Craving For Sister In Law


Hi all. This is a real story. I decided to write in short parts. I had sex with quite a few women by now. I am 26 and just married. Even today sex excites me more than anything. Of all the people I had sex with, this one excites me the most. Because it was more passionate and fulfilling.

It was with my sister-in-law and the more special reason being I may not be able to have this forbidden fruit again. I got married this year and one thing I noticed was my sister-in-law was way hotter than my wife. She was milky white, had fat in the right places (extremely fit physique) and pretty.

She had large lips that made her sexier. Her name is Sankari. Most times when I fuck my wife I imagine my sister-in-law and repeat her name in my mind. Now my marriage was a love marriage that turned into an arranged marriage. I know its crazy because I feel I really love my wife.

I have sex with another woman but my heart is always with my wife. It is just that she doesn’t understand my drive for sex even from my college days. I almost ask for sex everyday and she says no. I respect her so I don’t force. Instead, I just look for other options to quench my thirst.

My sister-in-law knew me even before, right from college. But the thing is, I have always seen her as a young kid until my marriage. Now before the day of engagement, she was texting me. She said she’s all excited and ready for the big day. I asked her if she invited her friends.

We had a casual chat and this is how it went.

Sankari: So you are going to give me space in your life?
Me: What?
Sankari: I meant, we are family right?

Me: Yea, your sister and I will always care for you. I am just worried all your family members might not like me.
Sankari: Why?

Me: Well, I am not fair, I am dusky. Not sure if everyone would like me
Sankari: Trust me you look handsome
Me: Ok it’s late. Get some sleep. Good night
Sankari: Good night.

Now, this chat turned me on for several reasons. But the main reason of all, she asked me if I was gonna give her space. What space was she talking about? I mean, ok, let’s assume it might sound dirty from a guy’s perspective. This instance, a small seed was put in my mind towards a dirty mindset with my sister-in-law.

The next day, she wore a beautiful red and blue saree. I was so shocked to see her. She has slimmed down so much. She came towards and shook hands. This is when I realized she has turned so much hotter and beautiful than she used to be.

She had free hair, good makeup, some bright lipsticks. God, I wanted a blow job from that big strawberry lips. She turned me on right away. Thinking about last night’s conversations, I was staring at her mad and crazy. I felt so bad, I was staring at my sister-in-law more than my wife. I tried to control.

Then a couple of weeks later, I got married. I didn’t talk with her in the meantime. On the day of my marriage, I went to my wife’s home for the first night. I was excited. I hadn’t masturbated the entire week and was saving up for my wife. My mother in law told me to go upstairs.

My wife told me she will join in a while. I went above. I wanted to refresh. I was tired because of the day. I washed and came back to the room. My sister-in-law was arranging the sweets on the table. She was in this nice saree, pink and cream(Same as my wife).

All the women agreed to buy a common color saree for the function. Now I knew it was my sister-in-law but I wanted to feel her. I decided I could lie I thought it was my wife and the room didn’t have enough light. So I went ahead and touched her bare hip and started molesting her from behind.

Now before she reacted, I got a very firm grip and started pressing her boobs over her blouse. On one side, her saree started slipping and I could see her cleavage while I was kissing on her neck. My god, her aroma was driving me crazy.

I placed my dick on her ass and pushed her to the door and started humping on her. She could not react due to the force suddenly. When I started to put my hands inside her saree and petticoat to reach for her panty, she shouted, “I am Sankari.”

I acted and I apologized and told her sorry several times. I lied saying I thought it was her sister due to the color of the saree. I begged her not to tell anyone. She said it is ok and she should not have been here. After a while, my wife came.

As soon as she entered the room, I turned her around, pushed her on the wall and felt her the same way I touched my sister-in-law. I removed her saree. She was only in her blouse and petticoat. I told her to kneel, she removed my pants. My dick was so hard.

She started kissing me over my briefs. She said, “En ivlo avasaram?” (Why so quick?)In no time, I went inside her mouth and started moving. She was sucking me up very well. I have had sex with my wife even before marriage. But today imagining my sister-in-law while touching her was so different.

I was so mad. She started kissing the entire length of my dick and also my balls. I felt her tongue feel my dick rolling over it. I pulled my dick out, stripped her petticoat and panty. She was only wearing a blouse. I entered and fucked her with all my desire thinking about Sankari.

I kissed her in the neck and remembered my sister-in-law’s aroma and kept repeating her name in my mind. My wife’s hand moved to my ass. She pulled me towards her and said, “Fast ah panu.” (Fuck me faster). My dick feeling the tight walls of my wife’s pussy.

I imagined how it would be if Sankari’s lips gripped my dick like that. I started feeling precum and started to fuck her faster. In no time I came and ejaculated inside my wife. It felt so satisfying. I was tired, lost my energy and slow. I moved to my wife’s stomach and lay down for a while.

Once I regained my energy, I licked her pussy and fingered her like hell. She told me to insert 2 fingers. I thought inside my mind, “You dirty bitch,” and finger fucked her. As I lay down after all the sex, I was filled up with thoughts,
how it would feel to enter and fuck my sister-in-law.

My wife noticed my dick getting harder and asked, “What’s gotten into you today?”

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