Cricket With My Sister Sonali


My Sister, Sonali, had turned 19 just last week. As much as I loved her as an elder brother, I had to admit her big bosom always left me surprised. They were definitely sized 36 and always looked huge.

She had proper busty melons, and for somebody of her age it was an unbelievably sized pair of hooters to own.

Sonali, however, always managed to keep it covered,hidden and look less voluptuous on most occasions. But at home, it was just impossible.

Firstly you do not always wear uncomfortable clothes at home just to cover your assets. I mean it’s your place to relax.

Secondly, you are home. Nobody at home would check you out. So why bother !!

Yup, that is where she got it all wrong. Because I always cared to check her out, and I was glad she did not know she had to bother.

I never had the guts to touch her, and though I always hoped I get a chance, I don’t think I would have still grabbed the opportunity. I was going to be scared.

It was then that Cricket World Cup was going on, and the excitement was catching up. Like every other person in the country, my sister too was glued onto the TV set.

All of a sudden she said she wanted to try playing cricket.

I was in no mood to play, and worse, I just did not want to play with her. It was not going to be fun to play with someone who had no idea how to even hold a bat.

“But you can teach me” she said when I said I cannot play boring cricket with her.

I was not going to say yes to her, and she knew it. That is when she said I got nothing for her on her birthday, and so Cricket Training is what she wants as her gift.

Though reluctantly, I had to finally agree.

To begin with, I told her to look at me hold the bat, and my stance as I showed her. And to show her how to use the bat, I asked her to roll the balls over.

She rolled the ball along the ground very slowly, yet I completely missed it. Simply because I saw none of it. I just couldn’t look at the trajectory of the ball.

All I had my eyes fixed on, was my sisters unbelievably huge cleavage, as she bent down to roll the ball towards me. It was so deep, I wouldn’t be called a liar if I said I saw the whole of her naked boobs.

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“Got you !!” she mocked me. Well, she did, actually !!

I was instantly hard. Maybe harder than I had ever been in my whole life.

“Let me just do proper bowling, brother. Don’t make me look so dumb” she said as she bowled to me, with a complete action.

Her boobs swayed and bounced with every step she took, and by the time she had delivered the ball, her boobs looked like they were going to jump out of her top.

I missed her ball again, and this time it hit the wickets. I was so curiously thinking if she had any bra inside her top, and did not even bother to look at the ball.

“You are a disgrace brother. You can’t even handle my trials. Just tell me how to hold a bat, and let’s play. I am done having you teach me” she grabbed my bat saying this, as I stood right next to my sister with a raging hard-on, shocked & excited.

Sonali had worn a plain white t-shirt, with a low v cut neck, that had the potential to show a lot of what she hid inside. She had pink colored casual summer shorts below, but to be honest they were actually just micro mini gym shorts. She often wears them at home.

“There is no point in you standing there and giving me lessons on holding the bat. Come stand next to me, and tell me how to hold the bat” my sister said, asking me to come closer, and at the same time bending her back a bit, slightly pushing her butt out.

Her mini shorts hardly covered her ass cheeks. And with the loose stitching at the back, anybody who actually tried could see the whole of her ass.

I just had to admit she had a great ass, too. It was just that I never noticed before.

“Stop wasting time, will you ??” she said impatiently.

The very moment I held her arms, and taught her how to hold the bat, I felt my dick press against her soft round ass.

I could bet she had no panties on, and with each new shot I was teaching her, my dick seemed to be going deeper and deeper inside her ass cheeks. It was as good as drilling her ass.

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There was no way she would have not noticed it, but she showed none of it. She was just asking me more and more tips.

I was giving her detailed explanations, trying to look as less flushed as possible, when she suddenly turned her face towards me. Her lips were just a millimeter away from mine.

“Don’t you dare stop now. Just continue this !!” she said leaving me shocked.

And before I knew it she was moving her ass in circles, pushing her bums harder onto my dick.

She was almost twerking her ass against my hard cock now, and though I had my boxers on, it hardly mattered. I could just feel the firmness of her ass rubbing on the head of dick.

I could not believe how quickly things had escalated to this. I was scared if we would get caught. Sonali had started moaning too.

Our mother was sitting just meters away from us, busy reading a magazine. while her son and daughter were engaging themselves sexually. The risk of her catching us, turned me on even more.

Without even realizing, I was now dry humping my dick on my sister’s young ass. I could see her mini shorts had risen well above her ass cheeks, sticking in between her ass crack now.

Sonali hardly seemed to care. I had no idea what she wanted, but I was sure she will not resist if I took this to the next level.

I could not control myself anymore. I just pulled down her tiny shorts, and pushed my dick inside her pussy, from the back.

Her pussy was dripping wet, completely moist, and the entire length of my dick slid inside her, on my very first thrust.

She was moaning louder now, biting her lips as her very own brother fucked her.

“You never thought I was a virgin, did you ??” Sonali asked me, as I continued fucking her. I had never guessed she was so slutty.

The bat was still in her hand, and she was rubbing the handle of the bat against her clit. She was squirting, and I could feel her juices splashing onto my feet.

With my dick still very much inside her, I started kissing the back of her neck. I was in-fact biting her.

There was no way i could hold on for long. The sexual intensity was too high, and it was only a matter of time before I came.

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I was ramming my dick harder and faster now, and I was also groping her boobs. We were in the veranda of our house, but I had even stopped bothering if any of the neighbors would spot us.

“I am so close to cumming inside my very own sisters pussy. I may even end up impregnating her.” All sorts of thoughts crossed my mind, but I knew I had crossed the point of going back.

Very soon I was jetting out semen inside my sister’s love hole, and it even looked like I would never stop filling her. I had cum so much.

As my pulled my dick out, Sonali let out a loud heave. There was cum leaking out of her pussy, down through her legs, and onto the floor.

We somehow managed to quickly cover ourselves up, and get back inside the house. We were relieved mom saw nothing. Sonali tip toed her way to her room.

The next morning, after I woke up, i could not find Sonali home.

“She has gone for a movie with her friends. What happened ??” asked my mom when she saw me look for my sister in her room.

“Ohh, it’s nothing mom. Just checking on her…” I replied to my mother.

“Are you worried she is tired, after all your cricket training ??” my mom asked me immediately.

“Errr, no mom. I didn’t see her in the TV room. So was just wondering…” I replied hastily, still semi-erect after my incestual encounter with my sister.

“She will be back only in the evening….” my mom continued.

“Ohh, okay mom.” I said, walking back to my room.

Mom : Wait !! So, since it is only you and me home for the day,why don’t you teach me cricket ?? Your mother would love to know a thing or two.

As I looked at my mom, stunned & horrified, she very casually winked at me, and pulled her top off !!


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