her so fast that if she tried to count, she would have lost count in less than a minute.

Later, still fucking her, Rohan left her tits. But soon enough, he held her neck in his left hand.

Hasna clung onto his left wrist with both his hands, gagging and as she did so, Rohan started slapping her tits with his left hand.

“Coh…aah… ahh…coh, coh,” Hasna was coughing and moaning as Rohan kept squeezing her neck and slapping her tits. Her tits were red because of his squeezing and slapping. He then held her neck with both his hands, still fucking her in otherwise the same position.

“You like being my whore, don’t you bitch?” Rohan said as he slapped Hasna’s left cheek with his right hand.

“Ohh, think about it you slut…lost your hymen and now losing your dignity… probably your life too, soon enough, all in the same room”.

“Say it, bitch!” Rohan said as he slapped her right cheek with his right hand.

“Ahh…” Hasna moaned as he slapped her.

“Say you love this!”

“Aaah…I love this!”

“Say that you’re my dirty little whore!”

“Aaah…I’m your dirty little whore!”

“That’s it. That’s a good girl,” Rohan said as he kept fucking and slapping her. He was slapping her like once every two or three times he penetrated her.

“Aaah,” suddenly, with a painful moan, Hasna got her right hand placed on her right cheek. That’s when Rohan stopped slapping her altogether.

He held her forearms together with his left hand, still fucking her and he pushed his right-hand index and middle finger into her mouth.

“Suck it, bitch, suck it,” he said, nibbling her tongue with his fingers. Hasna sucked his fingers.

“That’s a good girl…That’s a good girl,” Rohan said, pulling his fingers outta her mouth.

Rohan kept fucking her in the position for sometimes more, moving his hands back to her tits and holding them like before until she came.

“Oh God, oh shit…I’m coming!” Hasna screamed as her eyes rolled up and she wetter all over his crotch.

Then, Rohan changed his position. He removed himself from her and took her in his arms. He took her to the table nearby and made her sit by the edge of the table.

Letting Hasna’s right leg hand off the edge, Rohan lifted up her left leg and placed its foot on her table, opening up her pussy wide and making her lean towards her right. She placed her right palm on the table and straightened her arm, putting her upper body weight partially on that arm.

Rohan held her tits squeezed in his hands again and started fucking her.

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“Oh God, these tits are so fucking heavenly. I really can’t let go off them,” Rohan moaned as he kept fucking Hasna faster and faster.

Hasna felt her strength leaving her body with each thrust and now she was moving back and forth like she was almost lifeless. Her left leg slipped off the table but Rohan held it by her left thigh and pulled it back up.

“Hold it in place with your hand,” Rohan commanded her as he went back to fucking her and squeezing her tits. He pulled her closer by her tits and kissed her lips deeply while still fucking her. Hasna kissed him back and she felt like now she was kissing back just fine too.

“Okay,” Rohan said, removing his dick and caching off. “Get down and get on your knees,” he said to her and she obeyed.

~Intercourse Ends

Hasna was on her knees with her eyes closed and her mouth open, ready for Rohan to hit her face and mouth with his semen anytime now.

“Arrh…here I come…Arrh!” Rohan groaned as he masturbated a few times and came all over her face, her headcover and into her mouth.

After he stopped coming, Rohan stepped aside and Hasna crawled into the mattress to regain strength. She wiped his semen off her face and her headcover with the mattress and what went into her mouth, she swallowed. It was salty and tasted weird but she liked it.

~Sex Ends

As Hasna was laying in bed almost lifeless after the intense sex session, Rohan sat by the bed and started rolling a weed blunt.

“What’s that, Rohan?” Hasna asked, raising her head up as she slowly pulled the bed sheet to cover herself up.

“It’s weed… oh please, put that away,” Rohan said as he angrily held the bed sheet, pulled it off her hands and threw it aside.

“Stop trying to act like a pious little girl now. I’ve seen everything already.”

His words were harsh and after the session, her eyes weren’t still dry of her tears. Her face had been marked with her tears and she had red finger marks all over her fair body due to him holding her tightly or slapping her.

Rohan’s act was harsh, his words were harsher, but for some reason, even she didn’t understand, Hasna was feeling happy. She was feeling aroused again.

Hasna thought for a while. Minutes ago, Rohan was treating her like a piece of meat with a drop of life shivering inside and it wasn’t once or twice she felt like she was at the brink of leaving this world in his hands. A woman in her right mind should have feared the way he behaved and run outside, naked and screaming.

But she didn’t, and instead, she enjoyed it…all of it. Even she was surprised of her ways.

Meanwhile, Rohan started smoking the blunt. He pulled in a few times, took it in his hand and turned towards her.

“Come and sit near me,” Rohan said. Hasna obeyed him, but the initial reluctance was still there. She sat by his left side.

Rohan handed over the blunt to her. “Smoke for me,” he said.


“-that’s not a request,” Rohan said. She silently took it and pulled it once.

“Coh, coh,” Hasna coughed. She looked at him, he smiled as he threw his left arm around her shoulders and squeezed her left shoulder.

“How did I do, Hasna?” Rohan asked, rubbing and squeezing her shoulder.

“It was good, Rohan. I didn’t know sex could be this pleasurable. I thought it’d be pain, pain and more pain,” she said as her speech turned to a whisper. “Thank you,” she whispered to his left ear and kissed his left cheek.

“Who allowed you to do that?” Rohan said as he threw his blunt away, held her face by his right hand and pushed her to the bed. She fell on the bed and smiled at him. He went back and took the blunt.

“Believe or not, Hasna,” Rohan said, taking another sip. “I’m not done with you, just yet. I can go again and by the time I’m done with you, you will be crawling, not walking…”

~Story Ends

Thank you for reading my story.

Special thanks to the ISS admins for publishing my stories and doing a fine job at making sure the stories follow site guidelines.

Also, thanks to the lady who requested this story. I’ll do my best to make you feel related.

Finally, thank you all my readers. You’re the reason why I feel compelled to keep writing.

Add me on hangout, at [email protected] email me. Make me your requests, suggestions…and complaints. All are welcome.

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